Chapter 1362 Into the Eternal Demon Abyss Once More

Chapter 1362 – Into the Eternal Demon Abyss Once More

It was for a full half hour that Tian Mingzi stood quietly in front of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Only then did he start to slowly fly in.

The remaining curse of an Empyrean master, even if it wasn’t done on purpose, and even if it was just the aftermath from a great battle 100,000 years ago, still had to be dealt with carefully.

Of course, it was Tian Mingzi’s avatar that was entering the Blood Slaughter Steppes and it would be his avatar that withstood the curse. Even if his avatar wasn’t able to avoid the power of the curse, it wouldn’t instantly kill him upon entering. The power of this kind of curse would often take days, weeks, or even months before it manifested into a visible role.

“If Lin Ming flew in here, does that mean there is something special about this place? Could these blood red plains possibly be the reason why Lin Ming was able to become the number one genius of the Divine Realm, even though he originated from the lower realms?”

Tian Mingzi couldn’t help but think of this. He felt increasingly sure that this trip to the Sky Spill Planet was the right choice. Who would have thought that a world of the lower realms would actually possess such a heaven-shaking secret?

“Lin Ming, I thought you were a dark star, but I never imagined you would be my lucky star too. Without you, how would I know about the lucky chances here? But what a pity, no matter what secrets you possess, all of them will be mine! Hahaha!”

Tian Mingzi laughed out loud. As he flew into the Blood Slaughter Steppes, his speed increased.


At this time, at one of the Blood Slaughter Steppes’ 12 Skysplit Towers, Polaris Tower –

On Polaris Tower’s fourth floor, in an extravagant grand hall, seven or eight old men in long robes were sitting around a circular table, discussing the candidacy of a new High Lord.

The supreme master of a Skysplit Tower was the Tower Master, but beneath the Tower Master were the High Lords. These High Lords were all previous geniuses of the Skysplit Towers. After passing through countless life or death massacres, they slowly climbed to the position of a High Lord.

These seven or eight High Lords hadn’t been in their position for very long. If one had to think of a reason, it was because of the great catastrophe that occurred at the Blood Slaughter Steppes 10 years ago. Because of the catastrophe, several Tower Masters, even more High Lords, and the previous Steppes Master himself had died. The Steppes Master had been replaced by a human, causing the leadership of the 12 Skysplit Towers to be reshuffled.

That sort of terrifying earthquake had never happened even in the last 10,000 years of the Blood Slaughter Steppes!

And the current Steppes Master was incomparably mysterious. Since becoming the Steppes Master he had yet to be seen.

Some rumors said that he had closed up deep in seclusion, and some rumors said that he had entered the Eternal Demon Abyss. There were even some people that said he had broken through the void with his martial arts and ascended.

But, no matter which view it was, there was one thing that everyone agreed upon, and that was that the current Steppes Master was one of the most terrifying existences in the entirety of the Holy Demon Continent!

The current Tower Master of Polaris Tower was someone who had climbed up the chaos left behind by that disaster. His strength was decent to begin with and it was said that he had the support of the current Steppes Master. Thus, his prestige had soared to the heavens, and even the several supervisory Elders of the Blood Slaughter Steppes treated him as an equal.

Facing this Tower Master that held true power, the High Lords present were all cautious and in awe. They were afraid to meet the eyes of the Polaris Tower Master.

The candidacy of a new High Lord was an important matter for any Skysplit Tower. The other High Lords were all slowly waiting for the final decision of the Polaris Tower Master.

As the Polaris Tower Master was about to say something, the entire meeting hall shook. The power of space suddenly violently shook! There were High Lords that understood the Space Laws, but even they couldn’t understand just why such a terrifying aura had covered the entire meeting hall!

“What is happening!?”

Everyone was shocked. There was a giant protective array formation that surrounded the periphery of Polaris Tower, and the inside was also covered with layers upon layers of array formations with countless protections. Numerous array formations protected the meeting hall in a giant sphere. They just couldn’t understand why a dreadful aura suddenly shrouded the entire area.

“Who is it!?”

The Polaris Tower Master immediately stood up, his hand tracing his spatial ring. At this time, in front of everyone, the void was torn apart and a young man with a pale face and black robes fell down from a space shuttle, appearing in the meeting hall like a ghost.

As the people present saw this, their eyes widened like dishes.

There were no transmission arrays in the meeting hall. If this black-robed man hadn’t gone through a transmission array, then could he have actually torn through the void with his bare hands and directly teleported here!?

Not just that, but the meeting hall and Skysplit Tower itself was filled with layers of array formations!

Could a late Divine Sea realm master really be so terrifying?

As the leader of the people here, the Polaris Tower Master had a nervous expression. In facing such an uninvited visitor, they were all in a critical situation!

