Chapter 1380 – Trail of the Demon Bead

Chapter 1380 – Trail of the Demon Bead

Lin Ming stayed within Primordius Palace for three years. This was something that the Dragon Sovereign had never imagined to be possible. In fact, when Empyrean Primordius left behind this test, the original intention of it was to have a martial artist withstand the heavy pressure of grandmist energy, allowing them to train in the Primordius martial intent as they perceived the Grandmist Heavenly Dao and opened the Primordius Gate.

But as for training speed, that all depended on a martial artist’s perception.

Originally, Black Dragon and the two old men both believed that if one could continue to withstand Empyrean Primordius’ test, then as long as they lasted for two years within it, they could nearly fully open the Primordius Gate. But now, Lin Ming had stayed within for three years.

The reason for this long period of time was that Lin Ming was refining grandmist energy.

He used one year and three months to absorb 30 wisps of grandmist energy.

Now, placed within the Primordius Bell, Lin Ming no longer felt that the heavy pressure of the grandmist energy upon his body was painful. Rather, because he kept pouring grandmist energy into his body, he felt himself filling up with a potent strength instead.

Finally, Lin Ming had reached the limit of...

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