Chapter 1357 Hand of the Devil

Chapter 1357 – Hand of the Devil

“What do you mean there’s no longer any time?”

Before General Wei could react, he felt the power of space around him suddenly turn wild. With a flash of light, 12 youths appeared like ghosts and gods!

They had almost instantly torn through the void to teleport here. There wasn’t the slightest indication before they had arrived!

“Who is it!?”

If General Wei was shocked so thoroughly, the others in his group were completely panic-stricken. These 12 people had suddenly emerged from nowhere and no one knew how they had arrived. What method did they use? How was this possible?

The 12 people all wore the uniform robes that indicated they were from the same sect. There was a special symbol embroidered on all of their chests, clearly indicating they came from this sect.

However, what left General Wei and his team dumbfounded was that these people all possessed a late Divine Sea realm cultivation. Moreover, each one of them had an aura as deep and vast as the sea, along with an incomparably solid foundation. This was simply unimaginable! In General Wei’s mind, even the Divine Sovereign of Swiftcloud Nation didn’t possess such a terrifying aura!

In the Divine Realm, the young elites often came into contact with each other and every one of them was a master. In addition, with the suppression of the Divine Realm’s Laws acting on them, they naturally didn’t think that their auras were too horrifying. But in the lower realms, everything was different. The power of the lower realms’ Laws to restrict one’s strength was extremely weak. A Divine Sea powerhouse’s aura was already extremely powerful to them, and they also weren’t bothering to conceal it. Thus, with these 12 late Divine Sea masters appearing together, they formed a dreadful pressure.

“This… this…!”

General Wei’s eyes turned completely round. In the entire Holy Demon Continent, a late Divine Sea martial artist was rarer than rare. Now, in a single breath, 12 of them had popped out from nowhere. And what was most incredible was that these people were all youths. How could there possibly be an influence in this world that could raise so many young late Divine Sea masters?

“Am… am I dreaming…”

The Divine Kingdom Prince gulped. His talent was considered very good. At his age, he was already at the fifth stage of Life Destruction, giving him a limitless future. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to reach the Divine Sea before he was a hundred years old, but if he were compared to these people…

Nether Limitless and the others simply didn’t glance at General Wei and the others. This wasn’t contempt nor was it disdain, but complete disregard, as if they were nothing but air. In the eyes of Nether Limitless, these common mortals of the lower realms were like ants. To see such magnificent geniuses like them descend to this backwater world was already the gathered luck of their last several generations.

Nether Limitless only stared at Lin Ming, his eyes shining with ruthlessness, a trace of fear, and even a hint of vivid excitement.

Ruthlessness because he hated and envied Lin Ming and his talent, fear because he was frightened by Lin Ming’s power and fame, and excitement because as long as he could kill Lin Ming, everything Lin Ming possessed would become his!

“Lin Ming, we meet again.”

Nether Limitless slowly and clearly said.

As this voice echoed out, General Wei and the others stirred, as if they were awakening from a dream. They recalled what Lin Ming had said before – “Some people have come. You should all leave first, otherwise you will be sucked into this mess…”

These words were directed towards these 12 black-robed youths!

“Lin Ming… haven’t I heard this name before?” General Wei was stunned. “And he wanted to go to the Blood Slaughter Steppes? Isn’t the current master of the Blood Slaughter Steppes someone called Lin Ming?”

As a high level figure of the Holy Demon Continent, General Wei naturally knew about something as important as the changing of masters of the Holy Demon Continent’s Blood Slaughter Steppes. He also heard the rumors, that this new Steppes Master was incomparably mysterious. He had killed the previous Steppes Master as well as an imp race Divine Sea master in order to become the new Steppes Master. But from that day on, it was as if he had vanished from the world. Many influences wanted to establish cooperative efforts with the Blood Slaughter Steppes to allow the young elites of their sects and families to gain experience, but they weren’t able to find any passage of communication at all.

This Lin Ming in front of him, could he be the Steppes Master? How had he managed to provoke such a fierce group of people? Wasn’t this just a death wish?

As this thought flashed through General Wei’s mind, Lin Ming silently took out his long spear, pointing it at Nether Limitless. “It seems Tian Mingzi truly has all sorts of methods at his disposal. He can even find me like this…”

Lin Ming’s expression was calm and relaxed. But as this appearance fell into Nether Limitless’ eyes, it brought a great pressure onto him.

Although Nether Limitless put forth a confident persona at the start, the truth was that his heart was shaking. He nervously and carefully sent out his divine sense to probe the extent of Lin Ming’s injuries. And to his dismay, Lin Ming’s wounds were far less heavy than he had imagined.

This cast a dark cloud over his mind. It wasn’t because Nether Limitless didn’t believe in the trump card that Tian Mingzi had prepared for him, but because the power and fame Lin Ming gained over time was simply too great. His performance in the First Martial Meeting was too awe-inspiring and fierce; he had no choice but to be careful.

“Humph, did you think that we couldn’t do anything to you just because you fled back to your home world? Today is the day of your demise. After killing you, I will obtain all of your lucky chances. I will replace you, inherit your destiny, and become an Empyrean!”

As Nether Limitless spoke, it was like he was inspiring his own momentum and courage. Energy erupted from within his body. In that moment, night seemed to arrive as the world turned dark. The entire sky was covered underneath a terrifying pressure as space shook!


“Retreat… we must retreat!”

General Wei rapidly shouted. This terrifying person was the same as a demon god. This level of fighting had surpassed their scope of understanding!

Behind General Wei, the Divine Kingdom Princess’ beautiful face was also pale, but her eyes were filled with awe as she looked at Lin Ming.

