Chapter 1368 Tian Mingzi Arrives

Chapter 1368 – Tian Mingzi Arrives

After possessing Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s body, it could be said that Mo Eversnow had been fully transformed, gaining a new life.

To be able to communicate with the Primal God Realm, to be able to simultaneously cultivate the body transformation system, essence gathering system, and soul forging system without any restraints, the primal god race were truly the favored children of the heavens. Whether it was in cultivation speed, awareness of the Laws, or true combat strength, those of the primal god race far surpassed all martial artists of the same level.

Currently, Lin Ming had absorbed the power of blood vitality from Empyrean Primordius’ heart, and his strength had been restored to its peak condition. Even so, when he faced Mo Eversnow, even though her figure and appearance were delicate and soft, he could sense that she contained a fathomless strength, as vast as the stars in the sky.

If Lin Ming were to fight Mo Eversnow now, he had to admit that he would lose without a doubt.

Not just that, but Mo Eversnow was still in the melding phase of her soul and new body; it was impossible for her to display her true strength and cultivation. Once this melding phase was over, Mo Eversnow’s strength would rise by leaps and bounds, and her cultivation would fly past anything she had ever reached. Mo Eversnow had an extremely high fusion compatibility with this new mortal body; there would be no hindrances in her future cultivation.

Mo Eversnow originally had an extremely rare heaven-gifted talent. Now that she had obtained the body of an extreme talent from the primal god race, as she cultivated in the future, the great road before her would be flat and limitless, with no obstacles! At that time, underneath the 33 Layered Heavens, in the myriad worlds, Mo Eversnow would become a supreme elder of her own domain, living for a hundred million years!

After listening to Lin Ming’s words, Mo Eversnow unconsciously turned to the distance, her eyes becoming deep and profound. “If I can step onto the peak of martial arts one day, I will reform my own mortal body, as well as revive Senior Heavenly Empress Xuanqing to thank her for this kindness…”

Heavenly Empress Xuanqing was a senior supreme elder and Mo Eversnow was simply a tiny junior. Heavenly Empress Xuanqing had been countless times stronger than Mo Eversnow, even when Mo Eversnow was at her peak. Mo Eversnow had been able to possess Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s body because she had allowed it, otherwise Mo Eversnow’s soul would have long been turned to ash.

In her life, Mo Eversnow would never forget such a graciousness.

“Of course. At that time, Senior-apprentice Sister will surely have the ability to reshape your mortal body. Moreover, I should also have reached an extremely high boundary in the body transformation technique and my understanding of the Life Laws should have gone even further. I will definitely be able to lend Senior-apprentice Sister a helping hand.” As Lin Ming spoke, his heart stirred. He turned and looked towards the exit of the tomb, his eyes flashing with a cold brilliance.

“Our friend has finally caught up. He’ll arrive in another quarter at most. To rush all the way from the Divine Realm to the Sky Spill Planet, and even chase us down to the Eternal Demon Abyss only for us to bid our farewells here, it must be hard for him.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he sneered in a mocking smile. When he said quarter hour, he was referring to time within the enchantment. If he were to remove the enchantment, Tian Mingzi would catch up in 10 breaths of time.

As Tian Mingzi’s name was mentioned, Mo Eversnow didn’t bother to hide the unfiltered killing intent in her eyes. Towards Tian Mingzi, she felt nothing but a searing hatred that extended down to her very marrow!

“This time, it is only his hand and a wisp of his soul. Killing him will only ruin a bit of Tian Mingzi’s cultivation. But next time, I will take his life. I will suck out his soul and refine it, torturing it until he dies from suffering. I will use his sacrifice to console the countless lives of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands that are in the heavens!”

Mo Eversnow was not some overly empathetic or tender-hearted woman. As the Saintess of a World King Holy Land, she was decisive and ruthless in her actions, remembering favors and avenging grudges. Although sucking out someone’s soul and refining it was a method of the demonic path, Mo Eversnow would still do it without any scruples.

Lin Ming raised his hand and lifted the time enchantment. As the time enchantment was lifted, he could feel an extremely powerful aura approaching at incredible speed, overflowing with killing intent. This was Tian Mingzi.

“Hehe, I’ve found you!”

As Tian Mingzi saw the black mountain that held the tomb of the goddess, he fiendishly grinned.

“You entered this mountain peak? Do you think you can bury your head in the ground like an ostrich? Did you finally realize that you cannot escape me, thus you ran into this mountain to draw support from something like an array formation inside? Is this your final stand?”

Tian Mingzi’s senses swept over the black mountain peak but he didn’t discover any traps at all. Although there were many evil spirits in the thousand mile forbidden zone, these evil spirits were only a minor inconvenience to Tian Mingzi. He simply didn’t fear them at all.

However, it was always better to be safe than sorry. Tian Mingzi had no intention of entering this mountain peak; he was prepared to launch an assault from outside.

“I will destroy this mountain first!”