However, as he saw Lin Ming’s face, he was completely startled. The horror and fear on his face immediately changed into shock and incredulous disbelief.

At once, a deep sense of awe and reverence swelled up within him. He knelt upon the ground.

“Subordinate greets the Steppes Master!”

The Polaris Tower Master recognized Lin Ming. When Lin Ming killed the last Steppes Master, he had appointed new supervisory Elders and Tower Masters. The Polaris Tower Master had been one of these people.

As for the so-called ‘support’ of the Steppes Master, that was the spell that Lin Ming had implanted within their bodies. If they had the thought of ever betraying Lin Ming, the spell would activate and they would be reduced to ash.

But it was because of this relationship that they were able to be thought of as trusted subordinates of Lin Ming. This was because of the spell in their bodies. If someone dared to kill them, Lin Ming would also know of this, and nobody in the entire Blood Slaughter Steppes had the courage to move against Lin Ming. Lin Ming’s fame and prestige was far too great. Initially, he had broken through the traps of his enemies and slaughtered them like chickens. Even under the onslaught of two Divine Sea masters, Lin Ming had still killed them. As for the others, all he had to do was open his domain and they all died!

Against such a terrifying character, how could anyone dare to revolt?

“Steppes Master? This black-clothed youth is the mythical Steppes Master? One of the peak existences of the entire Holy Demon Continent?”

As the other High Lords heard the Polaris Tower Master call out Lin Ming’s name, they were all stunned speechless. This sort of feeling was the same as an ordinary Holy Lord of the Divine Realm suddenly encountering a peak Empyrean.

Several of them immediately kneeled on the ground, but some others were frozen solid.

“Open the transmission array, I must go to the Eternal Demon Abyss!”

Lin Ming succinctly said, not bothering with how the other people here responded. Time was of the essence; he could feel Tian Mingzi approaching him faster and faster!

“Eternal Demon Abyss?” The Polaris Tower Master asked in a daze, “The Eternal Demon Abyss is currently undergoing a period of eruption. If you go there now…”

Every dozen years or so, or even several dozen years, the Eternal Demon Abyss would erupt. These eruptions did not come at a fixed time, and once the Eternal Demon Abyss erupted, everything inside would perish!

At the same time, after every eruption, a massive number of demon god bones and other treasures would spew forth from deep within the Eternal Demon Abyss. These were treasures that people from the Blood Slaughter Steppes would risk their lives to obtain.

Lin Ming frowned. The Eternal Demon Abyss was extremely mystical. Although his strength wasn’t comparable at all to that of the weak martial artists of the lower realms, in his current state, it was hard to predict what would happen when he ventured into the Eternal Demon Abyss!

“Open it!”

Lin Ming said without hesitation. Although there was danger when the Eternal Demon Abyss erupted, there was still a slim ray of hope. But if he were to be overtaken by Tian Mingzi, that was certain death!

“Yes… yes…”

The Polaris Tower Master quickly nodded as he rushed to the Eternal Demon Abyss transmission array.

After putting blood demon crystals in the sockets, the transmission array began to start.

As the transmission array activated, a faint voice resounded near the ear of the Polaris Tower Master, “There will be a powerhouse soon catching up. If you don’t want to be caught up in the chaos and die then hurry up and leave!”

The Polaris Tower Master was stunned. A powerhouse? He didn’t know who Lin Ming was speaking of, but it was clear from his meaning that this person could easily annihilate everyone here.

Lin Ming believed that Tian Mingzi would appear directly at this transmission array. If there was no one here, then Tian Mingzi naturally wouldn’t kill everyone on the other levels of Skysplit Tower; he would be chasing Lin Ming at full speed.

The moment before Lin Ming’s figure vanished, he flicked a seal from his fingers. This seal was formed from the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation. After it fell onto the transmission array, it exploded upon impact, completely ruining the transmission array.

The Eternal Demon Abyss was buried deep underneath the 12 Skysplit Towers. If one didn’t use a transmission array, then although there were still ways to enter, it would be very troublesome. Lin Ming didn’t believe that destroying this transmission array would be enough to stop Tian Mingzi. Tian Mingzi was skilled in the Space Laws. Even if he had to tunnel tens of thousands of miles downwards, it would still take only a brief period of time.

Lin Ming destroying the transmission array left the Polaris Tower Master frightened. He didn’t know what was happening, but he immediately did as Lin Ming said and quickly left this level.

After half an hour passed, a black light flashed in the area where Lin Ming and the Polaris Tower Master had been standing. Space was torn apart and a black-clothed Tian Mingzi appeared.

He glanced at the destroyed transmission array, a demonic smile splitting his face.

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