Chapter 1391 Seeking an Audience with Divine Dream

Chapter 1391 – Seeking an Audience with Divine Dream

Divine Dream Great World –

An expensive and fast spirit ship shuttled through the starry skies. Along the way, one could faintly make out the mist-filled world of the Divine Dream Great World’s central mainland. This was a land of dream and illusion, filled with wondrous sights everywhere, beautiful to behold.

As one of the several largest of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds, the Divine Dream Great World possessed the richest spiritual energy in the entire Divine Realm. The scenery here was correspondingly enchanting.

Lin Xiaoge stood within this ship, looking down at all the scenes in the mainland. She would occasionally cheer out, just like a child.

Even Demonshine came out to watch. After 50,000 years, he was finally returning to the Divine Realm so he was certainly excited by this.

“With the degree of richness of this heaven and earth origin energy, it should be one of the peak great worlds of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds. How was the Ancient Phoenix Clan able to establish themselves on such an awesome world?”

Lin Ming faintly smiled. “We aren’t at the Ancient Phoenix Clan.”

“Mm? We didn’t go to the Ancient Phoenix Clan? Then where are we?” In Demonshine’s opinion, Lin Xiaoge was far too weak right now. It would be better for her to join the Ancient Phoenix Clan first. She would have the protection of a Holy Land as well as a safe place to train.

“We’ve arrived.”

Lin Ming suddenly said. This trip had taken over a month. If he had used Primordius Heavenly Palace to travel instead it would have taken less than half the time, but Primordius Heavenly Palace was far too eye-catching; Lin Ming wouldn’t casually take it out if he could help it.

Demonshine and Lin Xiaoge looked up to see a vast sea of clouds in the distant horizon. Within this sea of clouds floated thousands of celestial mountains, and these celestial mountains were covered with all sorts of wonderful treasures of the world. The most inferior of these precious treasures still exuded spiritual auras that were hundreds and thousands of times more intense than the most valuable heavenly materials of the Sky Spill Continent!

A mysterious and dazzling immortal palace floated among these celestial mountains, similar to an illusionary mirage that could disappear at any moment. Spiritual springs surged, coming down in waterfalls that looked like endless bolts of white silk sprinkling down from the heavens. A single drop of this divine nectar, if dropped onto a field of mortal grass, could turn all of it into spiritual herbs. But now, rivers of this water were sprinkling down into the sea of clouds, vitalizing the heaven and earth origin energy in the surroundings.

“This… this is…”

Demonshine’s three blue eyes popped wide open, filled with absolute disbelief.

This was definitely not a level of strength and prestige that a Holy Land level sect should be able to possess. If a single item from within this sea of clouds was to be dropped in a small world of the Divine Realm, it would absolutely provoke a bloody and terrifying war as all the small sects struggled for it with their existences on the line. But here, these items were only decorations that were casually strewn about!

Lin Xiaoge also oohed and aahed in praise. Her eyes were wide open, looking at as much as she could.

In truth, she didn’t know what this scenery meant. Even so, this didn’t stop a profound and amazed feeling from swelling within her heart.

“This is Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, the dwelling of Empyrean Divine Dream.”

Lin Ming slowly said. But as these words fell on Demonshine’s ears, he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood in shock.

“You… what did you just say? Empyrean Divine Dream!? Are you sure!?”

Demonshine’s claws shook. 50,000 years ago, he had followed the Demon Emperor to a mission at the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. In the army of 10,000 powerhouses, Demonshine had been insignificant. To him, an Empyrean was a completely unimaginable existence. Moreover, Empyrean Divine Dream was known as the most terrifying of all Empyreans. It was possible that she was the greatest powerhouse of the entire Divine Realm!

To Demonshine, such an existence was a god, and Lin Ming had actually led him here to Empyrean Divine Dream’s Heavenly Palace! Demonshine definitely didn’t believe that Lin Ming would bring them here just for some sightseeing.

Could it be… that Lin Ming had joined Divine Dream Heavenly Palace?

“Lin Ming! Are you joking with me? Did you join Divine Dream Heavenly Palace? No… that shouldn’t be true… it’s said that Divine Dream Heavenly Palace only accepts female disciples, so how could you have possibly joined?”

