Chapter 1375 - 100,000 Year Corpses

Chapter 1375 - 100,000 Year Corpses

Lin Ming closed his eyes within the absolute danger zone, allowing his senses to carefully feel the flow of energy.

“There is an aura of the Grandmist Laws here.” Lin Ming thought out loud. Empyrean Primordius’ disciples studied the Dao of grandmist. After they died, the dao domains they left behind naturally had the aura of the Grandmist Laws.

“There is also some kind of energy… is this… the power of divinity?”

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. This sort of power was extremely similar to the power of divinity that he withstood when he climbed up the Divine Seal Altar in the past. In truth, this so-called power of divinity was the combined strength of essence, energy, and soul.

“It is indeed the power of divinity. It should be the strength left over from the primal god race.” Mo Eversnow said.

The strength that her current body possessed was the power of divinity. Of those that died here, many of them were from the primal god race. It was reasonable that the absolute danger zone would have their strength.

“Lin Ming, if you and I work together we should be able to leave this dao domain.”

The reason that a dao domain was called a dao domain was because it contained the truths of the dao within it.

Lin Ming sank his energy into his...

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