Chapter 1379 – Three Years

Chapter 1379 – Three Years

Within Empyrean Primordius’ smelting trial, if one’s strength was lacking, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the great pressure and would be eliminated.

If one’s will and perseverance were insufficient, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the debilitating despair that accompanied this pressure, making them unable to last until the traces of the Great Dao started to appear.

If one’s will was sufficient, but their perception wasn’t enough, they wouldn’t be able to comprehend the mysteries of the chaos stone, let alone use the profound power of Laws contained within the chaos stone to resist the pressure of the Primordius Bell.

If one wished to pass this test, strength, will, and perception were all necessary!

Time passed day by day. Lin Ming didn’t feel the passage of time as he constantly furthered his comprehensions, refining his understandings over time. Even so, during this time, the pressure within the Primordius Bell grew greater and greater every day.

But, the impact of the grandmist energy was resolved by Lin Ming’s understandings of the Primordius Gate.

In this endless process of struggling, Lin Ming’s comprehensions into the Chaos Laws grew increasingly deep.

Then, half a year passed…

Outside of Primordius Palace, the two thin old men waited still...

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