Demonshine had never lost his composure like this before. And beside him, Lin Xiaoge asked, “Uncle Demonshine, what is it? What is this Divine Dream Heavenly Palace…?”

“You won’t understand if I tell you. Even I cannot describe just how great the status of Empyrean Divine Dream is. In the past, when the Demon Emperor established a sixth-grade sect and then ascended, his strength increased by several times in the Divine Realm. But even during his prime, he wouldn’t even have been considered an ant in front of Empyrean Divine Dream! Empyrean Divine Dream might possibly even be the strongest powerhouse of the entire Divine Realm, the true god of a trillion quadrillion lives!”

Demonshine used the Demon Emperor as an example to explain Empyrean Divine Dream’s strength to Lin Xiaoge because besides Lin Ming, the most powerful character that she had heard of before was the Demon Emperor.

Although Lin Xiaoge found this hard to imagine, she could still faintly make out how magnificent it was.

Empyrean… the god of a trillion quadrillion lives?

“Lin Ming, how do you know Empyrean Divine Dream?” Demonshine placed his paws on Lin Ming’s shoulders, forcefully shaking him in his shock and excitement.

In his opinion, although Lin Ming did possess a heaven-defying degree of talent, it was still lacking when placed in the context of the entire Divine Realm. At the very least, he shouldn’t be great enough to enter the vision of someone like Empyrean Divine Dream. To a character like Empyrean Divine Dream, even Empyrean descendants were nothing but ordinary juniors not worthy of mention. In her millions of years of life, she had seen countless Empyrean descendants. Only the greatest peak geniuses amongst all Empyrean descendants could attract her attention a little, and that was only an extremely tiny bit.

“Lin Ming, how could your luck be so great? If you can bring us here then that definitely means you have some significant relation with Empyrean Divine Dream!” Demonshine couldn’t imagine just how Lin Ming had come into contact with Empyrean Divine Dream.

Lin Ming said, “I joined the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting and made it into the rankings, thus I obtained Empyrean Divine Dream’s attention.

Lin Ming casually said. In truth, he knew that if it weren’t for the pending arrival of the great calamity of humanity then he wouldn’t have attracted the attention of so many Empyreans no matter how wonderful his results in the First Martial Meeting were. But now, Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, Hang Chi, and all the others were already recognized as leads in the future great calamity.

“What rank!?” Demonshine’s voice grew increasingly high-pitched and frantic. He had also experienced the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting in the past. He had known many people that he considered extraordinary in the past, but when they participated in the First Martial Meeting, a land of tides that washed away all until the true gems emerged, they weren’t even able to pass the preliminaries.

If one had to insist on their rankings, they were likely ranked under a million!

However, even that sort of result was enough to be proud of!

If Lin Ming could obtain the attention of Empyrean Divine Dream then he definitely wasn’t lower than a million in rankings.

“Second place.”

Even though Demonshine was prepared for an answer like this, he still froze solid, harder than stone.

Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, second place… this sort of result… was that a result that a human could really accomplish?

“Heavens! How could this be possible! Lin Ming, you actually came second at the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting? Just what have you been up to in your years in the Divine Realm!?”

Demonshine’s mind blacked out. He could be said to understand Lin Ming to an extent, but even so, he didn’t believe that with the level of talent that Lin Ming displayed in the lower realms, he would somehow have placed second in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting.

And at this time, they had arrived at Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

Lin Ming said, “Let’s leave this for later. I have to see Empyrean Divine Dream first. There is some extremely important information that I have to report to her. You can wait outside.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he left the spirit ship and flew straight towards the depths of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

“Disciple Lin Ming wishes to seek an audience with Empyrean Divine Dream!”

Lin Ming stood outside Divine Dream Heavenly Palace and spoke to the two female guards.

These two women both possessed Holy Lord level cultivations.

Divine Dream Heavenly Palace only had a mere several hundred core disciples. With the maids, guards, and other servants added on, there were only several thousand people. Of these people, every single one was outstanding!


At this time, a faintly recognizable force spread to Lin Ming’s ears, like the quietest of sighs. This was the sound transmission of Empyrean Divine Dream.

