Chapter 1360 – Devil

Chapter 1360 – Devil

“No… no…”

Nether Limitless’ voice trembled. His two hands gripped Lin Ming’s forearms, a look of panic and fear coloring his eyes. Nether Limitless’ entire body was shaking. The feeling of having his heart gripped by someone, able to be crushed at any time, was simply indescribably horrible.

No matter who it was, death was frightening. This was especially true for young and handsome elites like Nether Limitless who had a long and gloried future awaiting them.

“Why… for what…?”

Blood began to spill out from the corners of Nether Limitless’ lips. He couldn’t understand why after Lin Ming severely wounded Tian Mingzi, he hadn’t continued his onslaught but had instead decided to kill him.


Lin Ming suddenly extracted his palm, blood shooting outwards. In that moment, Nether Limitless’ heart had been torn to shreds by Lin Ming. Nether Limitless’ body shook, his vision suddenly blurring.

And as Lin Ming pulled back his hand, something appeared within his palm. This was Nether Limitless’ spatial ring.


The ring exploded, shattering to pieces. A massive number of magic tools, weapons, pills, and all sorts of wealth and treasures were scattered about. With a wave of his hand, Lin Ming instantly picked out a shuttle-type magic tool from this random...

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