Chapter 1389 – Meeting

Chapter 1389 – Meeting


“This… this…”

The Seven Star youth sitting beside Lin Ming had already entered a stunned state, completely slack-jawed. He originally thought that Lin Ming was Lin Xiaoge’s lover, but now that he saw so many great figures fly over to the packed little corner he was sitting at, he was left dumbfounded.

It would be almost impossible for him to see any of these characters.

Let alone these people, even high stage Life Destruction martial artists that were ranked on the Destiny Decree were nothing but mythical existences to him.

But now, so many of these top level figures were right next to him. Just the pressure they exuded was hard to withstand.

And, all of these characters had gathered around Lin Ming. As for little princess Lin Xiaoge, she was continuously crying in Lin Ming’s arms.

Just who was this young man?

The Seven Star youth’s brain was already abuzz with chaos; he could not imagine just who Lin Ming truly was.

And besides the Seven Star youth, everyone else in the audience wasn’t sure what was happening either. They were already panic-stricken and in shock, so how could they have the presence of mind to think about it?

At this time, the Seven Star Divine Kingdom’s Divine Sovereign Li Yuxiao’s few words caused the hearts of all present to...

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