Chapter 1371 Heaven Absorbing Demon Art and the Nine Star Heaven Pill

Chapter 1371 – Heaven Absorbing Demon Art and the Nine Star Heaven Pill

“Can that be done?”

Lin Ming very much wanted to obtain Tian Mingzi’s wisp of soul. To further realize comprehensions of Laws and also understand the cultivation methods within was an extremely precious wealth.

Tian Mingzi’s attainments in the Space and Time Laws were extremely high. Of course, it was impossible for Lin Ming to directly appropriate them for himself, but being able to meditate on these Laws in the future would be an inestimable advantage.

“It should be possible.”

As Mo Eversnow spoke, her entire body suddenly ignited with dim white energy flames. These flames approached Tian Mingzi, wrapping around that remnant soul.

That wisp of remnant soul released a shrill cry as it rushed about, not willing to resign itself to its fate of being refined.

However, in front of Mo Eversnow, everything it did was futile.


With a light sound, this remnant soul’s divine was directly destroyed by Mo Eversnow, turning into pure soul energy. Then, without pausing, Mo Eversnow placed this wisp of soul energy into the Magic Cube space…



Countless trillions of miles away in the Divine Realm, in the depths of the Skydark Holy Lands, Tian Mingzi cried out in pain. He lashed out, sending the table in front of him flipping over. This table was made from timeless god stone and weighed over 100,000 jins, but it was still sent flying away like a piece of paper. All of the ink and paper on the table was twisted into ash by the turbulent energy flows!

“Die! All of you will die!”

Tian Mingzi’s hair was disheveled. His hands were tightly grasped onto his forehead. His face was white, streaming with sweat!

Losing a hand wasn’t enough to cause him to suffer so much. But, losing a wisp of his divine soul had actually caused serious damage to his spiritual sea! To forcefully cut away a piece of his soul and then have that piece completely destroyed, this agonizing pain and loss could be imagined!

“Lin Ming! And that woman!”

Tian Mingzi’s eyes turned blood red. He fell to his knees, blood trickling down from the corners of his eyes.

To fail in this mission was a serious attack on him!

To Tian Mingzi, losing the 12 most outstanding young elites of the Skydark Holy Lands in a single go wasn’t anything at all.

But to lose his avatar, this caused severe damage to his origin energy. His soul and body had both suffered tremendous losses. The hand he had tempered to nearly the half-step Empyrean realm was now lost forever, and this would create a massive hindrance to his future goal of becoming an Empyrean.

Tian Mingzi had an approximate understanding of what had happened in the final moments of the battle. Normally, when a supreme elder created an avatar, this avatar wouldn’t have the ability to share memories. For instance, when Empyrean Divine Dream created her avatar, that was only an incarnation created by several hundred years of her cultivation; it didn’t hold a wisp of her soul at all. Once this avatar was used up, it was gone.

But Tian Mingzi’s avatar was different. Since it contained a wisp of his soul, he was able to obtain some transmitted information from the avatar.

Thus, he learnt that although the Sky Spill Planet seemed like an insignificant little planet among the billion plus worlds of the lower realms, it actually contained a heaven-shaking secret!

“Who is it that left behind their inheritance on the Sky Spill Planet?”

Tian Mingzi grabbed onto a pillar and pulled himself up. The right side of his face was stained with blood.

This inheritance was definitely left behind by an Empyrean level character, and most likely an outstanding existence amongst Empyreans. Otherwise, how could just the aftermath of that cursing technique have lasted for these last tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years?

When Tian Mingzi’s avatar entered the Blood Slaughter Steppes, it had been unable to completely avoid the influence of the curse. If it weren’t for curses naturally being slow to work, then his avatar would have likely received tremendous damage before meeting Lin Ming.

“The Sky Spill Planet! What a pity!”

Tian Mingzi’s eyes flashed with a cold brilliance. Because of the Empyrean enchantment that protected the Sky Spill Planet, his true self was unable to arrive there. And even if he were to send an avatar down, its strength had to be suppressed to the late Divine Sea realm. It simply wasn’t able to display its true power. If the avatar had fallen into an array formation left behind by some unknown Empyrean, it would truly have died without a grave!

For an array formation left behind by such a top character, if there was any hostility towards Tian Mingzi at all, then even if Tian Mingzi’s true self were to appear there he would likely perish.

Tian Mingzi could only watch the lucky chances of the Sky Spill Planet, but couldn’t eat them at all.

Moreover, he could no longer stay at the Demondawn Great World. Once his betrayal was exposed, he could only look for a place to lie low and wait for the great calamity to arrive.

Even so, as he thought about giving up the Skydark Holy Lands that he had spent 50,000 years and endless amounts of effort and energy to establish, he felt his heart drip with blood. All of this trouble was granted to him by Lin Ming!

“Lin Ming, I will remember the grudge of today. When the great calamity arrives, I will have you die a hundred times more!”

Tian Mingzi grit his teeth, clenching his fists so hard that his nails dug into his flesh and blood.

And on the stump from his severed hand, the flesh and blood began to wriggle about.

With a crackling sound, the bones of his arm began to grow back once more. Blood vessels and meridians formed, followed by muscles and eventually the skin.

It only took a mere moment for Tian Mingzi to form a new hand. However, this hand was far inferior to his original hand. The essence energy that he lost would not be able to be restored.


At this time, in the Eternal Demon Abyss, Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming had arrived in the Magic Cube space.

Tian Mingzi’s remnant soul had already turned into a milky white light that floated in midair.

