Chapter 1389 Meeting

Chapter 1389 – Meeting


“This… this…”

The Seven Star youth sitting beside Lin Ming had already entered a stunned state, completely slack-jawed. He originally thought that Lin Ming was Lin Xiaoge’s lover, but now that he saw so many great figures fly over to the packed little corner he was sitting at, he was left dumbfounded.

It would be almost impossible for him to see any of these characters.

Let alone these people, even high stage Life Destruction martial artists that were ranked on the Destiny Decree were nothing but mythical existences to him.

But now, so many of these top level figures were right next to him. Just the pressure they exuded was hard to withstand.

And, all of these characters had gathered around Lin Ming. As for little princess Lin Xiaoge, she was continuously crying in Lin Ming’s arms.

Just who was this young man?

The Seven Star youth’s brain was already abuzz with chaos; he could not imagine just who Lin Ming truly was.

And besides the Seven Star youth, everyone else in the audience wasn’t sure what was happening either. They were already panic-stricken and in shock, so how could they have the presence of mind to think about it?

At this time, the Seven Star Divine Kingdom’s Divine Sovereign Li Yuxiao’s few words caused the hearts of all present to shake.

“Seven Star Kingdom’s Li Yuxiao greets Sage Lin.”

Lin Ming was far younger than Li Yuxiao, but Li Yuxiao still greeted him with the utmost respect. In the world of martial arts, strength was revered above all. As for Lin Ming’s strength, he had already far surpassed them by 108,000 miles as well as being the great benefactor to all those present.

“Sage Lin? What did the Seven Star Divine Sovereign just say? That young man is Sage Lin?”

For most in the audience, this was the first time that they had seen Lin Ming. They never imagined that this character who had created the most fantastic and wondrous myth in the Sky Spill Continent, a great hero who far surpassed all others, would actually be standing right in front of them.

This sort of feeling was just like a mortal casually bumping into someone on the city streets and finding out that they were the current Emperor. Moreover, to these martial artists, the shock of seeing Lin Ming was at least a hundred times more intense than a mortal running into his Emperor!

“It’s really Sage Lin! Didn’t Sage Lin already ascend? How could he have returned to the Sky Spill Continent? I heard that those who ascend aren’t able to return?”

“I have no idea. We cannot speculate on the affairs of such greater characters. I never imagined that Sage Lin would be so young! He seems like a young man in his early twenties.”

“What nonsense, Sage Lin is very young to begin with. When he rose to fame he was just over twenty years old, and now he should be in his thirties.”

Lin Ming was far too strong. People subconsciously regarded Lin Ming as their senior, forgetting the fact that he was thirty some years old.

And not too far away from Lin Ming, the Seven Star youth felt his hand shaking.

His hand had been patting Lin Ming’s shoulder just now!

Rubbing his hand, the Seven Star youth felt his entire body lighten up, as if he were living a dream. “I actually spoke to Sage Lin and I even patted his shoulder. I ever said that nobodies like us would have no chance of matching with Lin Xiaoge… whatever happened, I’m glad I didn’t say anything too excessive or who knows how I would have ended up…”

It wasn’t just the Seven Star youth, but all those around him who had been seriously ‘educating’ him about Demonshine, the divine guardian hound of the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, felt their minds go blank, completely losing all ability to process any thoughts.

“Shang Family’s Shang Yuetian greets Sage Lin.”

“White Clan’s Snow Gale greets Sage Lin.”

One by one, all the great figures present came up to greet Lin Ming.

Those with the qualifications to stand in the inner circle and greet Lin Ming directly were all Divine Sovereigns, heads of great families, or at least top level Princes of Divine Kingdoms. Without an exception, each one was a Divine Sea powerhouse.

As for those Sovereigns and Patriarchs of lower level sects and family clans, all of them were stuck in the periphery, simply not possessing the ability to speak with Lin Ming.

As Lin Ming saw all these familiar faces once more, his face was filled with emotion. Over a dozen years had passed since these old allies had helped him lay siege to Yang Yun. Now, they had established their status even more, becoming the absolute controllers of the Sky Spill Continent.

With them looking after the Vermillion Bird Kingdom that was formed by Divine Phoenix Island as well as the Lin Family, Lin Ming could feel relieved.

And with the resources he left behind, that was enough to supply the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom for the next several hundred years. They would be able to train a group of core leaders in the upcoming centuries, and at that time, the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom would be much more stable.

At this time, a small red dog pushed his way through the bustling crowd, yelling out, “Lin Ming! Good heavens, you finally came back!”

With Lin Ming’s current status, only Demonshine was able to speak so carelessly and jokingly to him. When Lin Ming’s cultivation was low, it had been Demonshine who had helped protect him. The youth and the dog had gone through many trials together, and even though Lin Ming became far stronger afterwards, they still considered each other friends and comrades in arms, without any distinction between who was higher and lower.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, jokingly replying, “I suppose. After so many years, it seems you’ve also become the national divine guardian hound.”

Hearing these teasing words, Demonshine’s complexion turned red. He playfully said, “Don’t make fun of someone as great as me. In just a dozen some years, you’ve already returned to the lower realms from the Divine Realm. From what I know, it isn’t easy to return. You need the necessary strength to pass through the space storms as well as a considerable amount of money for the transmission fee. Normally, others wouldn’t think of returning to the lower realms so easily. It seems you’ve done quite well for yourself in the Divine Realm.”

“It’s been okay.” Lin Ming smiled, not bothering to narrate all his brilliant successes. If he told Demonshine that he had obtained second place in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, the little dog would probably go crazy.

“Okay is good enough.” Demonshine stretched out his paw, patting Lin Ming’s shoulder, seeming as if he were worried for him.

