Chapter 1376 Black Dragon

Chapter 1376 – Black Dragon

Facing this ancient life form that was rushing towards him, Lin Ming didn’t hesitate at all to open up the grandmist space!

Mo Eversnow was also ready to face this adversary. She stepped forwards, combining her Primal God Pure Lands with the grandmist space.

Chi chi chi!

As that creature broke into the dual domains, its entire body soared, actually ripping apart the dual domains of Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow. Its bone-thorned scythe hands seemed as if they were a weapon that surpassed all spirit artifacts, easily tearing through space.

“This is an ancient saint race powerhouse! Or perhaps even a contract beast of an ancient supreme elder saint!”

Mo Eversnow rapidly shouted. And at this time, Lin Ming had already summoned the phantom of the Heretical God Tree. The power of thunder and fire wildly poured into the Phoenix Blood Spear – Heavenly Dao Judgment!

A spear thrust out, crushing the void.

This ancient life form crashed into Lin Ming’s spear light!

Rumble rumble rumble!

A terrifying storm of energy swept through the Eternal Demon Abyss. As this energy reverberated outwards, it caused countless glowing walls of patterns to shine in the air. As this storm crashed into these patterns, it wasn’t able to shake the great array at all.

In this frenzied explosion, Mo Eversnow also slashed out with her sword of light. Her attack was even more terrifying than Lin Ming’s. As her sword slashed out, a harsh whistling sound cut through the air.

A brilliant divine light seemed to swallow everything. It was like a round sun had risen within the Eternal Demon Abyss, puncturing through 10,000 miles of the gloomy haze.

Underneath the onslaught of such a formidable attack, the creature emitted an angry roar as it was sent flying backwards by the joint attack of Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow.


With a loud bang, the ancient life form crashed into the barrier of the array formation, causing the shimmering walls to shake.

Its entire body was covered in blood and yet it still managed to crawl.

Lin Ming swept out with his divine sense and grimaced. In truth, the wounds of this creature weren’t heavy at all. It wasn’t leaking too much blood, and the injuries were only to the exterior body. The skeleton and tendons of the creature were intact.

Although his joint attack with Mo Eversnow was only 70-80% of their full strength, they had still directly struck the ancient life form. Even so, they still hadn’t been able to kill it?

Just what sort of terrifying defensive power was this?

Mo Eversnow said, “This is going to be troublesome. This ancient life form was likely a Holy Lord level powerhouse in the past, but because it was sealed away for 100,000 years, its sanity has fallen into depravity and all that is left over are its attack instincts.”

This ancient creature in front of them wouldn’t be able to use Laws or techniques, and its eyes were also filled with chaos, without the least bit of wisdom shining in them. Its offensive capabilities were the most barbaric and brutal methods possible, just forcefully hurtling against others and chopping at them. After being sealed for 100,000 years, this creature had been weakened to the extreme. Even so, it was nearly impossible for Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow to kill it.

At this time, two more loud roars echoed out. These roars contained a fierce killing intent, causing Lin Ming’s scalp to crawl. He turned to see more ancient life forms crawling out from behind the cocoons.

These two life forms were more similar to humans in appearance. However, their bodies were completely withered, looking as if they were in the last fading years of their life. But, the auras they emitted were still dreadful!

And behind these two life forms, there was also a red-haired man.

This red-haired man wore broken down armor. Two purple flames burned in his eyes and his disheveled hair was stringy and sparse.

However, his aura was vast and deep, as if he were a spiritual god.

Facing the aura of this red-haired man, Lin Ming felt as if his own flesh and blood would split apart. He didn’t need anything to know that this person was once a great figure of the past! He might have even been a World King level character!

A World King, even if they were sealed away for 100,000 years and were weakened to a fraction of their original power, still wasn’t someone that Lin Ming could deal with!

Moreover, this World King clearly had a glimpse of intelligence behind his fiery eyes. This person still retained his sanity, unlike those other ancient life forms that had nothing left but their instincts.

In that instant, Lin Ming suddenly felt that he was facing a danger beyond description!

He shuffled closer to Mo Eversnow, keeping full vigilance around himself. Lin Ming tightly gripped the Phoenix Blood Spear, his palms wet with sweat. Mo Eversnow’s complexion was dignified, her heart tightening.

It was impossible for them to defeat this existence in front of them. The only method possible was to use the array formation that Empyrean Primordius had left behind in the past. Empyrean Primordius should have left behind some methods to deal with these ancient life forms in the array formation, otherwise these ancient life forms would have left long ago instead of hovering around this area.

