Chapter 1388 Returning Home

Chapter 1388 – Returning Home

Lin Xiaoge hurriedly searched for Lin Ming. And at this time, the sound of drums and strings filled the air. In the far off horizon, a golden light flashed as a massive golden carriage slowly flew forwards. In front of this carriage, nine spirit creatures similar to vermillion birds were pulling it forwards. Around these spirit birds were groups of soldiers clad in gold, carrying shimmering gold spears as if they were legendary generals of the heavens. Behind this carriage were groups of maids carrying silk covers that masked the sides of it. Not just that, but there were also two groups of maids that held baskets of flower petals, constantly tossing these petals out in the air. Although these flower petals were not heavenly materials, they were still top quality magic treasures, refreshing and revitalizing to the senses.

For a time, the entire sky was filled with the tantalizing sound of music as waves of fragrance overwhelmed the senses.

Just what sort of great person had arrived?

Everyone looked towards the skies. With such a big appearance, this was certainly not someone average. Even the many Divine Sea powerhouses that came before didn’t have such pomp and flair.

As the curtains of the divine carriage were pulled apart, people were suddenly enlightened as they saw who was inside. They finally knew just what sort of mystical existence had arrived. Although they felt it was a bit strange, they had long since become accustomed to it.

On the exquisite jade building, the many Divine Sea powerhouses quickly set forwards to greet this figure. For someone to draw the greetings of so many people, it was clear that the master within this golden carriage had a status much higher than those present.

Only Lin Ming, upon seeing the scene within this divine carriage, felt his jaw drop down, his words caught in his throat like he had swallowed an egg.

This massive carriage was over 100 feet tall and wide and the inside was extremely spacious. It wasn’t a problem for several people to lay down within it.

But now, in that opulent carriage, there was only a foot long red and furry little dog.

This little dog lay on sheets of silk in an extremely lazy and cozy posture, its doggy mouth arced in a smile. Its short and thin tail was curled upwards, happily shaking about.

And near this red little dog, there were all sorts of delicate pastries and fruits set about. These pastries and fruits were not ordinary items, but soul nourishing goods made from top quality materials. As long as one absorbed their essence, one could nourish the essence and revitalize the divine soul, strengthening the mind.

At this time, the little dog was pinching a crystal grape-like fruit in its paws, bringing it towards its doggy lips.

As Lin Ming saw this dog as well as the showy scene, he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

This dog only had a soul form, so what was the purpose of riding a carriage?

It seemed that Demonshine was passing his life in the lower realms extremely comfortably!

“This damned dead dog.”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but joke.

And this unconscious joke was actually heard by those nearby. Those sitting next to him changed their expressions immediately, “What nonsense are you blabbering on about? Lord Demonshine is the divine hound that followed Sage Lin in the past. In the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, his qualifications are the oldest and his character is of the highest nobility and status. Although his appearance is… ehm… extremely cute, and not too dignified, he doesn’t need to disguise himself. A book cannot be judged by its cover. Lord Demonshine’s knowledge is incomparably rich and he far surpasses anyone in the Sky Spill Continent. He understands the Divine Realm and knows even more about the past and present. He is the national saint beast that protects the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, and yet you actually called Lord Demonshine a ‘damned dead dog’, it’s like you don’t know that is a capital crime!”

Several surrounding people sternly admonished Lin Ming, their complexion a bit fanatic. Even that Seven Star youth that was friendly with Lin Ming quickly shut up.

To martial artists of the lower realms, Lin Ming, who had cut down Yang Yun, saving the lives of most of the Divine Sea powerhouses and completely reversing the situation of the Sky Spill Continent, was considered a living god. As for the guardian hound of a god, he naturally had to be an extraordinary existence amongst saint beasts.

Lin Ming speechlessly traced his nose, thinking this all too funny. That damned Demonshine had actually become a character of the ‘highest nobility and status’ as well as the divine guardian hound of the kingdom.

Such a great reputation and such a great show, once this was combined with what Lin Ming knew himself, he couldn’t help but chuckle. As for those around him, although they had serious looks on their faces they could only endure this.

“The divine guardian hound of the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, Lord Demonshine has arrived! Lord Demonshine has been invited to issue the rewards for the top three contestants of this martial arts meeting!”

The master of ceremonies shouted out loud. As for those great figures from the various Divine Kingdoms and martial families, they all greeted Demonshine on their own. Although they didn’t greet him like a junior did to a senior, their actions held the meaning of treating Demonshine like an Elder.

And in fact, Demonshine was indeed their elder. He was just under 50,000 years old, several times older than these people’s grandfathers. After all, in the Sky Spill Continent, even late Divine Sea powerhouses lived at most to 8000-9000 years old.

Although this was the indisputable truth, Lin Ming found it impossible to associate Demonshine with the appearance of an Elder.

As he watched Demonshine waggle his two small paws and greet these ‘juniors’ in return as if he were their elder, Lin Ming couldn’t help but laugh out loud again. This fellow was simply too rambunctious to fool these top level figures into treating him like an elder. That was simply the work of a con artist.

The top three contestants of this martial arts meeting had already gathered in the center of the arena, waiting for Demonshine to pass out the rewards. And at this time, an urgent true essence sound transmission from Lin Xiaoge echoed in his ears, filled with anxiety, excitement, and a trace of uncertainty.

“Uncle Demonshine, I heard my big brother’s voice just now! There are too many people and their force fields and auras are too jumbled up so I can’t find him!”

