Chapter 1356 Nether Limitless Descends To the World

Chapter 1356 – Nether Limitless Descends To the World

With Tian Mingzi escorting them, Nether Limitless and his fellow junior disciples easily arrived at the lower realms region where the Sky Spill Planet was.

As they felt the thin and calm heaven origin energy of the lower realms, the young disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands felt their bodies suddenly fill up with strength, as if they had become 10 times stronger.

“The restriction of Laws in the lower realms is really weak.”

“Yes, here I can easily crush the void and flatten hundreds of mountains.”

The powerful Laws of the Divine Realm were like heavy shackles weighing down on the bodies of Divine Realm martial artists. Even using similar martial skills, they would seem weaker when used in the Divine Realm.

But after arriving in the lower realms, this was the same as a mortal going from a high gravity planet to a low gravity planet; they would naturally feel much lighter.

“This is it. The compass I gave you is a high-grade spirit artifact with a wisp of my soul inside. It can help you explore the Sky Spill Planet and find your target. The soul wisp within the compass has also recorded the aura of that person.”

Tian Mingzi clearly ordered. In the lower realms, a martial artist could extend their senses much further than in the Divine Realm. If Tian Mingzi were to take action himself, his sense would be able to cover the entire planet. If he did that, finding Lin Ming would be extremely easy.

Now, he had sealed a wisp of his divine sense into the compass. With the memories of Tian Mingzi’s soul within the compass, although it couldn’t reach the level of Tian Mingzi personally searching, as long as they found the general area where Lin Ming landed it would only be a matter of time until they found him.

“This is a space shuttle, a spirit treasure I refined myself. It can rapidly pass through space for a short distance. With it, you can almost teleport to any location in this world that you wish and rapidly overtake your target. Remember, after you find him, do not fight. Take out the ring I gave to you.”

As Tian Mingzi spoke, he took out a shuttle ship magic tool from his spatial ring.

As the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands heard this, they glanced at each other, not too convinced. Just who was this person? Even with a Divine Sea cultivation, this person had caused Tian Mingzi to take such drastic actions, and even the 12 of them added together weren’t his match.

“Honorable Master, who is it that we are being sent to kill?” Nether Limitless finally couldn’t help but ask.

Tian Mingzi looked at Nether Limitless, and then clearly said, “You are to kill Lin Ming.”

“Lin Ming!?”

Hearing this name, Nether Limitless was shocked. He couldn’t help but gulp. The other heroic young elites present were also stunned silent.

They were actually being sent to kill Lin Ming!?

If it were really Lin Ming, then killing the 12 of them would be easy. Although they were arrogant individuals, they weren’t arrogant to the point where they believed they could contend with Lin Ming. Lin Ming had almost reached the peak of all Divine Sea martial artists!

“We are being sent to kill Lin Ming…”

Some people felt weak at heart. They weren’t idiots; they naturally knew the consequences that would stem from killing Lin Ming. Although Lin Ming wasn’t a disciple of a Heavenly Palace, he was still one of the top geniuses chosen from a First Martial Meeting conducted by two Empyreans. To kill Lin Ming was to slap the faces of these two Empyreans to a certain degree.

Tian Mingzi naturally saw the hesitation of his disciples. He gloomily said, “Before this, I attacked Lin Ming through the void, and although I didn’t manage to kill him, I forced him through a space storm and caused him to take severe wounds. Now, with the ring I gave you, killing him shouldn’t be difficult at all.

“This is an extremely important and grave matter. After successfully killing Lin Ming, I will have you all make an oath to your heart demons to not reveal a single word of this. Of course, I will also compensate you with all sorts of resources for the dangers involved in this mission, and I will even put forth my strength to train you. As for the lucky chances and secrets on Lin Ming’s body, those can be shared amongst you. You will obtain tremendous advantages. Although you might not be able to become World Kings in the future, becoming peak Holy Lords isn’t a problem at all, and you may even have a chance of becoming a half-step World King. As for you Limitless, as long as you do not perish here, you will become a World King!”

Tian Mingzi put forth all sorts of conditions. As the young elites heard these conditions, all of them couldn’t help but be excited. Seeking riches was something always accompanied by dangers. This was truly a great lucky opportunity for them.

A sharp light flashed in Nether Limitless’ eyes. He clenched his fists.

He would never forget the shame that Lin Ming had brought him. It was only afterwards, when Lin Ming slowly began to blossom and shine in glory in the First Martial Meeting, did no one think that Nether Limitless losing to Lin Ming in the semifinals at Gravemoon Star was a shame. Instead, they began to think that this was a natural flow of events. Even the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands thought so.

But it was this sort of natural inferiority that had filled Nether Limitless’ heart with unwillingness.

What was the reason for him being defeated and overshadowed in the First Martial Meeting, but Lin Ming reaching the pinnacle of his fame? In the entire Divine Realm, no one knew, nor could they understand the reasons why.

Nether Limitless believed that Lin Ming’s luck must have defied the heavens and he had encountered some lucky chance that had made him what he was today. If he could kill Lin Ming then that lucky chance would be his. In this world, what was more soothing to the mind and heart than killing a hated enemy and stealing away all of their lucky chances?

“Let’s go!”

“Set off!”

The group of Skydark Holy Land young elites stepped into the space shuttle and flew towards the Sky Spill Planet. When they encountered that strange invisible ash-gray barrier surrounding the Sky Spill Planet, they passed through without any impediments at all.

As Tian Mingzi saw this, he relaxed. His previous guess had been correct. This enchantment only locked out martial artists above the Divine Sea realm, and didn’t affect martial artists at the Divine Sea realm.

Like this, his chances of killing Lin Ming had become much higher.