But, even if this sort of method was possible, wanting to find it and also activate it within several breaths of time was harder than ascending to heaven.

In this life or death moment, although Lin Ming’s palms were wet with sweat, his mind was as calm as water. He used his divine sense to rapidly sweep over the surrounding dao patterns, trying to see if there was anything he could use.

Mo Eversnow was also doing the same.

That red-haired man easily saw through Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow’s idea. He smiled – a cruel smile that crossed his face to reveal a pair of sharp canines.

“Futile… effort…”

The red-haired man actually spoke!

He spoke in the language of the Divine Realm, but his words were choppy and very stiff. Lin Ming felt his heart chill. He expected this red-haired man to have intelligence remaining, but he didn’t think it would be so high. It seemed that this 100,000 year confinement didn’t influence his mind at all.

How could he win against such an enemy?

As Lin Ming was lost on what to do, a sudden change occurred!

Not too far from Lin Ming, the iron chain that was as thick as a divine tree suddenly started trembling!

Bang bang bang!

The iron rings emitted a horrifying sound. These iron rings, if any single one of them were taken out and thrown down from high in the air, could easily smash apart a mountain!

With hundreds of thousands and millions of iron rings smashing together, it was like 10,000 thunderbolts suddenly being cast to the ground, the sound piercing straight into the ears!

This is…

Lin Ming was shocked. He looked at the massive chain. This chain was cast from divine iron and the weight of every link was simply unimaginable. Even so, hundreds of thousands of miles of this chain was shaken so wildly… just what sort of great strength was this?

Rumble rumble rumble!

Iron chains struck the stone wall, bringing massive chunks of stone falling down. The entire 100 million mile plus long wall of the Eternal Demon Abyss began to shake!

Such a horrifying power and might could truly be described as earth-shaking.

As the red-haired man heard this sound, the color of fear flooded his eyes. He looked deeply at Lin Ming before silently withdrawing back into the darkness.

The three other ancient life forms that came out with him also retreated.

They had left like that? Lin Ming’s mind stirred. This was…

Ang - !

At this time, a horrifying noise hurtled up from the depths of the Eternal Demon Abyss, setting off a terrifying storm of air that smashed into the rock walls, sweeping outwards for tens of thousands of miles. Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were both caught up in this air current formed from the sound and were sent flying away!

All of this infernal energy, all of that dim haze, were completely flushed cleanly away by the horrifying sound.

This terrifying sound seemed to come from the endless ancient flow of time, piercing through reality!

This is…

A dragon’s roar?

Lin Ming supported himself with his Phoenix Blood Spear and slowly stood up. He looked as deep into the Eternal Demon Abyss as he could. Even so, all he could see was an endless darkness without a hint of light, as if it were a tunnel leading to another universe.

Lin Ming already had a faint speculation about what was happening. An existence that could make these ancient kings tremble in fear and even shake the trillion jin iron chains, perhaps the only possibility was the mysterious Black Dragon that was sealed away in the Eternal Demon Abyss.

And that dragon’s roar a moment ago had confirmed Lin Ming’s guess.

In the Eternal Demon Abyss, there was a living Black Dragon that once had a vital relationship with Empyrean Primordius in the past!

Perhaps it was the guardian God Beast of the Eternal Demon Abyss.

“Black Dragon…”

Mo Eversnow looked at Lin Ming. In the past, when Lin Ming had once entered the thousand mile forbidden zone by mistake, he had seen this Black Dragon. Its body was thousands of miles long and covered in brilliant red scales. Its horn was as tall as a mountain and its wings were like the starry night. After they were unfolded, those wings seemed to cover the vault of the heavens.

This was a true God Beast. Before that point, not even Mo Eversnow had seen one.

“Did the Black Dragon save us? That roar shouldn’t be a coincidence.” Mo Eversnow said. That roar was clearly a warning to these ancient life forms, otherwise they wouldn’t have backed away.

If this were true, then in a sense, Lin Ming had obtained the approval of the Eternal Demon Abyss’s guardian.

Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow looked at each other and then continued forwards.

And at this time, in the far off distance, there was the echoing sound of flapping clothes. Lin Ming looked up to see two skinny old men walking on the void, breaking through the wind.

Lin Ming was surprised and immediately grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear. But, he wasn’t too worried. With the deterrence of the Black Dragon, these two that were walking towards him had to be from the human race.

Human race? Were these Empyrean Primordius’ followers in the past?

Lin Ming immediately thought of this. Were the followers of Empyrean Primordius still alive in this world?

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