Chapter 1384 – Child of the Dragon

Chapter 1384 – Child of the Dragon

“Lin Ming, come with me.”

The Dragon Sovereign waved his hand and a beam of light wrapped around Lin Ming, instantly causing the both of them to disappear. Lin Ming felt space around him twist about and in the next moment he had arrived in a completely separate space.

This space was extremely vast and broad. The area where Lin Ming was standing was a desolate and bleak land.

The brown and ashen land was endless. Broken rocks littered the ground, without the least bit of life anywhere. Occasionally, massive bones thrust out from gaps in the earth. It was unknown just what sort of creature had left behind these giant bones, but as these bones were half exposed to the air they resembled broken halberds that pointed towards the skies.

The skies were also empty, without any clouds at all. There were no stars or other celestial bodies and the heaven and earth origin energy was very thin.

In the vast distance, Lin Ming could even see certain areas of space collapse, crashing apart into turbulent space flows before returning to normal. Besides that, this world was without the tiniest sound; it was utterly silent!

“The space here naturally collapses on its own; this is proof that the space here has reached an extremely fragile point.”

Lin Ming thought to himself. This sort of world seemed like the moment in stories when vast...

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