Chapter 1386 – The Sky Spill Grand Meeting

Chapter 1386 – The Sky Spill Grand Meeting

The terrain of the Sky Spill Continent was shaped like a giant copper coin, surrounded by seas and with another sea in the center.

At the center of the Sky Spill Continent, at the edges of the Sea of Miracles, there were four Divine Kingdoms.

Among them was a prosperous Divine Kingdom that had only existed for a dozen plus years. This was a Divine Kingdom that had been recently established, called the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom.

This Divine Kingdom had replaced the Asura Divine Kingdom to become one of the four Divine Kingdoms. Although the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom’s foundation was still shallow and they didn’t possess many Divine Sea powerhouses of their own, their status was still high and transcendent. This was because of events that occurred many years ago. Just a dozen some years ago, a man named Yang Yun had taken control of most Divine Sea powerhouses in the Sky Spill Continent, slaying all those with variation bloodlines in order to cultivate his Great Blood Refining Art. His acts of terror had made everyone live in fear and dread.

At that time, Yang Yun had possessed absolute, overwhelming strength; he was a calamity upon the entire Sky Spill Continent. But then, a young man had appeared, leading a group of Divine Sea powerhouses to slaughter...

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