Chapter 138 - Heavy Profound Soft Spear

Chapter 138 Heavy Profound Soft Spear.


Chapter 138 – Heavy Profound Soft Spear

The deacon senior apprentice brother was a bit sluggish as he watched Lin Ming come out of Wood Puppet Lane. He still hadn’t figured out just what the hell had happened inside a moment ago. Was there a malfunction in the Wood Puppet Lane array? How come the true essence stones were consumed so quickly!?

“Junior… Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, are you alright?” The deacon senior apprentice froze for a long time before he hesitantly asked him. If there was a breakdown in the array formation, then did Junior Apprentice Brother Lin encounter any problems in there?

“Me? I’m fine!” Lin Ming asked, somewhat puzzled, but he didn’t dwell on this much. “Thank you Senior Apprentice Brother. I will leave first; I’ll come by another day and thank you for your hospitality.”

Lin Ming turned around and departed.

The deacon senior apprentice brother was still in a daze. He thought about the possibilities for a while, and then suddenly moved. He picked up his robes and scurried into the Wood Puppet Lane cave that Lin Ming had just been in a moment ago.

This scene left him petrified on the spot!

He only saw scattered parts all throughout Wood Puppet Lane. There were broken wooden puppets everywhere, with hands and feet haphazardly tossed around or pulverized to little splinters. “This…...

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