Chapter 1359 – Burn

Chapter 1359 – Burn

In the moment that the spear light and sword light crossed, the world changed colors and all light seemed to disappear. A wild and violent energy erupted outwards and the earth was blown apart as if a titanic hammer struck it. The world hollowed, forming a massive crater in the ground that was dozens of miles wide. Magma sprayed into the air, and even nearby mountains were flattened like collapsing sand dunes.

This was a battle between extreme Divine Sea powerhouses, or, it was more accurate to say Divine Lord level powerhouses. This was the terrifying battlefield they created on a world of the lower realms!

Although this strength wasn’t able to destroy a planet, wiping out all life here would simply be a matter of time!

The energy shockwaves swept out for a thousand miles before fading away. The earth was sundered and bubbling magma gushed out as if the world was bleeding. This was a ghastly sight.

Strong winds howled through the air. Tian Mingzi’s clothes fluttered in the wind. There was a trace of blood on Tian Mingzi’s eight foot long sword; this blood belonged to Lin Ming.

Stretching out his finger, Tian Mingzi stroked the sword edge and wiped away that trace of blood before gently licking it. At that time, Tian Mingzi’s face, coupled with that scarlet blood, appeared increasingly monstrous.

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, his body floating dozens of miles away from Tian Mingzi. In that horrifying impact just now, his right arm had shattered and his left shoulder had also been pierced through by sword light. His collar bones were visible through his flesh, blood leaking down his arm and flowing over the Phoenix Blood Spear like a wandering red sna...

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