Lin Ming was delighted to hear this. He estimated that in the four years he was gone, Empyrean Divine Dream should have long ago finished her closed door seclusion. Without a doubt, Frost Dream should have broken into the Divine Transformation realm much earlier than he did.

Lin Ming flew straight into the Heavenly Palace to pay a visit to Divine Dream.

After four years passed, Divine Dream was still the same as before. She wore a long white dress and there wasn’t the tiniest bit of a powerhouse’s aura emitting from her body. She seemed just like a mortal woman, but her appearance and temperament were like a blue moon in the highest heavens, as quiet and deep as an iceberg, noble and cold, disallowing anyone from having blasphemous thoughts against her.

Standing beside Divine Dream was a young woman who bore a striking resemblance to her; this young girl was Frost Dream.

And as Lin Ming thought, Frost Dream had already stepped into the Divine Transformation realm, and even surpassed Lin Ming as she had reached the peak of the early Divine Transformation realm. She was making great progress in stepping into the middle Divine Transformation realm.

Frost Dream was Divine Dream’s sublime incarnation, and not a true reincarnated soul that had passed through the cycle of samsara. Thus, in order to raise Frost Dream, Divine Dream had to pay an immense amount of resources and care.

“What is the matter?” Empyrean Divine Dream lightly asked. Her eyes swept past Lin Ming’s inner world and then her eyebrows pricked up. “Oh? You have inherited Primordius’ inheritance from the lower realms?”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s mental perception and acuity was more illuminating than the sun. Lin Ming said, “Yes! I have gained the recognition of Senior Primordius, thus this junior has inherited the full legacy of Empyrean Primordius.”

“Mm, well done.” Empyrean Divine Dream softly said. “Then you can now be considered a true descendant of Primordius. Primordius was a marvelous and prodigious person. If it weren’t for the matters that occurred 100,000 years ago, then perhaps he truly might have become a True Divinity in the future.”

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing such a high evaluation from Divine Dream. Empyrean Primordius could have become a True Divinity?

In his mind, Primordius was similar to Divine Dream in strength. Moreover, listening to her tone, she likely placed herself on the same level as Empyrean Primordius.

If Primordius had survived to this day, then he would have been close to stepping into the realm of True Divinity. Then, what about Divine Dream?

Had she seen the realm of True Divinity? Or was she already a half-step into that fabled realm? Perhaps she was waiting for Frost Dream to mature before directly ascending into a True Divinity, becoming a true god of the Divine Realm!

As Lin Ming realized this, he felt that Divine Dream was increasingly unfathomable.

“Lin Ming, for what matter did you wish to see me?”

“Reporting to Senior, before this junior went to the lower realms, I needed to look for a mortal body for an old friend, thus I went to the Demondawn Great World. Then…”

Lin Ming reiterated his entire bitter experience with Tian Mingzi to Divine Dream, from beginning to end. He spoke of the Nine Star Heaven Pill that Tian Mingzi was refining, the saint race spy, and Tian Mingzi hunting him down all the way to the lower realms. He retold the entire story without omitting a single detail.

At the start, Empyrean Divine Dream didn’t have an expression. But afterwards, her eyebrows wrinkled together. “Where is the corpse?”

Empyrean Divine Dream suddenly said, an ice cold chill to her words.

Lin Ming quickly took out the corpse of the saint race spy from his spatial ring.

As Divine Dream saw this corpse, a cold light shimmered in her eyes. “It truly is the saint race! They ruined their cultivation to pass through the God Lamenting Wall and now wish to restore their strength with the Nine Star Heaven Pill. The saint race’s hands have already reached deep into many places within the Divine Realm, but we actually know nothing about them!”

Dim and gloomy clouds seemed to cover Divine Dream’s face. “Lin Ming, you have earned a great merit this time. In the future, when the great calamity of humanity arrives, you will surely be a part of the main force. From this point alone, whether or not you are my disciple, I will put forth my full strength to help raise you. You cultivate dual body and energy, and as for that Nine Star Heaven Pill that you mentioned, I actually possess an incomplete formula for it. I can attempt to help refine it for you to help you make a breakthrough.”

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