Chapter 1370 – Take the Memories

Chapter 1370 – Take the Memories


At this time, Tian Mingzi realized that staying here was meaningless. It would be impossible for him to kill Lin Ming. If he were to stay, his avatar might be killed by Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow instead.

Tian Mingzi had already decided to withdraw, however, he was currently surrounded by the Primal God Pure Lands. Although the Catastrophic Pagoda was able to just barely resist it, wanting to escape from here would be difficult.

Tian Mingzi didn’t want to loser this avatar. This was an avatar formed from severing his hand and he had even placed a wisp of his soul inside. If he lost it, it would consume a tremendous amount of his true self’s essence energy and cultivation, even damaging his soul.

Before this, Tian Mingzi had been working with the saint race. With the help of the saints, Tian Mingzi had started to gradually touch upon the realm of a half-step Empyrean. Once he took this step, it would only be a matter of time for him to become an Empyrean. However, if he were to lose his avatar now, this would cause severe and lasting damage to his foundation, causing him to be stuck at the peak World King boundary for an even longer time. This was not a loss he could withstand; it would greatly affect...

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