Chapter 1394 – Negotiations of the Saint Race

Chapter 1394 – Negotiations of the Saint Race

Without a care for how unprepared humanity was, or how much confidence they lacked, the fact was that the great calamity had arrived early. The Bright Luster Great World became a battlefield. Whether it was the human race or the saint race, both of them seemed to subconsciously agree to not send out Empyrean powerhouses to join the battle. The highest cultivation amongst them was only at the Holy Lord realm.

This was now a conflict that hadn’t reached the stage of all-out war. The saint race only put forth probing hands, and humanity seemed to be too scared, lacking the courage to launch a full-scale assault. They were well aware that once Empyreans joined the fray, that was when the ultimate showdown would begin. But now, humanity didn’t even know how many True Divinity powerhouses the saints possessed, so how could they possibly fight them?

In this battle, Divine Lord and Holy Lord powerhouses made up the main force while World Kings and half-step Empyreans also participated. In such a battlefield it was impossible for growing geniuses like Lin Ming to go and fight, otherwise if there was an accident, the losses to humanity would be immeasurable.

The fight continued for half a month. By now, the name of a saint powerhouse had spread throughout humanity; he was the Good Fortune Saint Son!

This person possessed a Saint Lord realm cultivation,...

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