Chapter 1366 Nine Stars Appear

Chapter 1366 – Nine Stars Appear

With Tian Mingzi chasing him from behind, Lin Ming simply didn’t have a choice. He could only make a desperate gamble this time.

At most, Tian Mingzi would arrive within a quarter hour. For Lin Ming to withstand a baptism from the power of blood vitality and to allow Mo Eversnow the required time to possess the body of the goddess was far from sufficient.

Luckily, after Lin Ming had gained part of Empyrean Divine Seal’s inheritance, his Time Laws had reached perfection of the fifth level. To the current him, laying down a time enchantment wasn’t difficult at all.

A time enchantment wasn’t a profound array formation to begin with. Even Old Man Good Fortune was able to lay down a 1:10 time flow enchantment, let alone someone like Lin Ming.

He took out a nine sun jade and began to form the time enchantment with the energy within it. A pale blue curtain of light came shrouding down, immediately hastening the time inside by a ratio of 1:25.

This was also because Lin Ming was injured, otherwise he could even arrange a 1:50 time enchantment.

If Tian Mingzi would catch up in a quarter hour then this time enchantment would give Lin Ming around six hours. This period of time should be enough.

“Senior, this junior has a question he would like to ask…” As Lin Ming laid down the time enchantment, he turned towards that remnant soul wisp.


“This junior would like to know… did Senior Empyrean Primordius truly perish?”

All signs pointed towards the possibility that Empyrean Primordius died on the Sky Spill Planet, but Lin Ming found it hard to believe that such an extreme character would die.

The remnant soul shook his head, giving off a heavy sigh as he said, “Honorable Master’s determination and destiny are truly unfathomable. But, in that great war 100,000 years ago, his opponents were really far too strong. Perhaps… he really has perished…”

As the remnant soul spoke, all sorts of emotions crossed his face. Although he couldn’t say for sure if Empyrean Primordius had really died or not, as Empyrean Primordius’ disciple, he truly wished that his master had some slim chance of surviving. If his master truly had some tiny hope of living on, then he wouldn’t have ever said that his master might have died. So, in other words, it truly did seem that Empyrean Primordius’ situation was more than unfortunate.

“Mm, this junior understands.” This answer left Lin Ming feeling a bit regretful. Even if Empyrean Primordius had left behind some road for himself, the most that would be left over of him was likely an incomplete soul. To use an incomplete soul and revive that soul into an extreme character of the Divine Realm was nearly impossible.

He turned to Mo Eversnow and said, “Senior-apprentice Sister, let us begin.”


Mo Eversnow no longer hesitated. She walked in front of the coffin and deeply bowed towards the mortal body of that goddess. “Senior Heavenly Empress, today this junior shall borrow Senior’s body to return to life. In the future, if possible, this junior will surely find Senior’s heroic soul and help revive Senior.”

If the goddess truly did leave behind pieces of her remnant soul in this world, then by collecting these pieces of remnant soul and fusing them with spirit essence, it wouldn’t be impossible to revive the goddess. But, one might need to reach the realm of True Divinity before being able to do so.

Mo Eversnow floated up as she flew into the goddess’ mortal body.

For a time, the goddess’ body floated high in the air, her long hair scattered outwards. A brilliant aura of life exuded from her body, swirling around her.

Within the body of the goddess was an incomparably terrifying life force and blood vitality, like a blazing inferno. This sort of heated blood vitality was extremely terrifying to the cold yin energy of a soul.

This was why some ghosts would choose weaker bodies with a heavy yin energy to possess. As for those full of life and surging blood strength, ghosts avoided these people as much as they could.

Mo Eversnow’s complexion was white. After being struck by this surging blood vitality, her divine soul nearly fell into chaos. However, she grit her teeth and continued forwards.

Not too far away, the remnant soul watched all of this, astonishment on his face. He didn’t know that Mo Eversnow’s talent had reached such a terrifying degree. Even if she were an Empyrean descendant, she would still be an extraordinary one of her generation.

But for what reason would the mortal body of such a top character have been destroyed.

For two extremely talented characters like Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow to appear in a world of the lowers realms was an incomparably rare occurrence. The remnant soul had even felt that there was no one in this world that would be able to obtain the inheritances left behind by Empyrean Primordius. After all, the chances that an unrivalled powerhouse would be born on the Sky Spill Planet were simply far too low.

But now, matters had developed in bizarre and fantastic directions. Could this world really possess concepts like karma and causality? Did the heavens decide to not abandon Empyrean Primordius, and thus created this final lucky chance for him?

“Senior-apprentice Sister, allow me to withstand the impact of this blood vitality for you!”

Lin Ming didn’t dare to hold back. Strength erupted from his body.

“Power of blood vitality, enter my body!”

With a loud shout from Lin Ming, a blood red stream formed in the air, howling forth like a blood dragon as it rushed into Lin Ming’s body!

This caused the remnant soul to gasp. This was the blood vitality of an Empyrean!

If he couldn’t withstand it, then there was a chance that the very foundation of his life would be washed away.

Mo Eversnow was nothing but a yin-based soul form; she wouldn’t be able to withstand too much blood vitality, especially such potent blood vitality that was contained within Empyrean Primordius’ heart. That sort of blood vitality could easily turn any ghost or soul into dust. Now, it was suitable that all of this blood vitality was sucked up by Lin Ming. First, it would help Mo Eversnow, and secondly, it was also something Lin Ming direly needed right now.

The goddess’ mortal body would be taken possession of by Mo Eversnow.

As for that power of blood vitality, it belonged to Lin Ming!

