Chapter 1386 The Sky Spill Grand Meeting

Chapter 1386 – The Sky Spill Grand Meeting

The terrain of the Sky Spill Continent was shaped like a giant copper coin, surrounded by seas and with another sea in the center.

At the center of the Sky Spill Continent, at the edges of the Sea of Miracles, there were four Divine Kingdoms.

Among them was a prosperous Divine Kingdom that had only existed for a dozen plus years. This was a Divine Kingdom that had been recently established, called the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom.

This Divine Kingdom had replaced the Asura Divine Kingdom to become one of the four Divine Kingdoms. Although the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom’s foundation was still shallow and they didn’t possess many Divine Sea powerhouses of their own, their status was still high and transcendent. This was because of events that occurred many years ago. Just a dozen some years ago, a man named Yang Yun had taken control of most Divine Sea powerhouses in the Sky Spill Continent, slaying all those with variation bloodlines in order to cultivate his Great Blood Refining Art. His acts of terror had made everyone live in fear and dread.

At that time, Yang Yun had possessed absolute, overwhelming strength; he was a calamity upon the entire Sky Spill Continent. But then, a young man had appeared, leading a group of Divine Sea powerhouses to slaughter their way into the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s Divine Palace. He had broken into the Nine Furnace Divine Palace’s grand array and instantly killed 10 Divine Sea powerhouses and then struck down Yang Yun by himself, leaving behind a legend of his own.

This youth was Lin Ming.

Although Lin Ming had ascended, his fame and glory within the Sky Spill Continent was hotter and brighter than the blazing afternoon sun.

He had left behind countless myths and all of the older martial artists respected and admired him. He even inspired the younger generation of martial artists to work hard for the glory of their country.

Within the Sky Spill Continent, it could be said that there was no one who didn’t know Lin Ming’s name.

As for the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, that was established by the friends and family that Lin Ming had left behind. Because of Lin Ming, the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom possessed a high status. There was no one who dared to disrespect them.

The Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom possessed the richest resources of the four Divine Kingdoms. Every four years, the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom would host a martial arts meeting in which heroic youths from all over the land would come to compete. The primary intention of this martial arts meeting was to seek out the people to recruit to serve as the elite of the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom and also to train them. After all, the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom had existed for far too short a time. Even though they possessed resources and fame, they actually lacked masters.

The conditions that the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom put forth were extremely rich. Once one entered the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, one would be able to enjoy top tier resources and inheritances. Thus, many heroic youths headed towards the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, hoping that they could amaze the world with a single feat of wonder in this martial arts meeting.

And today was the day that this martial arts meeting was being conducted.

On the top of a 100,000 foot tall mountain, the peak had been flattened down and a giant jade-bright arena had been formed.

The arena was surrounded with colorful and beautiful lights that shined in the skies, filling the air with wondrous brilliant hues. Countless dazzling divine carriages filled the skies as jade spirit boats and ships floated about, each pulled by many saint beasts.

And sitting within these divine carriages and spirit boats were high level figures of the Sky Spill Continent.

“The Seven Star Divine Kingdom’s Divine Sovereign, Li Yuxiao!”

On top of a refined jade building, an old man serving as the master of ceremonies loudly shouted out.

This was a martial arts tea party, where one could drink tea as they watched others compete in the martial path. Many lords and ladies came from all over to look at these young geniuses compete. This was not simply a contest, and every great figure that arrived on the scene had to be announced.

“Forsaken God Clan’s Patriarch, Shibai!”

The master of ceremonies shouted out once more. A sagely and wise-looking old man in white clothes slowly flew forwards on a crane, a smile on his face. He was the Forsaken God Clan’s Patriarch, Shibai.

“White Clan Patriarch, Fairy Snow Gale!”

In the skies, a phoenix cry sounded out. From afar, a bird with a phoenix-like appearance flew forwards, pulling a shimmering jade green ship. The one sitting inside this ship was the White Clan’s Fairy Snow Gale, one of the extraordinary Divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent.

Those that possessed the qualifications to be announced by the master of ceremonies were all top first-class figures of the Sky Spill Continent.

“Shang Family’s Highest Elder, Shang Yuetian!”

“Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s Southern Baron, Yang Cheng!”

Every announcement represented the arrival of a Divine Sea powerhouse!

Those in the audience were all silently dumbfounded.

These Divine Sea powerhouses were all god-like characters of the Sky Spill Continent. It was rare to see a single one, but now there were so many today!

“This truly is a grand occasion. The Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom has only held three of these martial arts meetings so far, each one greater than the last. And in this session, over 20 Divine Sea supreme elders have arrived! This is far too exaggerated. Besides the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, there is no kingdom that has so much face.”

“Of course! Don’t you know of the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom’s origin? The legends say that many years ago, Sage Lin cancelled out the battle spirit tracing mark for many Divine Sea powerhouses that were controlled by Yang Yun and had them cut him down in battle. These actions were the same as saving their lives. For those that have reached a Divine Sea realm cultivation, it isn’t easy to owe favors or sentiments to anyone, because they want to avoid being touched by karmic ties. And now that the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom is vigorously trying to develop, since it’s impossible for those Divine Sea powerhouses to return the favor personally to Sage Lin, they have to look after the family that he left behind. If they could support his family at moments like this then they would definitely do so.”

“Yes, and this session of the martial arts meeting is amazing. Of those young heroic geniuses that have come, one of them is the proudest daughter of the heavens and the current little princess of the entire Sky Spill Continent – she is Lin Xiaoge, the only little sister of Sage Lin. Her status is truly… high to the limit! If this is the martial arts meeting that Lin Xiaoge personally appears in, just which great figure would dare to not support her with their presence?”

