Chapter 1371 – Heaven Absorbing Demon Art and the Nine Star Heaven Pill

Chapter 1371 – Heaven Absorbing Demon Art and the Nine Star Heaven Pill

“Can that be done?”

Lin Ming very much wanted to obtain Tian Mingzi’s wisp of soul. To further realize comprehensions of Laws and also understand the cultivation methods within was an extremely precious wealth.

Tian Mingzi’s attainments in the Space and Time Laws were extremely high. Of course, it was impossible for Lin Ming to directly appropriate them for himself, but being able to meditate on these Laws in the future would be an inestimable advantage.

“It should be possible.”

As Mo Eversnow spoke, her entire body suddenly ignited with dim white energy flames. These flames approached Tian Mingzi, wrapping around that remnant soul.

That wisp of remnant soul released a shrill cry as it rushed about, not willing to resign itself to its fate of being refined.

However, in front of Mo Eversnow, everything it did was futile.


With a light sound, this remnant soul’s divine was directly destroyed by Mo Eversnow, turning into pure soul energy. Then, without pausing, Mo Eversnow placed this wisp of soul energy into the Magic Cube space…



Countless trillions of miles away in the Divine Realm, in the depths of the Skydark Holy Lands, Tian Mingzi cried out in pain. He...

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