The power of blood vitality entered his body, rushing about like rivers of boiling lava through his blood vessels. Lin Ming felt his body becoming increasingly hot, as if he were placed in a boiler. All of his body’s acupoints were opened wide, releasing hot streams of scorching air. Every breath he released was hotter than flames as his temperature rapidly increased.

These scorching hot streams of air turned into pure power of blood vitality, wasted as it dissipated.

Lin Ming grit his teeth and sealed up all of his acupoints, stubbornly containing this blood vitality within his body and then forcefully refining it!

This was to avoid wasting any of this blood vitality. However, it surely placed an even greater burden on Lin Ming’s body. If some of the blood vitality had dissipated, the pressure would have been smaller. But now, his entire body was deep red, just like a boiled lobster. The tyrannical and brutal blood vitality recklessly attacked all of Lin Ming’s meridians and blood vessels. Even though he opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and had absorbed the dragon bone marrow, allowing his body to reach incredibly durable degrees, his blood vessels still exploded even as his meridians were torn apart.

Empyrean Primordius had very likely been one of the past masters of the Demon Bead. This was also the reason why he was able to dual cultivate in body and energy and open the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. The power of his blood vitality could be imagined from this. Even if he left just a heart behind, the power of blood vitality within this heart could even wash away the fires of life from a Holy Lord or World King.

Unless one was an Empyrean powerhouse, no one would be brave enough to forcefully absorb the heart left behind by Empyrean Primordius.

But now, Lin Ming was directing this power of blood vitality into his own body. He was able to do so because the heart did not resist him.

Even Mo Eversnow was in such a situation. The mortal body of the goddess simply didn’t reject her taking possession of it at all. Otherwise, Mo Eversnow would have long been burnt to ash.

Whether it was the great emperor’s heart or the body of the goddess, for this situation to occur even if their guardian remnant soul allowed it, this could only be said to be the cycle of fate and the samsara of karma.

As the remnant soul saw all of this occur, he couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “This Lin Ming, as well as his senior-apprentice sister, both are amazing individuals… I wonder just what they have experienced in their lives…”

It could be said that being able to find and enter this tomb, and also find the inheritances left behind by Empyrean Primordius and the goddess, was the good fortune of Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow. But from another point of view, Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow being able to arrive in the Sky Spill Planet’s Eternal Demon Abyss and obtain these inheritances could also be considered the good fortune of Empyrean Primordius and the goddess.

These inheritances were an extremely important matter, and the standards required of the descendants were very high. Wasn’t wanting to find a suitable successor easier said than done?

One needed not only talent, but also the correct moral character.

Empyrean Primordius did not want his own inheritance to end up in a treasure hunting zone of the Divine Realm, he didn’t want people to slaughter their way to it, nor did he want some old fogies to come who were lured by rumors.

What he wanted was a descendant who shared the same destiny as him, someone who could inherit his legacy.

In this point, Lin Ming was the most appropriate choice.

Time slowly passed.

During the agonizing process of absorbing the blood essence, Lin Ming also obtained incredible advantages. The blood essence and life force he had burnt away was rapidly restoring itself.

From just over 40% of his blood essence remaining, to 50%, 60%, 70%...

Less than an hour later, his blood essence was restored to 90% and was approaching full restoration!

Another hour later, Lin Ming’s blood vitality was restored to completion. Then, it began to climb, growing more and more.

At this time Lin Ming had already fully connected the thresholds of life and death, and the Gate of Life and the Gate of Death were also fully opened. The complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates released, and now with no place to go, this blood vitality began to impact Lin Ming’s body.

In that moment, all of Lin Ming’s blood vitality seemed as if it wanted to gather together into a bead.

Such a strange occurrence caused Lin Ming’s body to tremble. Everything fell into darkness, then, he felt himself suddenly arrive in a completely black space. Above this space were nine stars, each one shining down with radiant starlight, their splendor illuminating Lin Ming’s body.

After this starlight fell over Lin Ming, he felt all of his muscles stretch apart, resonating with these nine stars, surging like the ocean waves.

This is…

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. Could these be the legendary Nine Stars of the Dao Palace?

Nine stars hung high in the heavens, their starlight shining down without end. Their brilliance was like a rushing river, galloping forwards through the universe.

Lin Ming even faintly felt that as long as he stretched out his hand, he could touch these stars in the sky. However, the truth was that these stars were incomparably far away; it was impossible for him to touch them.

In the end, Lin Ming only saw the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace; he was far from being able to reach that boundary.

But this still broadened Lin Ming’s vision. It would bring great benefits to his future road of cultivation.

Before now, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were nothing but a puzzle to Lin Ming, extremely mysterious. Lin Ming simply didn’t know which way to go or how to find them.

But now, he had seen the true Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. At least, he had a general direction to guide his road of martial arts.

The starry skies faded away and the nine stars returned to their distant homes. Everything was restored to tranquility.

At this time, Lin Ming half-knelt on the ground, his entire body soaked in sweat. And beside him, that wisp of Empyrean Primordius’ disciple’s remnant soul was shocked so much that he couldn’t speak.

What Lin Ming experienced just now was not an illusion. But in truth, in that briefest of moments, nine stars had truly appeared in the world, their starlight shining down on him alone!

Empyrean Primordius’ disciple was also a dual body and energy cultivator. He certainly knew what that scene just now meant.

“The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. Nine Stars of the heavens, each one corresponding to a Dao Palace within a martial artist’s body… at such a young age, this boy actually saw the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace so easily?”

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