To be called the little princess of the Sky Spill Continent without any other modifiers, there was only one person – that was Lin Xiaoge. As for the other princesses of Divine Kingdoms, they had to have the name of their origin added in. For instance, the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s Third Princess, the Seven Star Fourth Princess, and so forth.

Lin Xiaoge could be called the person with the most special and unique status within the entire Sky Spill Continent. Even if the Nine Furnace Divine Sovereign saw her, they would still have to speak to her politely and with smiles, calling her the little princess.

Lin Xiaoge was now in her teens. She was beautiful and refreshing, slim and filled with grace.

Moreover, her cultivation far outstripped all rivals in her generation. In this martial arts meeting, many people believed that her chances of becoming the champion were over 90%.

Without a doubt, Lin Xiaoge was the absolute heroine of the day; everyone else could only be called a foil to her brilliance.

“Lin Xiaoge, she truly is the perfect woman… if I could marry the little princess, that would really be…”

“Keep on dreaming. If Lin Xiaoge’s pursuers were to hold hands they could wrap themselves around the entire Sea of Miracles. Of the princes of the three other Divine Kingdoms or the young elites of the Divine Sea families and clans, just which one doesn’t wish to capture her hand? But, none of them can match up to her. Even if you forget her beauty and her talent, just the fact that she is Sage Lin’s little sister is enough to eliminate all hopes. If you want to marry her, you can’t struggle for less than 5000 years!”

Everyone was enthusiastically speaking. And in this crowd, there was a blue-clothed youth that was casually strolling through the auditorium. Although it was extremely crowded here, there seemed to be some invisible force field surrounding him, making it so that no one could even touch the hem of his robe.

As everyone was fervently discussing, the blue-clothed youth widely smiled. He thought to himself, “A dozen plus years seem to have passed in a moment. Xiaoge has become an elegant and talented young girl. When I ascended all those years ago, she was nothing but a little brat with a runny nose chasing me around all day…”

This blue-clothed youth was Lin Ming.

He recalled the peaceful days that he lived before he ascended to the Divine Realm. As he passed life tranquilly with his wives, there would always be Xiaoge behind him, chasing him and calling out, ‘Big Brother!’, ‘Big Brother!’, especially attached to him. Those days seemed as if they occurred just yesterday.

In the blink of an eye, over a dozen years had passed. Lin Ming’s appearance hadn’t changed, but Lin Xiaoge had grown up into a proud daughter of heaven.

Recalling the past, Lin Ming would occasionally smile. This was the feeling of affection, a warm and peaceful feeling. After embarking on the road of martial arts, most of his time had been spent killing, struggling through life or death battles, or cultivating by himself in a boring and staid manner. In this kind of situation, this sort of warmth was even rarer.

Lin Ming calmly sat in the audience, watching the change of Divine Phoenix Island and the Lin Family with his own eyes.

And at this time, the martial arts meeting had officially begun.

In an area south of the arena, there was a jade structure floating in the air. This was a dwelling with columns carved from the finest stone, and many great figures of the Sky Spill Continent were enjoying precious fragrant teas at the summit. These teas could increase the lifespan of a mortal by several hundred years with a single sip. Even to a martial arts master, these teas were extremely precious. Even a Divine Sea supreme elder wouldn’t necessarily be willing to drink it down in gulps.

“Hahaha! The Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom is truly wealthy. For a tea party martial meeting, they actually used seven-colored fairy tea. This time, I have truly hit the jackpot; I’ll have to drink my fill!” A middle-aged man in a Seven Stars Robe laughed. He was the Seven Star Divine Sovereign, Li Yuxiao.

“Li Two, I know that you’re stingy, but there’s no need to be so shameless in front of everyone. I also know that you have several jars of this seven-colored fairy tea. When I’ve been to visit you, you’ve never been willing to take them out!”

Beside Li Yuxiao, a tall and thin old man jokingly smiled. For him to speak to Li Yuxiao in this manner proved that his status was also high.

“Old Man Zhao, stop ruining my image. My Seven Star Divine Kingdom is just a poor little country. If I were to let you drink and eat as you please I would be a poor man by now!”

Li Yuxiao laughed, clearly used to this sort of joking. But as he laughed, his mind stirred and he sobered up.

“Mm? Li Two, what’s wrong?” The old man asked.

Li Yuxiao traced his chin and then shook his head. “I probably was mistaken in what I felt. Something like a light sensation passed over me just now, swift and gentle, fainter than a feather…”

In that moment, Lin Ming had rapidly swept his sense over the entire audience. In fact, he hadn’t even bothered to conceal his sense, it was only that his senses far surpassed those present so they couldn’t sense him even if he didn’t hide.

And at this time, the lead of the martial arts meeting, Lin Xiaoge, finally appeared on stage.

After being separated for many years, Lin Xiaoge had become a stunningly beautiful young girl.

She wore a tight martial arts outfit that was in perfect contrast to her tall figure. She stood proud and slender with flexible and strong thighs. Her hair was tied back in a braid and her skin wasn’t snow white like that of normal beauties, but white and soft with a hint of glowing red. Her cheeks were round like a child’s, filled with the blush of youth. Her eyes were as clear as springs, crystalline to the very bottom and without the slightest bit of filth.

This was Lin Xiaoge, a young girl brimming with the surging fires of youth, with a vivid courage and dashing exuding from every inch of her body.

Lin Xiaoge’s appearance immediately caused the audience to cry out in alarm. The atmosphere in the field had finally reached the peak!

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