However, this scene combined with the earnest and serious expression on Demonshine’s face made one want to laugh out loud.

“It’s hard to survive in the Divine Realm. Many geniuses of the lower realms often perish in the years after they ascend. As for those that survive, most just linger around uselessly, barely managing to maintain a living. Those that can produce some results and finally rule over their own area are the minority within the minority. Luckily, your talent is far too freakish, and with someone as wonderful as Fairy Feng guiding you, this shouldn’t be a problem for you at all. So how is it, have your days at the Ancient Phoenix Clan been well?”

Demonshine knew that Lin Ming met with Fairy Feng, thus he naturally assumed that Lin Ming was also residing at the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

“I left the Ancient Phoenix Clan a long time ago…” Lin Ming casually said. When he had decided to go to the True Martial Great World to inherit the wealth that Mo Eversnow left behind, he had left the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Now, only his name existed there.

Looking back at his journey these past years, when Lin Ming first ascended, he needed the protection of Fairy Feng in order to reach the Divine Realm. Otherwise, he would have been torn apart by the space storms that existed between the lower realms and the Divine Realm.

But now, Lin Ming’s strength far surpassed that of Fairy Feng. And in order to accomplish this, Lin Ming had put forth an endless level of effort, experiencing countless struggles, and even surviving innumerable life or death battles and dangerous situations.

Lin Ming didn’t speak of any of this to Demonshine. He only smiled, clearly and gently.

“You’ve left the Ancient Phoenix Clan? Isn’t that a bit too premature? The Ancient Phoenix Clan is a Holy Land level influence of the Divine Realm and they have many resources that are quite good. If you leave the Ancient Phoenix Clan so soon, you might encounter many dangers…” Demonshine rubbed a paw over his chin, speaking with some worry.

Lin Ming chuckled. “There have been some dangers. Before I returned to the lower realms, I was in a tight spot, but I’ve finally resolved that manner. In fact, not only did I not lose anything, but I gained some advantages instead.”

Lin Ming naturally referred to the matter of himself being hunted down by the saint race’s spy and then Tian Mingzi. This was not just a tight spot, but an extremely dangerous death chase that nearly killed Lin Ming. However, he kept his tone even and understated so that he didn’t arouse Lin Xiaoge’s concern.

But even so, just a brief description caused Lin Xiaoge’s heart to tighten. She wanted to ask him just what happened, but Lin Ming only spoke a little bit about it to resolve her worries.

“Big Brother, Big Sister Qianyu and Big Sister Xingxuan both went searching for you. Have you seen them?”

In accordance with customs, Lin Xiaoge should have referred to Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan as her sister-in-laws. However, she was used to calling them big sister, thus she continued to do so.

“Mm, I saw them.” Lin Ming nodded. Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan had finally met with Lin Ming once more after several twists and turns in the Divine Realm. All of this was glossed over in just a few simple words.

“That’s wonderful!” Lin Xiaoge happily said. But at this time, she seemed to think of something. She whispered, “Big Brother… can I also go with you to the Divine Realm? I…”

Lin Xiaoge’s voice dimmed down. Her cultivation was simply too low. No matter how stable her foundation was, she still only possessed a Revolving Core cultivation, soon to enter Life Destruction.

This sort of cultivation naturally didn’t give her the qualifications to enter the Divine Realm. It was only that she feared that once Lin Ming went back, she wouldn’t be able to see him for who knew how many years.

However, Lin Xiaoge never thought that Lin Ming would only faintly smile and say, “You can. If you want to go to the Divine Realm, then I will lead you there.”

In the Divine Realm, Lin Xiaoge would have a better space to grow. As for Lin Ming, he only needed to place Lin Xiaoge, Mu Qianyu, and Qin Xingxuan in an Empyrean level Holy Land and he wouldn’t need to worry about any sort of retaliation from Tian Mingzi.

The only worry was the upcoming great calamity of humanity. If the situation turned out worse than imagined, Lin Ming would send Lin Xiaoge back to the lower realms.

“Big Brother, are you for real? That’s great!”

Lin Xiaoge jumped up in joy. She didn’t think that Lin Ming would agree to her request. Going to the Divine Realm with her Revolving Core cultivation was one matter, and even if she was able to ascend, she feared that Lin Ming would refuse her because he thought it would be too dangerous to take her there. Because of this, she didn’t believe he would agree so suddenly and readily.

“Big Brother, you’re too awesome!”

Lin Xiaoge jumped up and hugged Lin Ming’s neck.

At this time, not too far from Lin Ming, a black-clothed woman was standing calmly in the void, looking at him.

This woman was Situ Yaoyao. At this time, because of the intense battle that had just occurred, her complexion was still slightly pale. It made her seem a bit less demonic and a bit more delicate.

She and Situ Yaoyue truly were surprisingly similar in appearance.

Looking at Situ Yaoyao, Lin Ming couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt. No matter what was said, the truth was that Lin Ming was the one who had brought about the destruction of the Asura Divine Kingdom, toppling their dynasty. The order to exterminate the Asura Divine Kingdom had also been handed down by Lin Ming. With his strength and prestige at that time, he indeed possessed the ability to erase a Divine Kingdom with a few simple words.

The annihilation of the Asura Divine Kingdom had caused Situ Yaoyue and Situ Yaoyao to live a rough and perilous life. If that hadn’t happened, their growth would have been much smoother than it was now, and their statuses would have been very different. Although they would still have been inferior to Lin Xiaoge, they would absolutely have been unattainable and proud daughters of heaven.

“Is your older sister doing well?” Lin Ming suddenly asked in a soft voice.

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