Chapter 1378 – Suffer in Silence

Chapter 1378 – Suffer in Silence

Grandmist energy was formed at the beginning of the universe, the condensed form of all matter to exist. It was similar to a black hole in that a single wisp of grandmist energy was as heavy as a star.

Now, within the space that Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were in, there was a wisp of grandmist energy floating about. This wisp of grandmist energy was similar to a black hole in that it would absorb all matter and energy, including even light. Thus, when light shined upon this grandmist energy it wouldn’t be reflected at all, so no one was able to see it.

But, one could clearly feel its existence. Because of its terrifying weight, its presence alone was enough to place an omnidirectional pressure on a person’s body, soul, and inner world.

“This is the ancient land that Empyrean Primordius left behind in the past?”

As Lin Ming stood in this hall, even if he were normally breathing it would still consume a massive amount of energy.

He could feel an incomparably rich and profound aura of the Grandmist Laws permeating this hall. This sort of aura could only have been left behind by Empyrean Primordius.

Lin Ming found it hard to imagine just what boundary Empyrean Primordius reached in the past. With his strength alone, he faced off against several extreme Empyrean masters. Although...

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