Chapter 1358 – Life or Death Crisis

Chapter 1358 – Life or Death Crisis

“In severing his hand, no matter what happens next, that will still cause damage to his essence energy. It seems Tian Mingzi has really put forth sufficient capital to kill me.”

Lin Ming sneered, but his mind was actually rapidly coming up with solutions for how to pass this danger. Tian Mingzi was not an idiot. On the contrary, he was someone who did everything to the limit of perfection.

Even a lion had to use its full force to capture a rabbit. If Tian Mingzi had severed his hand to bring to the lower realms, it was because he truly had confidence in killing him, at least 70-80%.

“Hahaha! Once you die, Honorable Master can naturally take back his hand and reattach it with heavenly materials. As for any essence energy he loses, he can make up for it!”

Nether Limitless laughed.

Even if the supreme elders of the Divine Realm lost part of their mortal body, they could use a variety of heavenly materials to make up for the loss. But, any new body part that was formed would be inferior to the original in terms of formidability.

For an essence gathering system master, although their body wasn’t as tough as that of a body transformation martial artist, their flesh and blood had still been tempered with true essence for a long period of time, and had also...

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