Chapter 1377 – The Gate of Space and Time

Chapter 1377 – The Gate of Space and Time

The two who arrived were old men wearing gray clothes. Their figures were withered and there didn’t seem to be any life in their faces.

However, their auras were formidable like a surging sea, making one feel daunted.

Then, they should have been disciples of Empyrean Primordius in the past.

“Junior Lin Ming greets two honored seniors!”

Lin Ming politely bowed. In Lin Ming’s opinion, the Eternal Demon Abyss was a land of death. Everyone here should have died in that great war 100,000 years ago; he never imagined there would still be some people living here.

In truth, thinking about it carefully, no matter how frigid that war was 100,000 years ago, there should have been some survivors. Even the saint race had some survivors, much less Empyrean Primordius’ followers.

A World King powerhouse could live for millions of years. To survive for 100,000 years in the Eternal Demon Abyss was only a fraction of their lifespan.

These two old men gazed deeply at Lin Ming and also looked at Mo Eversnow. As they saw Mo Eversnow, their expressions were extremely strange.

This was naturally because Mo Eversnow was possessing the body of the goddess.

“Are two seniors disciples of Senior Primordius?” Lin...

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