Chapter 1390 – The Day of Return

Chapter 1390 – The Day of Return

After being spoken to by Lin Ming, Situ Yaoyao never thought that he would bother noticing her. Her feelings towards Lin Ming were extremely complex. Although he was their enemy and she also hated him, she couldn’t help but admire him.

Although the fall of the Asura Divine Kingdom had been caused by Lin Ming, Situ Yaoyao also knew that this ending could only be blamed on the high level figures of the Asura Divine Kingdom in the past. They had followed Yang Yun and had made themselves enemies of the world.

“My big sister is doing well.” Situ Yaoyao said, somewhat indifferently. Facing her old enemy, she naturally wouldn’t reveal the difficult lives they lived. In this point, Situ Yaoyao and Situ Yaoyue shared the same level of proudness.

Lin Ming only smiled, not speaking further. He could imagine the destiny that the Situ Family had suffered and all the people that would try to push them down. In the past, the Situ Family had offended many people and had made many, many enemies. Although they should have also helped others in the past, human nature was capricious and fickle. When a family met misfortune, there would often be many people kicking them while they were down as opposed to helping them.

Moreover, although the Situ Family had been destroyed, they would have inevitably left behind...

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