Chapter 1392 – Drastic Change

Chapter 1392 – Drastic Change

As Lin Ming heard Empyrean Divine Dream say she would refine the Nine Star Heaven Pill for him, he was ecstatic.

Under the current Laws of the universe, the Nine Star Heaven Pill by itself was likely insufficient for Lin Ming to break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. But even so, it would bring Lin Ming closer to that final step he needed.

As he gathered more and more momentum over time, he would eventually break through that barrier.

Empyrean Divine Dream said, “Lin Ming, I will train you as far as I can, but I also need your word that in the upcoming great calamity, you will do everything in your power, exhausting your entire being to resist the saint race. Hair cannot survive without the skin. The Divine Realm is already the final universe of humanity, and once the Divine Realm is conquered and destroyed, there will be no foothold for humanity any longer. Every human will devolve into a slave of the saint race, and it is likely that we shall be washed away by the river of history!”

“This disciple understands.” Lin Ming solemnly nodded. This great calamity concerned the survival of humanity itself. The future of the human race was also his own future.

If all of humanity were to degenerate into slaves and the saint race were to massacre all human martial artists...

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