When Lin Ming ascended, Lin Xiaoge had still been extremely young. Even so, at that age, she had already established the most basic martial arts foundation for herself and her memory was extremely sharp. Lin Ming’s voice and appearance had left a profound impression on her and were something that she would never be able to forget.


Demonshine nearly jumped in shock, too stunned to reply. He quickly looked around the entire audience with his sense. In the past, he had signed a contract with Lin Ming, and although that contract had been lifted from the both of them, there was still a faint connection between their divine souls. In just a moment, Demonshine was able to find Lin Ming in the crowd of people.

In the corner of the arena, wearing blue clothes, there was a young man casually standing there with a smile on his face.

Although he didn’t seem different from anyone around him, Demonshine could feel that he existed in some different space, as if all Laws were bowing to him as a sovereign king, worshipping his existence!

After so many years passed, Lin Ming’s appearance hadn’t changed, but his aura had become increasingly deep, as fathomless as the sea. Even Demonshine couldn’t be sure just what Lin Ming’s boundary was.

Was it Divine Transformation?

Or higher?

Demonshine felt that Lin Ming was most likely at the Divine Transformation realm. But according to what he knew, just when did a Divine Transformation realm powerhouse have such a terrifying aura like Lin Ming did!?

Demonshine was dumbfounded. And beside him, Lin Xiaoge had followed his eyes and also locked onto Lin Ming.

Big brother! It was really her big brother!

Lin Xiaoge cried out with joy and recklessly flew straight towards Lin Ming.

This sudden change caught the entire audience off guard. The rewards ceremony hadn’t occurred. Rather, they saw Lin Xiaoge burst out with excitement, her eyes filling with tears as she shot towards the audience.

In particular, those people surrounding Lin Ming were especially startled. They watched with their own eyes as the goddess of the Sky Spill Continent, an unreachable existence, began to rush towards them. All of them were at a loss as they began to panic!

10,000 feet, 1000 feet, 100 feet, with Lin Xiaoge’s speed, this distance was passed in the blink of an eye. Lin Xiaoge soon reached the audience stands.

The Seven Star youth watched in awe as the goddess of his dreams appeared right in front of him, he was so happy and ecstatic that he thought he would faint from joy. Just what was going on?

He wasn’t stupid enough to think that Lin Xiaoge would come here for him. Even so, the direction she flew towards was at him!

Was he dreaming?

The Seven Star youth was nearly about to reach out his hand. But at this time, he only felt a refreshing fragrance rush over him. Lin Xiaoge, the number one goddess of the Sky Spill Continent, the beauty that was chased by an innumerable number of suitors, had thrown herself into the arms of the man sitting beside him!

As Lin Xiaoge crashed into Lin Ming’s arms, she began to cry out loud as she burst into tears.

How could Lin Xiaoge not be excited upon seeing Lin Ming again? Since Lin Ming ascended to the Divine Realm there hadn’t been any news of him. Lin Xiaoge was a little child that had been extremely attached to her big brother, and as she grew up, she also learned from Demonshine just how cruel and grim the Divine Realm actually was. There were countless dangers waiting around every corner, and even the top powerhouse of the Sky Spill Continent could only be considered a useless speck of dust in the Divine Realm. At the time, Lin Xiaoge had been extremely worried. Even though Lin Ming was highly talented, the Divine Realm seemed far too dangerous.

That was until today. Now that she saw Lin Ming return safely, Lin Xiaoge felt as if she were in a dream. All of the worry that she had been keeping tamped down in her heart all these years was suddenly released and she couldn’t help but cry.

Upon seeing this, the entire audience was so shocked that their chins nearly fell to the ground.

“Who is that man!?”

“How is he related to Lin Xiaoge!?”

The eyes of many Divine Kingdom Princes turned red with envy.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom had never sent out any news that Lin Xiaoge had fallen in love. In fact, to a martial artist, discussing marriage in one’s twenties was far too early. For a genius, marrying at 200 years wasn’t too old. Even so, there were far too many handsome young elites pursuing Lin Xiaoge in hopes of winning her favor. They wished to cultivate these feelings over time and finally take her hand in marriage.

However, Lin Xiaoge had no interest in any of these pursuers. The Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom also had no plan of marrying Lin Xiaoge off, thus these droves of pursuers were all turned back in disappointment.

And now, all of them could only stare helplessly on as Lin Xiaoge threw herself into the arms of another man. They simply couldn’t believe their own eyes. In their opinion, even if Lin Xiaoge were to accept the affections of someone, she would do so with a lofty attitude just like a goddess, not in this way where she threw herself towards someone underneath the gaze of everyone present.

At this time, Shang Yuetian, Li Yuxiao, and the others also discovered Lin Ming.

“Sage Lin, it really is Sage Lin!”

“Sage Lin has returned? Wasn’t it said that you cannot return to the lower realms after ascending?”

“It really is Sage Lin, hurry, let’s go greet him!”

Just what sort of character was Lin Ming? When he cut down Yang Yun in the past, he had only been a mere fifth level Life Destruction martial artist!

At that time, Lin Ming’s strength was to the point where he could slaughter late Divine Sea powerhouses. Facing early Divine Sea powerhouses, he simply had to open his domain to instantly kill them!

Now with a dozen plus years having passed and Lin Ming also having returned safely from the Divine Realm, the boundary he reached was hard to imagine! It could be said that he could kill a hundred Divine Sea powerhouses by simply raising his hand!

All those who knew Lin Ming, including not just Divine Sea powerhouses but also the Sovereigns of many fifth-grade sects and Family Heads also flew towards Lin Ming.

Suddenly, Lin Ming was surrounded by many people in his little corner of the arena.

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