Chapter 1399 – Conditions

Chapter 1399 – Conditions

“Coexist together in the Divine Shifting Heavens?” Skyrend Godlord’s complexion darkened.

Upon first hearing this speech, many people couldn’t discern just what snake oil the saint race was trying to sell.

“You are saying that you want us to allow you saints to directly enter the Divine Realm? You want to establish sects in the Divine Realm, assist in developing the resources here, and even study our inheritances? Is that what you are saying?”

Skyrend Godlord tapped his fingers on the table, leisurely speaking. But with every word he spoke, his eyes became increasingly cold.

“Hehe, that is exactly what I am saying. Of course, humanity may also enter our saint race’s territory and we will also support you humans the best that we can. You may even study our inheritances.”

The Good Fortune Saint Son smiled, but as these words fell into Skyrend Godlord’s ears, Skyrend Godlord sneered.

This agreement sounded fair. But, in other words, it was to allow the saint race to directly enter the deepest territories of humanity and wantonly loot the resources of the Divine Realm without moving a single soldier!

As for allowing humans to enter the world of saints, the sects of the saint race were originally stronger than those of humanity. Moreover, humans knew nothing about the saints. If they recklessly entered the saint race’s universe, then they might simply...

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