Several hours later, Nether Limitless and the others found the ruins of Tragic Death Mountain. Here, the massive crater that was dozens of miles wide was overflowing with lava, with smoke shrouding the skies. Waves of dreadful heat emanated outwards.

It wasn’t hard to find this area. This was because after Lin Ming escaped from the space channel, he had brought a vast and turbulent space flow with him. Not only did this force destroy Tragic Death Mountain, but it even razed the world for over a thousand miles.

This sort of power of space was not something that should have existed in the lower realms.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, this area has remains from a Divine Realm space storm. Lin Ming should have landed here, and he should also have suffered a deep backlash from that space storm.”

“That’s right. When Honorable Master attacked Lin Ming through the void, Lin Ming should have only escaped through desperate means. He’s definitely seriously injured. Perhaps we can kill him without using Honorable Master’s ring.”

“Don’t underestimate him. Even a lion needs to use its full force to capture a rabbit. Someone like Lin Ming has countless methods to escape or survive. Wanting to kill him will be difficult. Once we find him, we shall defer to Honorable Master’s instructions and take out the ring he gave us.”

Nether Limitless traced his spatial ring and took out the compass Tian Mingzi gave him.

This black compass looked black and simple. But in just a moment, Nether Limitless was able to use it to track down the direction Lin Ming fled in.

“Southeast. He might be between 1 million and 3 million miles away!”

The compass could only vaguely feel out the direction one was in. Finding Lin Ming would all depend on himself.

The 12 people entered the space shuttle and disappeared in a flash. The difference between this type of space shuttle and a spirit ship was that this shuttle could instantly pass through space for short distances. It wasn’t like a spirit ship that had to save energy to carry out a series of great void shifts.

And at this time, 2 million miles away, a team of winged flood dragons were flying through the skies. Lin Ming sat down on one of these winged flood dragons, his eyes closed deep in meditation. Strong winds blew against him, sending his clothes chaotically flapping about. He had completely entered the ethereal state and was trying to maximize his ability to restore his injuries.

A moment ago they had already passed through two transmission arrays. Every transmission was a million miles, otherwise it would have been impossible for them to come so far.

“I’ve healed 70-80% of my wounds. It seems I underestimated my regenerative capabilities. After opening the Gate of Death, the power of my life force and blood vitality has increased several times over. I am also nearing the Blood Slaughter Steppes more and more. After I enter the Blood Slaughter Steppes, I can recuperate in Skysplit Tower and enter the Eternal Demon Abyss in my peak state.”

As Lin Ming was thinking this, on a winged flood dragon flying by his side, General Wei cupped his hands together and said, “Little Brother Lin, once we pass that mountain range a thousand miles from here, we’ll be nearing the Blood Slaughter Steppes. That is where we will have to bid our farewells.”

“Thank you General Wei.”

“Haha, there is no need to be so polite. If Little Brother Lin has any interest, you may come to my Swiftcloud Nation as an honored guest. My Swiftcloud Nation’s Divine Sovereign, Skyfall Heaven, has a late Divine Sea cultivation and is also one of the top ranked human martial artists in the Holy Demon Continent. Little Brother Lin is an outstanding person and I am sure that His Majesty the Divine Sovereign and Little Brother Lin would get along wonderfully with each other. Perhaps you two might have the fate of being a master and disciple.”

General Wei had put forth the great name of Swiftcloud Nation’s Divine Sovereign in order to try to win over Lin Ming. In his mind, there was no outstanding youth in this world who would reject the chance of becoming Skyfall Heaven’s disciple.

Lin Ming only smiled, not responding. But at this time, the smile stiffened on his face.

That was because in that instant, he had felt a keen sense lock onto him!

Before this, Lin Ming had been deep in meditation restoring himself and his senses were contained to a radius of several hundred miles around himself. Thus, he didn’t notice that there were people already locked onto him from over a thousand miles away!

Not just that, but these people were approaching at an unbelievable speed. They were able to pass hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye. It wouldn’t take long at all for them to cross a thousand miles!

It was impossible for a lower realms martial artist to possess such speed. These people definitely originated from the Divine Realm.

“One, two, three, four…”

A total of 12 people.

Lin Ming didn’t suspect that there was a problem with the array formation that Empyrean Primordius had laid down. A character on the level of Tian Mingzi would never be able to break it. In other words, these 12 people should be at the Divine Sea realm, and for them to reach such speeds, that meant they definitely had the support of some type of magic tool.

This sort of squad had been sent to kill him?

Depending on what?

“Brother Lin, what’s the matter?”

General Wei asked. He discovered that something strange was occurring with Lin Ming.

Lin Ming gloomily said, “Some people have come. You should all leave first, otherwise you will be sucked into this mess…”

“What people? If they are looking to Little Brother Lin for trouble, then that is the same as looking to me for trouble too. Hahaha, after travelling so far together, I feel as if we’ve hit it off very well. If someone dares to move against Little Brother Lin, that will be the same as moving against me. Although my talent isn’t too great, I have still lived for over a thousand years and my strength is passable.” General Wei heartily laughed with a bright smile. The reason he said this was because he had an honest and straightforward personality and he really did hit it off well with Lin Ming. Moreover, and most importantly, he wanted to become friends with Lin Ming and win him over. At this moment, his Swiftcloud Nation was in urgent need of talented individuals, and Lin Ming was someone whose future accomplishments were unimaginable. To be on good terms with such a person had far too many advantages.

Lin Ming could only force a smile as he heard General Wei’s words. “General Wei, I fear the situation is not how you think it is… well, there’s nothing more to say. There’s no longer any time.”

As Lin Ming spoke, the space around them began to violently distort.

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