Mo Eversnow floated in front of this light, both of her hands forming seals that submerged into it.

At this time, from the skies, a dark gray light came shining down upon this milky white light. This was the power of the Magic Cube.

Currently, it was still too difficult for Mo Eversnow to activate the Magic Cube to kill others. But, using it just to cancel out the spirit mark in this soul wasn’t difficult at all.

Underneath the power of the Magic Cube, Tian Mingzi’s spirit mark was slowly washed away.

The soul was fragile, and a spirit mark was like threads of thinnest spider silk as it spread through the soul, completely integrating into every part of this soul. Wanting to wash away the spirit mark without destroying the soul was something that only the Magic Cube could accomplish.

In a full quarter hour of time, this mass of soul energy was reduced to the purest masterless soul fragment.

Mo Eversnow waved her hands and this soul fragment flew towards Lin Ming, sinking into his spiritual sea.

For a time, a massive wave of memories washed over Lin Ming.

In order to kill Lin Ming, Tian Mingzi had poured a tremendous amount of his Law comprehensions in this soul fragment. Moreover, he had recorded all sorts of cultivation methods in it as well.

“Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!”

Lin Ming’s eyes brightened. Tian Mingzi was truly an exceptionally rare heaven-gifted genius. He had received the recognition of Empyrean Demondawn and had even been allowed to enter Demondawn Heavenly Palace to study their core inheritance – the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art.

When Tian Mingzi had fought Lin Ming, he had used the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, causing Lin Ming to suffer a heavy blow.

To study a transcendent divine might from the start required a great deal of time and energy.

But if it were a cultivation method that Tian Mingzi had already cultivated, then Lin Ming would be able to absorb that training experience and relearn it. Once he studied it himself, it would be far simpler.

Moreover, Lin Ming didn’t wish to study the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art to the highest boundary; he only needed it as an auxiliary cultivation method. At a critical moment, for instance, if Lin Ming were to overdraw his energy and become as dry as an oil-less lamp, then the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art would be able to display a miraculous effect.

This was an extremely tyrannical martial art that absorbed all energy for oneself.

Besides the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, Tian Mingzi had all sorts of comprehensions into Concepts and Laws, all of which was accepted by Lin Ming. Only by fully absorbing the masterless soul fragment in its purest untainted state could one perfectly inherit these memories that even included these comprehensions in Laws.

These Laws were temporarily sealed away by Lin Ming. He required time to slowly perceive them.

But at this time, something else caught Lin Ming’s attention. “This is… the Nine Star Heaven Pill?”

Lin Ming was startled. In Tian Mingzi’s memories, this was an ancient pill recipe that had been long lost to time. Over 3.6 billion years ago, when human martial artists had opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates, they would then be able to take a Nine Star Heaven Pill to directly break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Place!

“Senior-apprentice Sister…”

Lin Ming immediately reiterated news of the Nine Star Heaven Pill to Mo Eversnow.

“Nine Star Heaven Pill?”

Mo Eversnow thought for a moment before saying, “When I desired to break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace in the past, I searched through endless ancient texts and materials and I also saw records of the Nine Star Heaven Pill. This is truly a miraculous body transformation medicine, but all sorts of rare and incomparably precious heavenly materials are required to refine it. In particular, under the current rules of the Heavenly Dao, wanting to refine one is as difficult as ascending to heaven. Even if you were to gather materials for hundreds of years you might still be lacking. If you want to refine a Nine Star Heaven Pill, it is simply far too difficult. And even if you did manage to do so, it might not necessarily allow you to enter the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.”

In the end, the Heavenly Dao rules had changed. Now, underneath the current Heavenly Dao rules, the Nine Star Heaven Pill alone was unable to break through this demonic curse.

“What Senior-apprentice Sister says is also included in Tian Mingzi’s memories. But, what I find strange is for what reason would Tian Mingzi be refining the Nine Star Heaven Pill?”

Tian Mingzi’s wisp of remnant soul only had the smallest amount of his memories contained within it. There were no memories as to why he was searching for the Nine Star Heaven Pill.

Mo Eversnow said, “It should be related to the saint race… the saint race and human race are similar in appearance, but what they specialize in is the body transformation technique. Perhaps the Nine Star Heaven Pill is needed by someone from the saint race.”

Mo Eversnow’s speculations were reasonable. Lin Ming nodded, saying, “No matter what it is for, if there is a chance to concoct this Nine Star Heaven Pill then I must refine it. Although it will be difficult to break through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace with this alone, it will at least allow me to become that much closer. To walk down the road towards the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace is a path that defies the will of the heavens to begin with, but since I chose this path I must try twice as hard. Even if there is something that offers the slimmest chance, there is no way I can give up on it.”

“Mm, what you say is right. Lin Ming, before you enter the Eternal Demon Abyss I will first help you officially break into the late Divine Sea realm. Your foundation has already reached the peak of stability. Now is the best time.”

When Lin Ming fought with Tian Mingzi, he had almost broken into the late Divine Sea realm. The difference now was only an accumulation of energy. As long as he absorbed enough energy his breakthrough would be successful.

“Good plan, Senior-apprentice Sister.”

feLin Ming nodded. Mo Eversnow took out Tian Mingzi’s severed hand and then thrust out her palm, forming thousands of seals that rapidly wrapped it in a cocoon of energy. Mo Eversnow wanted to borrow the essence energy within Tian Mingzi’s avatar to allow Lin Ming to break into the late Divine Sea realm in a single go.

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