Chapter 1355 Empyrean Primordius’ Protection

Chapter 1355 – Empyrean Primordius’ Protection

In that comparably frail lower realms world, an ash-gray barrier of light had inexplicably and suddenly appeared, even reflecting his own attack. Tian Mingzi would never have dreamt that such a matter would occur.

This moment right after Tian Mingzi attacked was the moment he had exhausted his old strength. As he saw his Demon God Descends bounced back towards him, he rapidly drew backwards, immediately forming thousands of seals.


A black light exploded and a vast tract of the void collapsed. Tian Mingzi’s body shook, his blood tumbling around as his robes were all torn apart.

Tian Mingzi never thought he would be struck so miserably by his own attack.

“What is happening here?”

Tian Mingzi’s eyebrows shot up. He first thought that there was a secret unrivalled powerhouse protecting Lin Ming, but as he thought about this he immediately denied it. If there truly was someone protecting Lin Ming then he wouldn’t have needed to flee in such a distressed manner, being forced into the space storms where he nearly died.

There was something strange about this Sky Spill Planet!

As Tian Mingzi thought of this, he carefully sent out his sense, investigating the area around the Sky Spill Planet. But, to his amazement, he discovered that as soon as his sense was about to penetrate into the atmosphere of the Sky Spill Planet, it was forcefully cut off, unable to take a half-step further.

It was still that ash-gray light barrier. The surface of that barrier was covered with ancient dao patterns. These dao patterns seemed like the tracings on top of a chaos stone, filled with profound mysteries and exuding a mystical shimmer.

The aura that this light curtain emitted was boundless and vast, leaving Tian Mingzi stunned.

Facing this ash-gray light barrier array formation, he felt as if he were facing the stable foundation of the universe itself, not shakable at all. From this alone, it could be seen that the person who laid down this array formation was absolutely hundreds of times more powerful than he was!

This was terrifying information. This meant that this person was an Empyrean level master, and even a top powerhouse amongst all Empyreans.

In the entire Divine Realm, existences of this level could be counted on a single hand.

“There is this type of array formation protecting the Sky Spill Planet?”

Tian Mingzi was dumbfounded. This light barrier emitted the feeling of passing years. It was likely that this light barrier was tens of thousands of years old.

In other words, tens of thousands of years ago, when Lin Ming had yet to be born, some mysterious powerhouse had laid down a protective array all around the Sky Spill Planet!

Tian Mingzi was unable to sense who had been the one to lay down this array formation, but he could faintly feel that the function of this protective array was to keep out powerhouses and not to block those with lower cultivations.

“What sort of secret is there in the Sky Spill Planet?”

Tian Mingzi didn’t believe that such a desolate and barren lower realms planet would randomly arouse the attention of a Divine Realm powerhouse. It was likely that the Sky Spill Planet had some secret.

And, this secret might even by the reason for Lin Ming’s formidable strength.

Otherwise, it was hard to imagine that a martial artist from the lower realms would be able to slowly step into the position of the number one young elite in the Divine Realm.

“My attack was blocked, but Lin Ming was able to enter without being hindered. Could this light barrier be blocking outsiders from entering, or could it be preventing martial artists above the Divine Sea realm from passing through?”

Tian Mingzi instantly thought.

If he couldn’t enter but Lin Ming easily could, that meant there was some limiting factor preventing him from doing so. And, there were two main differences between him and Lin Ming. His cultivation was higher than Lin Ming’s, and he came from the Divine Realm; he wasn’t someone who originated from the Sky Spill Planet.

Whether it was the former reason or latter reason, both were bad news.

There was no need to mention the former. He could only watch Lin Ming wander freely about. The array formation of this top supreme elder wasn’t something that he could hope to shake.

As for the latter reason, Lin Ming was considered invincible at the Divine Sea realm. Even if he sent out tens of thousands of Divine Sea disciples from the Skydark Holy Lands to chase after him, it would be nothing but delivering lambs to the slaughter.

“How can this be?”

Tian Mingzi frowned. This was a nightmare. The longer this dragged on, the more unknown variables would come into play.

But, he simply couldn’t break through this light barrier. Tian Mingzi very much wished to explore the secrets of this Sky Spill Planet. Perhaps it might even be his own great lucky chance.

With such a lucky chance laid out in front of him, there still wasn’t anything he could do. He absolutely hated this feeling.

“I can only make a sacrifice and hope my guess isn’t wrong…”

Tian Mingzi’s complexion was gloomy. He quietly retreated back into the space channel and returned to the Divine Realm. He silently came and silently left, leaving no trace, like a ghost.

And for those people living on the Sky Spill Planet, they only saw that black divine light flash over them, as if a black sun had appeared and then disappeared. There were some mortal nations that believed this was an ominous sign from the heavens and began to fall to their knees in repentance and worship. Following that, there were no other changes to the Sky Spill Planet.

At this time, in Tragic Death Mountain, General Wei looked up at the skies. “It’s gone?”

He originally thought that another meteorite was about to land, but he didn’t think it would be nothing but a fleeting flash of light.

Beside him, Lin Ming’s complexion was dark and dire. He was well aware that the black divine light just now was Tian Mingzi’s attack!

Tian Mingzi had chased him all the way to the Sky Spill Planet and had even sent out such a horrifying strike. If this strike had struck the Sky Spill Planet, it would have been a catastrophic apocalypse for all life living here. A frail world of the lower realms simply wouldn’t be able to withstand the attack of a Great World King.

“I must really thank Senior Empyrean Primordius. If it weren’t for him laying down this enchantment 100,000 years ago that stopped all martial artists above the Divine Sea realm from entering, then the consequences today would have been unimaginable. My family, my people, and even Divine Phoenix Island would have been destroyed today.”

