Chapter 1363 – Eruption of the Demon Abyss

Chapter 1363 – Eruption of the Demon Abyss

“So the secret is down here?”

After tracking the aura of the transmission array, Tian Mingzi was sure that Lin Ming had escaped deep underground.

In other words, deep beneath these blood red plains, there was a separate world with ancient ruins of the past. And, these ancient ruins clearly had some heaven-shaking secret. It was highly possible that these secrets concerned the extreme Empyrean master who had set down the enchantment around the Sky Spill Planet.

After chasing Lin Ming all the way here, Tian Mingzi had almost accurately deduced the reasoning behind the enchantment that protected the Sky Spill Planet as well as the reason for the curse left behind on the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

“Lin Ming, whether you ascend to the heavens or descend to the hells, you cannot escape me. I want to see just what secrets the Sky Spill Planet has!”

Tian Mingzi’s sword sliced through the void. Using the energy fluctuations of the transmission array as a basis, he forcefully opened a transmission array and began descending deep underground.


In the vast space underground, the infernal energy was so thick that it nearly condensed into bubbles.

The entire area was pitch black, with a faint gray haze floating about. The only light came from the tiny dots of starlight in the skies,...

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