Chapter 1388 – Returning Home

Chapter 1388 – Returning Home

Lin Xiaoge hurriedly searched for Lin Ming. And at this time, the sound of drums and strings filled the air. In the far off horizon, a golden light flashed as a massive golden carriage slowly flew forwards. In front of this carriage, nine spirit creatures similar to vermillion birds were pulling it forwards. Around these spirit birds were groups of soldiers clad in gold, carrying shimmering gold spears as if they were legendary generals of the heavens. Behind this carriage were groups of maids carrying silk covers that masked the sides of it. Not just that, but there were also two groups of maids that held baskets of flower petals, constantly tossing these petals out in the air. Although these flower petals were not heavenly materials, they were still top quality magic treasures, refreshing and revitalizing to the senses.

For a time, the entire sky was filled with the tantalizing sound of music as waves of fragrance overwhelmed the senses.

Just what sort of great person had arrived?

Everyone looked towards the skies. With such a big appearance, this was certainly not someone average. Even the many Divine Sea powerhouses that came before didn’t have such pomp and flair.

As the curtains of the divine carriage were pulled apart, people were suddenly...

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