Chapter 1395 – Fears of the Saint Race

Chapter 1395 – Fears of the Saint Race

“The saints wish to negotiate with us?”

As this news was spread out, many Empyreans were stunned.

A hundred Empyreans stood atop the 100,000 foot high announcement platform. The terrifying pressure of their combined auras caused even the celestial bodies in the skies to tremble.

They had originally held onto a determination to engage in war without fear of death, but because of the sudden proposal of negotiations from the saint race, all of these thoughts disappointed.

If possible, humanity didn’t wish to start a war of death.

However… why would the saints want to start negotiations?

If they planned on fighting until the extermination of humanity then there was no need for negotiations; they would simply start their all-out slaughter. If there were negotiations, then there would likely be talks of peace.

Just what did the saints fear?

From the start, the saint race didn’t begin an all-out war. Rather, they sent out World King, Holy Lord, and Holy Lord level powerhouses. The highest captain of the forces they sent out so far had only possessed a half-step Empyrean cultivation.

The Empyreans had only been used...

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