Lin Ming was overjoyed that he made the gamble to return to the Sky Spill Planet. The reason he chose to return here was all because of Empyrean Primordius’ protection. Just what sort of character was Empyrean Primordius? Let alone Tian Mingzi, not even an ordinary Empyrean master would find it possible to break through that enchantment barrier.

“What sort of world phenomenon was that?” General Wei muttered to himself, looking up at the skies. At this time, he suddenly seemed to recall something. He cupped his fists together and said to Lin Ming. “Friend, what should I call you?”

Lin Ming’s cultivation seemed as if it were at the half-step Divine Sea realm. If this were true, then he would break into the Divine Sea realm within the next 10 years. In the Holy Demon Continent, a Divine Sea realm powerhouse was quite rare and valuable.

Thus General Wei was extremely polite.

“My name is Lin Mo.” Lin Ming casually said. The name of Lin Ming was well known in the Holy Demon Continent, and he was also known as the infamous master of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. It would be a bit troublesome if others were to find out his status.

General Wei politely bantered with Lin Ming. Their conversation mostly revolved around the landing of the meteorite; he wanted to snoop around for any clues about what Lin Ming was doing here.

But Lin Ming simply insisted that he had come to this area of the mountain range to adventure. Then, because of the landing of the meteor, he was severely wounded and afterwards he ran into General Wei.

The Divine Kingdom Prince organized a group of people to search the crater, but in the end there was nothing found at all.

“Brother Lin, where do you plan on going next?”

“The Blood Slaughter Steppes.” Lin Ming replied, without concealing anything.

“Oh? We are also headed back to our Divine Kingdom. Although we won’t pass through the Blood Slaughter Steppes, they are both in the same direction. Mentioning it, this entire trip has been a laugh. We came here to Tragic Death Mountain to gain some experience, but the result was that just as we arrived, Tragic Death Mountain disappeared.” General Wei ruefully smiled, as if the heavens were playing a joke on him.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Although he didn’t really know whether or not the destination of these people was in the same direction as the Blood Slaughter Steppes, he could confirm that they were trying to win him over by providing him with assistance. After all, even with Lin Ming’s cultivation looking like it did, this was still an outstanding accomplishment to martial artists of the lower realms.

Lin Ming didn’t reject travelling together; he had taken a liking to this squad’s winged flood dragons. The bloodline of these winged flood dragons had been especially improved through breeding and they could travel hundreds of thousands of miles in a day. Combined with some transmission arrays, they would be able to quickly arrive at the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

Without these people, it would be difficult for Lin Ming to find the appropriate transmission arrays. Moreover, Lin Ming was currently grievously wounded. If he relied on just himself to fly, not only would he be slow but it would be impossible for him to find the time to sit down and meditate to restore himself. It would delay the time it took to recover by a great deal.

Lin Ming didn’t know what methods Tian Mingzi would decide to use in order to deal with him, thus he had to restore his wounds as much as he could and then quickly enter the Eternal Demon Abyss. Once he entered the Eternal Demon Abyss, he would feel much safer.

Like this, Lin Ming travelled along with General Wei and his group. As for Tian Mingzi, he had already returned to the Demondawn Great World.

Deep within the Skydark Holy Lands, at Skydark Demon Palace, several young disciples were rapidly rushing inside. All of them looked slightly panicked. They had all received an emergency gathering order. This order would not be sent out unless a major event was occurring.

These young elites were all outstanding heroic young geniuses in the junior generation of the Demondawn Great World. There were 12 of them in total, all of them at the Divine Sea realm. Nether Limitless was also one of them.

The 12 young disciples entered Skydark Demon palace and knelt down before Tian Mingzi.

“We respectfully greet the Palace Master!”

Tian Mingzi wore a long black robe, his entire body wrapped up in the fabric. He raised his hand and a ring flew into Nether Limitless’ grasp.

“All of you will come to the lower realms with me. I want you to go to a planet in the lower realms, find a person there, and kill him!”

As Tian Mingzi spoke, all of these young elites were dumbfounded. Just who was it that could be in the lower realms and also arouse so much attention from Tian Mingzi that he would send out the emergency gathering order?

They didn’t understand why Tian Mingzi wouldn’t go himself, but would instead send a group of young elites.

“This person’s cultivation is at the Divine Sea realm and his strength is unfathomable. All of you added together will not be his match. After you discover him, do not fight him. Take out the ring I gave you and crumble it. Afterwards, you may kill him.”

As Tian Mingzi spoke, the young elites present were all shocked. They didn’t seem too convinced by these words. This person was also at the Divine Sea realm, but all 12 of them added together wasn’t this person’s match?

Tian Mingzi had no intention of speaking further. He waved the sleeves of his robe and a black light wrapped around everyone. in the next moment, they arrived at the Skydark Holy Lands’ special transmission array that led to the lower realms.

The Skydark Holy Lands naturally also had such a transmission array.

After burning a massive number of violet sun crystals, Tian Mingzi brought the 12 young disciples to break into the void and fly non-stop towards the lower realms!

In the moment that the divine light shot into the sky, the strong winds also lifted Tian Mingzi’s robes. In that brief instant, Nether Limitless inadvertently saw Tian Mingzi’s left arm. As he saw this, his complexion immediately paled, not daring to believe his own eyes.

Tian Mingzi’s left hand had been cut off from the wrist. The bleeding had stopped, but Nether Limitless could clearly see the broken bones remaining there. Tian Mingzi’s left hand had disappeared!

How… how could that be?

Nether Limitless froze, speechless. Just who was it that had cut off the left hand of his master?

He subconsciously wanted to ask, but as his eyes touched upon the cold and gloomy vision of Tian Mingzi, he subconsciously shrank his neck, not daring to speak anymore…

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