Chapter 1381 – Transforming the Divine Palace

Chapter 1381 – Transforming the Divine Palace

Lin Ming carefully picked up the Demon Bead. This Demon Bead was only the size of a baby’s fist but it was as heavy as a mountain.

This Demon Bead contained essence energy, at least 10 times greater than the Demon Bead he had found before!

Originally, this was not a Demon Bead replica, but a Demon Bead formed from the condensed blood vitality of 100 million years using the true Demon Bead.

The Magic Cube could absorb souls and purify the soul fragments. Correspondingly, the Demon Bead should be able to absorb flesh and blood essence energy to form the most essential source of blood vitality.

“Junior, this bead contains a nearly infinite blood vitality. It is a supreme treasure to all body transformation martial artists. Today, I pass this on to you. You must use it cautiously and wisely; do not surpass the bearing limits of your body. In addition, within the Primordius ring I left behind there are many pills and spirit treasures, as well as the total accumulated knowledge and cultivation attainments in my 10 million years of life. Today, everything will be imparted to you. You must uphold my final will. When the great calamity of humanity arrives, you must contribute your own power to the effort. To lose the Grandmist Spirit Bead is the greatest mistake of my life. In there is ever a day where it is possible, you must retake the Grandmist...

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