Chapter 1362 – Into the Eternal Demon Abyss Once More

Chapter 1362 – Into the Eternal Demon Abyss Once More

It was for a full half hour that Tian Mingzi stood quietly in front of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Only then did he start to slowly fly in.

The remaining curse of an Empyrean master, even if it wasn’t done on purpose, and even if it was just the aftermath from a great battle 100,000 years ago, still had to be dealt with carefully.

Of course, it was Tian Mingzi’s avatar that was entering the Blood Slaughter Steppes and it would be his avatar that withstood the curse. Even if his avatar wasn’t able to avoid the power of the curse, it wouldn’t instantly kill him upon entering. The power of this kind of curse would often take days, weeks, or even months before it manifested into a visible role.

“If Lin Ming flew in here, does that mean there is something special about this place? Could these blood red plains possibly be the reason why Lin Ming was able to become the number one genius of the Divine Realm, even though he originated from the lower realms?”

Tian Mingzi couldn’t help but think of this. He felt increasingly...

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