Chapter 1397- Arrival of the Saint Race

Chapter 1397- Arrival of the Saint Race

“The current state of the saints is more complex than we thought?” Mo Eversnow looked towards Lin Ming, “What is their situation like?”

Lin Ming said, “The saint race isn’t a single monolithic entity. While they do have more than one True Divinity, these True Divinities are not as united as we first assumed. Humanity only has the single Divine Realm universe, but the saint race has many universes under their control, and their True Divinities are spread throughout them. And, between these universes, there is also the God Lamenting Wall that divides them. Moreover, it seems that because of the situation of the Grandmist Spirit Bead, the True Divinities are unable to come to an agreement. Now, they are only barely managing to cobble together an alliance because of the external threat of the soul race. Prior to this, it was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign who wished to invade the Divine Realm alone and take sole possession of it, to steal away the most resources and become the absolute Saint Sovereign of the saints!

“The other Saint Sovereigns definitely aren’t willing to see this happen, and now that the spiritas have diverted their attention, when that is coupled with all the disputes of interests amongst them, this has caused the Good...

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