Chapter 1395 Fears of the Saint Race

Chapter 1395 – Fears of the Saint Race

“The saints wish to negotiate with us?”

As this news was spread out, many Empyreans were stunned.

A hundred Empyreans stood atop the 100,000 foot high announcement platform. The terrifying pressure of their combined auras caused even the celestial bodies in the skies to tremble.

They had originally held onto a determination to engage in war without fear of death, but because of the sudden proposal of negotiations from the saint race, all of these thoughts disappointed.

If possible, humanity didn’t wish to start a war of death.

However… why would the saints want to start negotiations?

If they planned on fighting until the extermination of humanity then there was no need for negotiations; they would simply start their all-out slaughter. If there were negotiations, then there would likely be talks of peace.

Just what did the saints fear?

From the start, the saint race didn’t begin an all-out war. Rather, they sent out World King, Holy Lord, and Holy Lord level powerhouses. The highest captain of the forces they sent out so far had only possessed a half-step Empyrean cultivation.

The Empyreans had only been used so far to protect the Good Fortune Saint Son and had been still the entire time. As for True Divinity powerhouses, they hadn’t been seen at all. It was clear from this that the saints didn’t wish to start an all-out battle with humanity as soon as they arrived.

Thus, the Empyreans wanted to know just why the saints weren’t willing to begin an all-out war. If they knew this point and were able to find out the bottom line of the saint race then they would be able to obtain the greatest benefits during the negotiations.

The deadline for the negotiations was in one month.

For this period of time, the saints and humanity fell into a strange and short period of peace.

On the Bright Luster Great World, the armies of the saint race no longer spread outwards. Humanity also retreated back into their safe territories, not coming into conflict with the saints.

The hundred plus Empyreans were still gathered at Mount Potala, staying up the entire day to discuss countermeasures. However, they weren’t able to come up with anything conclusive.

If there had to be a reason for all of this, then it was that humanity didn’t know anything about the saints.

“Humph! The saint race is just trying to play tricks! In truth, they likely aren’t much stronger than our human race, and even though they have a True Divinity powerhouse, that True Divinity powerhouse already overdrew his essence energy in the war 100,000 years ago. Now, they are probably only at the ordinary Empyrean level. As for the others of the saint race, if they are compared to us, then if we are both engaged in a true life or death duel war, it’s unknown just which side will ultimately perish, or which side will be able to obtain any advantages! Stealing our resources is important, but if they wanted to steal our resources at the cost of their lives, then even those saint Empyreans will have to think it over!”

The one who spoke was a large and robust bald fellow who wore a shimmering red robe. His title was Fire God and he was also an Empyrean powerhouse.

If someone were to dare title themselves Fire God, then that meant this person’s attainments in the Fire Laws stood at the peak of the Divine Realm!

This person’s temperament was the same as the Laws he cultivated, fierce and violent, just like fire. He stood in the offensive camp of Empyreans, and didn’t agree with the other Empyreans who decided to not do anything. He advocated directly engaging in a mass slaughter and struggling to the end with the saints.

The speculations of Fire God were what many other Empyreans of the Divine Realm were thinking; it also seemed to be the most reasonable explanation so far.

Perhaps… the saint race wasn’t as terrifying as they had imagined.

If the saints and humanity were to wage war, they might not necessarily lose!

However, in three days, these suspicions were all refuted.

After three days, the entire Bright Luster Great World surged with a divine light, with energy tyrannically gushing forth!

The tear in the God Lamenting Wall began to expand. At first, this tear was only in the Bright Luster Mystic Realm, but soon it expanded to cover the entire sky!

Looking at the starry skies of the Bright Luster Great World from afar, one could see terrifying surging currents, wild and chaotic. The entire sky was swallowed up by a massive black hole. This black hole slowly spun around, seeming to lead to another world.

At the other end of this wormhole was the world of the saint race!

From within this swirling black hole, terrifying life forms roared out. These roars didn’t need any medium to spread through the starry heavens, passing out to the trillions of celestial bodies outside! Moreover, even if one was extremely far away, these sounds still caused one’s heart to shake!

After one day, a massive claw stretched out from that swirling black hole, ripping apart the endless skies like a piece of ragged cloth! From the darkness, immense phantoms gushed forth. Their figures were fierce and vicious and they grasped heavy swords or carried spears. Each one emitted a horrifying pressure, making it difficult to breathe!

On the fifth day, the loud roars peaked to the limit, as if a thousand God Beasts were roaring out together. Their roars were mixed in with the crashing sound of metal shackles, dreadful and titanic. The sounds spread throughout the entire central mainland of the Bright Luster Great World, causing the void to collapse.

Even the human martial artists near the Bright Luster Great World felt their bodies shake, their blood energy surging upwards. Those with weaker cultivations even vomited blood, extremely wounded!

