Chapter 1387 – You’ve Grown Up

Chapter 1387 – You’ve Grown Up

“Little princess! Little princess!”

Many heroic young elites cheered out for Lin Xiaoge. They couldn’t shout out her name, otherwise that would be disrespecting her. Rather, they shouted out her title as little princess. For someone to be called the little princess of the Sky Spill Continent, only Lin Xiaoge could lay claim to this fame.

Waves of shouts surged out like endless tides. Lin Ming faintly smiled, thinking out loud, “They’re really crazy.”

Lin Xiaoge’s opponent was a tall and thin youth that looked just over 20 years old. Facing Lin Xiaoge, he clearly appeared a bit nervous.

Lin Ming swept his sense over Lin Xiaoge’s opponent. Sloppy and ordinary, not her match at all.

In the past, because of Lin Ming, Lin Xiaoge had begun forming her foundation before she was ten years old. For all these years, she had all sorts of precious medicines to cleanse her body and was able to study top inheritances with famous teachers guiding her. Finally, before Lin Ming ascended, he even placed the blood of the Ancient Phoenix within her body, giving her the Ancient Phoenix bloodline.

To martial artists of the lower realms, a single drop of ordinary Ancient Phoenix blood was a priceless treasure.

A genius was never created in a single...

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