Chapter 1367 – The Resurrection of Eversnow

Chapter 1367 – The Resurrection of Eversnow

In the past, the reason that Empyrean Primordius was able to break through the evil curse placed upon the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was likely because of the Demon Bead.

After Empyrean Primordius obtained the Demon Bead, it was only then that his body transformation technique rose to all new levels. Before then, even he had been stuck at the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

Now, for Lin Ming to see the boundary of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace like this left Empyrean Primordius’ disciple incredulous.

The nine stars hid themselves but the blood vitality of the great emperor’s heart still flowed into Lin Ming. As for Mo Eversnow, her resurrection was not yet over.

Even though Lin Ming had absorbed a great portion of the blood vitality left within Empyrean Primordius’ heart, the heart still boiled and surged with potent blood energy.

At this time, Lin Ming’s power of blood vitality had already reached its original peak and had even surpassed it by 30%!

A martial artist was unable to infinitely absorb the power of blood vitality. If a martial artist absorbed too much, their body would burst apart.

As for how much a martial artist could absorb, that was determined by their foundation.

At this time, Lin Ming’s body was like a blazing fire....

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