Tian Mingzi extracted an eight foot long sword, and just as he was about to slash out, a cliff of the mountain distorted and Lin Ming came walking out from the goddess’ tomb with the Phoenix Blood Spear in hand.

As Tian Mingzi saw Lin Ming, he sneered. “To think that you came out on your own. Lin Ming, you truly are a heaven-gifted eternally rare genius. Your future prospects were originally without limit, but what a pity that you have become my enemy. You truly have no idea of death or danger. Today, you are doomed to die beneath my blade!”

“Oh? Is that so…” Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, pointing it straight at Tian Mingzi. At this moment, as Tian Mingzi looked at Lin Ming, he was suddenly shocked.

He could clearly feel that Lin Ming’s missing blood vitality was already restored!

No, he hadn’t just restored it. To be more accurate, the power of Lin Ming’s blood vitality was almost double what it used to be. The strength of his body was as deep as the sea, surging forwards. His cultivation had nearly broken through to the late Divine Sea realm!

Lin Ming was indeed ready to break into the late Divine Sea realm any time now. Originally, when he fought with Tian Mingzi, because Mo Eversnow was beginning to burn her divine soul, his potential had erupted from within him, nearly allowing him to break into the late Divine Sea realm. That final strike of his had not just been because he burnt half his blood essence but also because his cultivation had increased by a tremendous amount.

“How could this be possible… once your blood essence is lost, it is extremely difficult to make up for it, especially for an extreme talent like you with such a powerful blood vitality…” Tian Mingzi looked at Lin Ming with disbelief, then glanced at the tomb of the goddess behind him. “It really is this mountain, there must be some treasure here!”

Tian Mingzi was overjoyed. If an extreme genius like Lin Ming was able to rapidly restore his potent blood vitality, and even double it, that must mean that there were some peak treasures in this black mountain. It absolutely had to be a transcendent divine miracle medicine!

“Lin Ming, you truly have a great destiny upon your body. But, just because your blood vitality is powerful, do you really think you can defeat me with just that? Once I kill you, all the secrets you possess will be mine. All your lucky chances, everything you have will be taken by me! Hahaha!”

Tian Mingzi wildly cackled. At this time, his smiling face suddenly stiffened. He discovered that behind Lin Ming, another person had emerged from the black mountain.

This was a true peerless woman. Her slender waist, her tall and steady stature, her ephemeral appearance, everything about her had reached the pinnacle of perfection. It was like she wasn’t a woman from this world at all, but an immortal goddess exiled from the highest heavens.

But this time, Tian Mingzi was of no mind at all to appreciate this woman’s beauty. He could only feel a cold and dense air covering him… this woman was terrifying!

Moreover, before now, this woman had been nearby and yet he hadn’t sensed her at all. This left a feeling of dread in Tian Mingzi’s heart.

“Who are you? Have we met before?”

Tian Mingzi’s eyes shined brightly as he stared at Mo Eversnow. Because Mo Eversnow had taken on the appearance of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, he wasn’t able to recognize her at all. He could only faintly feel that she was somewhat familiar.

“We have indeed met before… and our origins are extremely deep…” As Mo Eversnow spoke, there was no expression on her face. But, her killing intent had already locked onto Tian Mingzi, sending cold chills down his spine.

He took a step back. “Origin? I do not remember having any grudge with you.”

Tian Mingzi was secretly frightened; he couldn’t imagine just where he had seen this woman before. At this time, if he were to somehow provoke someone who held such deep-seated hatred against him, his fate could be imagined.

“You will remember!” Mo Eversnow sneered. As she spoke, she suddenly stepped forwards, her speed reaching incredible degrees. In just a flash she had arrived in front of Tian Mingzi, her palm slashing down at him!

Mo Eversnow had just taken possession of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s body and didn’t have a weapon. But, she didn’t need a weapon for her attacks to be brutal and swift. The primal god race could cultivate all Laws and were born to triple cultivate in essence, energy, and divine. Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s mortal body had long been tempered to a terrifying degree, high enough that she could even slice apart a high-grade spirit artifact with her bare hands.

As her palm came slashing down, a massive chunk of space collapsed. A storm of time and space began to billow behind her palm, sweeping towards Tian Mingzi!

Tian Mingzi was shocked. He didn’t dare to be incautious. He rapidly drew backwards and cut out with his sword, the black sword light meeting Mo Eversnow’s palm wind.


The sword light exploded. Mo Eversnow’s body moved like ghosts and gods, immediately stepping in front of Tian Mingzi once more. With her cold eyes and her long hair dancing about in the wind, she was like a death reaper that had come at night.


With a thunderous crack, Tian Mingzi was sent flying backwards. He barely managed to block Mo Eversnow’s second palm strike and the attack left all his blood vitality tumbling within his body, leaving him breathless. Just who was this woman? Did she come from the Divine Realm or the lower realms, and how could she just emerge out of nowhere?

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