Chapter 1357 – Hand of the Devil

Chapter 1357 – Hand of the Devil

“What do you mean there’s no longer any time?”

Before General Wei could react, he felt the power of space around him suddenly turn wild. With a flash of light, 12 youths appeared like ghosts and gods!

They had almost instantly torn through the void to teleport here. There wasn’t the slightest indication before they had arrived!

“Who is it!?”

If General Wei was shocked so thoroughly, the others in his group were completely panic-stricken. These 12 people had suddenly emerged from nowhere and no one knew how they had arrived. What method did they use? How was this possible?

The 12 people all wore the uniform robes that indicated they were from the same sect. There was a special symbol embroidered on all of their chests, clearly indicating they came from this sect.

However, what left General Wei and his team dumbfounded was that these people all possessed a late Divine Sea realm cultivation. Moreover, each one of them had an aura as deep and vast as the sea, along with an incomparably solid foundation. This was simply unimaginable! In General Wei’s mind, even the Divine Sovereign of Swiftcloud Nation didn’t possess such a terrifying aura!

In the Divine Realm, the young elites often came into contact with each other and every one of them was a master. In addition, with the suppression...

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