Chapter 136 - Altering Muscle Stage

Chapter 136 - Altering Muscle Stage

“Body inscription symbols… I see, it was because I overtaxed my soul force from drawing up the body inscription symbol, so I fell asleep for such a long time… what time is it?”

The large hourglass in the cabin had already streamed cleanly to the bottom. He had apparently slept for at least an entire day.

“It’s a good thing that I succeed. I misjudged the difficulty of the body inscription symbol; I didn’t expect for each symbol and line to have taken such a long time. The one that I drew was… the ‘Essence Gathering Symbol’.

The two body inscriptions symbols that Lin Ming had planned to place on himself were the ‘Essence Gathering Symbol’ and the ‘Strife Seal’.

The ‘Essence Gathering Symbol’ was placed on the chest, and could enhance the speed at which true essence was gathered, thus increasing a martial artist’s cultivation rate.

The ‘Strife Seal’ was placed on the right hand, and by improving how true essence would flow, it could increase the strength of true essence, and improve a martial artist’s martial skill or striking power.

Lin Ming’s cultivation was the most important right now, so he had first drawn up the ‘Essence Gathering Symbol’.

Lin Ming sat in meditation and tested how much better he could gather true essence. Really, it seemed because of the presence of the ‘Essence Gathering Symbol’ he was able to more easily absorb the strength of the world, and the speed at which he gathered true essence...

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