Chapter 1369 – Exterminate Your Avatar

Chapter 1369 – Exterminate Your Avatar

“Who are you!?”

Tian Mingzi roared out. In his opinion, this woman couldn’t reasonably have come from the Divine Realm. If Lin Ming truly had someone helping him then he would have called this helper as soon as possible. How would he have allowed himself to end up in such a miserable state during their last encounter? He had even been forced to burn half his blood essence to escape that danger.

But if this woman came from the lower realms or had been hiding here all along, that didn’t make sense either. How could a martial artist from the lower realms possibly share some origin with Tian Mingzi? And Tian Mingzi had never been to the Sky Spill Planet. If it weren’t for the reason that he was chasing down Lin Ming, he would never have thought that the Sky Spill Planet contained so many secrets.

But now, Tian Mingzi no longer had time to think. Mo Eversnow floated high in the air, her blue and white clothes floating recklessly in the wind. Her feet were bare, with ripples echoing beneath them. These ripples were because Mo Eversnow’s comprehensions in the Laws were too high. With every step she took, with every gesture she made, she would arouse vibrations in the Laws. This was the so-called commanding Laws without ordering them, but only needing to move the body.

Currently, Mo Eversnow...

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