As the human Empyreans heard this sound, all of them were silent. Not even that raging Fire God uttered a single word.

Another Empyrean meeting was urgently held. The atmosphere of this meeting was one of dread and fearfulness.

That terrifying aura, that terrifying sound, those were absolutely not something that could be randomly sent out. In these days, there were absolutely at least a hundred Empyrean level existences that had entered the Bright Luster Great World. As for that final sound, it was possible that it was sent out from a True Divinity life form!

It wasn’t necessarily a saint race supreme elder, but there was a chance it could be a True Divinity level God Beast.

True Divinity…

Before the great calamity arrived, when the saint race was spoken of, although it was already acknowledged that the saints possessed a True Divinity powerhouse, this was an extremely distant matter even to Empyreans.

But now, as they felt the reality of a True Divinity’s pressure, all of them felt a deep desolate fear.

Fire God and many other Empyreans had strange complexions, all of them unable to speak.

Divine Dream sighed. “The saint race’s strength cannot be doubted any longer. They absolutely exist above humanity. They have more universes under their control, and in terms of resources or sheer numbers, humanity cannot compare with them. Before this, I also wished to find the reason for why the saint race feared engaging in all-out war with humanity. Seven days ago, I had the corpse of a saint race World King shipped back from the front lines. I searched his soul using the Divine Dream Laws in hopes that I could find out from that corpse’s memories just what the saint race was fearing, but in the end I failed to find anything at all. Now, all of you use your own methods to give it a try!”

In the war on the Bright Luster Great World battlefield, even the saint race had World King powerhouses perishing.

However, as Empyrean Divine Dream used a soul searching technique to probe the saint World King’s spiritual sea, she discovered that all memories related to the saint race’s internal workings were sealed away, completely impossible to read.

The person who sealed these memories was extremely strong, and compared to Divine Dream, they had a far more familiar understanding of the saint race’s spiritual sea and soul characteristics. As for Divine Dream, she was familiar with the human soul.

Empyrean Divine Dream waved her hand and a corpse flew out from her spatial ring. This was the saint race World King.

Ever since the war between humanity and the saints erupted, Empyrean Divine Dream hadn’t taken a single moment of rest. To an Empyrean, taking several years without a moment of rest wouldn’t influence them at all, but it would still place psychological pressure on them. Even Empyrean Divine Dream would feel somewhat mentally exhausted from all the work she had been doing.

“Divine Dream, if even you cannot search the memories, then perhaps we won’t be much better…” Near Empyrean Divine Dream, a gray-clothed old man spoke. In terms of the soul, this old man was also extremely skilled.

Although he said that, he still walked over to the saint World King corpse to give it a try.

Even though the situation was impossible, he still had to give it a try. Perhaps he really might be able to unravel the seal on the memories.

Facing the saint race World King’s corpse, the gray-clothed old man raised his hands and instantly formed hundreds of seals. Seven black skulls flew into the World King’s corpse, galloping around his body.

After a long time, the gray-clothed old man suddenly shook and he stepped back from the World King’s corpse. He shook his head over and over again, saying, “No… it’s not possible. Even I cannot find out anything. All I can confirm is that there are memories sealed within him and not erased.”

If memories were erased, they would definitely cause damage to the soul. To the saint race, even a World King powerhouse was considered a decent figure, so their memories naturally wouldn’t be erased so easily.

As the gray-clothed old man failed, many others tried their own unique soul searching techniques, using their complete understandings of the soul in their attempts. Even so, they were far inferior to Divine Dream and the gray-clothed old man.

Some people hoped there would be an infinitesimally small chance that they would somehow succeed. But without a doubt, all of them were completely defeated in their attempts.

Finally, this meeting ended without any result.

The deadline given by the saint race for negotiations drew increasingly near. There were even some people who suspected that these negotiations were simply a façade laid down by the saint race, a trap to capture all the human Empyreans in a single attempt.

There were also some people who believed that the saint race was using the negotiation deadline as an excuse to delay for time in order to slowly gather their forces. Once the month passed, they would not negotiate and instead launch an all-out offensive.

Everyone had different opinions.

Lin Ming was also staying at Mount Potala. He was silent as he listened to all these discussions.

He had heard that Empyrean Divine Dream brought back a World King’s corpse from the frontlines and had wanted to search their soul using the soul searching technique. But, in the end, she had failed.

“Even Empyrean Divine Dream was defeated. Do you think we have a chance of succeeding?”

Lin Ming asked Mo Eversnow.

“We can try… whether it is the spiritual sea of saints or humans, in front of the Magic Cube, a divine soul instrument that surpasses the highest Laws of the universe, all souls are the same. It is extremely important to the negotiations that we find out just why the saints are too afraid to commit to all-out war.”

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