Chapter 1391 – Seeking an Audience with Divine Dream

Chapter 1391 – Seeking an Audience with Divine Dream

Divine Dream Great World –

An expensive and fast spirit ship shuttled through the starry skies. Along the way, one could faintly make out the mist-filled world of the Divine Dream Great World’s central mainland. This was a land of dream and illusion, filled with wondrous sights everywhere, beautiful to behold.

As one of the several largest of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds, the Divine Dream Great World possessed the richest spiritual energy in the entire Divine Realm. The scenery here was correspondingly enchanting.

Lin Xiaoge stood within this ship, looking down at all the scenes in the mainland. She would occasionally cheer out, just like a child.

Even Demonshine came out to watch. After 50,000 years, he was finally returning to the Divine Realm so he was certainly excited by this.

“With the degree of richness of this heaven and earth origin energy, it should be one of the peak great worlds of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds. How was the Ancient Phoenix Clan able to establish themselves on such an awesome world?”

Lin Ming faintly smiled. “We aren’t at the Ancient Phoenix Clan.”

“Mm? We didn’t go to the Ancient Phoenix Clan? Then where are we?” In Demonshine’s opinion, Lin Xiaoge was far too weak right now. It would be better for her to join the Ancient Phoenix Clan first. She would have the protection of a Holy Land as well as a safe place...

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