From their exchange of words just now, she was able to speculate that Lin Ming had come from the legendary Divine Realm. As for these black-robed men chasing him, they clearly also came from the Divine Realm. This was the only explanation for how there could be so many powerhouses that appeared out of nowhere.

As for those words – ‘Did you think that we couldn’t do anything to you just because you fled back to your home world?” – that clearly implied that Lin Ming was someone who ascended from this world!

Had there ever been someone who ascended that was this terrifying?

Facing Nether Limitless’ aura, Lin Ming didn’t feel anything at all. He slowly turned the Phoenix Blood Spear, his lips curving up in a cruel smile. “Depending on the bunch of you? I don’t believe that Tian Mingzi is so idiotic as to send you here to die like this. If you have some trump card then bring it out now, otherwise you won’t have the chance!”

As Lin Ming spoke, the Heretical God Force suddenly erupted. His spear thrust forwards, its might reaching the limit!

How could the space of the Sky Spill Planet resist Lin Ming’s attack? This spear strike caused the void for tens of thousands of feet outwards to instantly collapse. If General Wei and the others hadn’t retreated by now, they would have been sucked into that storm of space and time and immediately perished!

“Get in formation!”

Nether Limitless’ pupils shrank. As he put forth Tian Mingzi’s ring, the 12 heroic youths of the Skydark Holy Lands immediately formed the Skylock Array Formation. This array formation was one that the 12 of them had trained in for a long time. Once they created it, it wasn’t something as simple as the sum of their total strength together.

However, Lin Ming’s attack was far too terrifying. As his spear thrust forwards, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree had already appeared behind him. This Heretical God Tree took root in the endless void, seeming as if it could absorb strength from the endless worlds of the lower realms. On Lin Ming’s spear point, thunder and flames howled. The power of heavenly tribulation arrived as the power of thunder and fire wove together into a sea of purple and red.

Rumble rumble rumble!

A crazy detonation erupted and the world changed color as if the end of all days had come. The Skylock Array Formation formed by Nether Limitless and the other 11 disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands immediately exploded underneath Lin Ming’s strike. All of them flew backwards, their faces pale.

Even though the 12 of them joined forces they had still been destroyed by Lin Ming!

A powerful energy storm swept forwards for a thousand miles, razing the endless mountains and rivers!

As General Wei and his group saw this, all of their jaws dropped.

What they were not shocked about was the thousand miles of mountains and rivers that had been razed, but the situation occurring on the battlefield. Even though the 12 late Divine Sea masters had joined forces to form an array, their joint defense had been completely routed by Lin Ming. The 12 of them were all wounded!

What sort of horrifying strength was this!?

Was this really that handsome and friendly youth who had traveled with them so far?

He was such a terrifying existence?

As for the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands, a deep sense of powerlessness and fear emerged from the depths of their souls. As they watched the fight between Lin Ming and Frost Dream, it was hard to imagine from that just what the disparity was between them and Lin Ming. Tian Mingzi had constantly stressed that even the 12 of them joining together wouldn’t be a match for Lin Ming. Even so, they couldn’t help but doubt this. It was impossible for them to be convinced until they gave it a try.

Now, they finally understood deeply just how great the difference was between them and Lin Ming.

With the 12 of them joining together to form a great array formation, that allowed them to not be instantly killed by Lin Ming. But, if they were continually attacked, they might not even last for 10 breaths of time before someone died. And if someone died, there would be a crack in their array formation. Once that crack appeared then the array formation would collapse in the next strike and none of them would have the strength to resist.

“Lin Ming, you are ruthless, but no matter how powerful you are it is still useless! Today, you are doomed to die here! Everything you have will be mine!”

Nether Limitless maniacally roared out. He suddenly threw out the ring in his hand. The ring shattered in the air, and then, the pressure of a Great World King came shrouding down from the skies. In that moment, a severed hand appeared in the air.

This hand was stained with blood, and in the places that weren’t stained, the flesh there was far too white, appearing even translucent. Even though this hand was severed, it still appeared to contain endless amounts of vitality. Blood vessels slowly wriggled in it, as if it were still alive.

Nether Limitless was not surprised by this hand. He had already seen that Tian Mingzi’s left hand had disappeared, and in Nether Limitless’s opinion, someone like Tian Mingzi, the Great World King of a first order great world, who even had a chance of becoming an Empyrean in the future, would not fight someone to the point of losing a hand unless he had a death grudge with an equally powerful character. In other words, he could only have cut off his own hand.

As Lin Ming looked at this hand, he could feel the aura within it and approximately guess where it came from.

With a chuckle, he said, “Tian Mingzi really holds me in such high esteem. To think he would cut off his own hand to form an avatar to kill me.”

Lin Ming was clearly aware that even though Empyrean Primordius’ enchantment could prevent supreme elders from the Divine Realm descending to the Sky Spill Planet, it actually couldn’t defend against their avatars. As long as these people suppressed the cultivation of their avatar to the Divine Sea realm or below then they would be fine.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Fairy Feng to appear at the Sky Spill Planet and help Lin Ming ascend when he was just at the Life Destruction realm.

Tian Mingzi was able to consume several hundred years of his cultivation to form a wisp of an avatar to kill Lin Ming in the lower realms, but Tian Mingzi didn’t think this was safe enough.

Lin Ming had far too many methods at his disposal. He had a tremendous ability to survive. For Tian Mingzi to just use his cultivation to form an avatar, that might not have been enough to kill Lin Ming. Thus, he cut off one of his hands to form an avatar with his own flesh and blood!

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