Chapter 1393 – The Great Calamity Arrives

Chapter 1393 – The Great Calamity Arrives

The cultivation of this youth in front of him wasn’t high, but as the Bright Luster World King looked at him, he could feel a sense of dread and fear in his heart, a sense of creeping unease about what could happen.

This terrifying possibility caused the Bright Luster World King’s body to turn ice cold and his palms to sweat.

“Who are they?”

“How could this be? No one above the Divine Transformation realm can enter the Bright Luster Mystic Realm, so how could they have come out from there?”

The many disciples of the Bright Luster Holy Lands wondered this. None of them yet knew what was happening.

In the last three years, news of the upcoming great calamity had already spread throughout the Divine Realm. But, no one would first think of the great calamity when something dire happened, because in their subconscious, this event was something on the distant horizon. To them, this was something that might not occur for tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Moreover, even if the great calamity were to arrive, none of those present thought...

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