Chapter 1354 Gray Light Barrier

Chapter 1354 – Gray Light Barrier

“The Sky Spill Planet… I’ve finally returned.”

A massive crater extended for dozens of miles. It penetrated straight through the crust of the world, causing magma to gush out. Immersed in this magma, Lin Ming was slowly washed out.

At this time, all of his clothes had been torn to pieces. He was covered in blood and looked completely haggard.

The reason for this terrifying destructive power that was able to flatten Tragic Death Mountain was not Lin Ming’s own strength, but the space storm chasing Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was forced into the turbulent space flows by Tian Mingzi’s great hand and forced to struggle in this chaos for several hours. During this period, he had passed through immeasurably dangerous gaps in the space storm, continuously torn by a formidable power of space. If it were a normal martial artist, they would have been ripped apart several times already. Even Lin Ming didn’t feel much better. All of his flesh and blood and meridians had cracked, and even his organs were injured.

His mind was extremely tense. He and Mo Eversnow had both consumed a great deal of energy. In that vortex of life and death, a single careless moment would have resulted in annihilation.

Finally, he had forced himself out of space, carrying with him a massive space storm. This space storm had chased Lin Ming all the way to the Sky Spill Planet. The space storms that existed between the Divine Realm and lower realms were immeasurably terrifying. Even though Tragic Death Mountain was extremely firm and supported by demon energy, it was still instantly smashed to nothing!

“Lin Ming, are you fine?”

“It doesn’t matter. Now that I’m on the Sky Spill Planet, I should be safe. Even if I lost my cultivation, with just my mortal body having opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, there is no existence here that should be able to pose a threat to me.”

Lin Ming’s current condition was indeed extremely bad. His inner world was an utter mess and the black hole seed had fallen into an inactive state, nearly shutting off all contact with the energy in his inner world.

90% of his meridians were torn, his blood vessels had erupted in countless areas, and vast amounts of blood filled his lungs, stomach, and within all parts of his body.

However, after Lin Ming had cultivated to this level, his body had already evolved into an extremely pure state of flesh and blood; it would only take some time for this ruined flesh and blood to dissolve into essence energy and then for his body to reabsorb it.

“Miss Mo, are you alright? You consumed a considerable amount of energy.”

Lin Ming could see that Mo Eversnow’s complexion was much paler than it usually was. It was clear that she had fiercely overdrawn her soul.

Mo Eversnow shook her head, saying, “I’m good. I just need some rest.”

As she faintly spoke, Mo Eversnow gently smiled, a deep emotion swelling in her heart.

Initially, when Mo Eversnow had first revived from her sleep, she had been easily able to kill Dragon One. Although she had lost her body, by just relying on her soul force alone she was still somewhat stronger than an early Divine Lord powerhouse.

When Lin Ming encountered some danger, she was able to burn a bit of her soul force to shield him from harm.

But now, Lin Ming had grown to the point of being able to contend with a Divine Lord powerhouse. He was now even stronger than Mo Eversnow’s soul form. Like this, he certainly didn’t need her to protect him anymore.

This caused Mo Eversnow to feel as if she had lost something, but she felt an even greater joy and happiness. From the depths of her heart, she was sincerely proud and happy that Lin Ming was growing so quickly, as if all his achievements were also what she had accomplished.

Lin Ming naturally wouldn’t know of these complex feelings that percolated in Mo Eversnow’s heart. He took out several precious soul-restoring pills from his spatial ring, crumbled them into essence energy, and used them to nourish Mo Eversnow’s soul form.

“Miss Mo, you can sleep in the Magic Cube for some time. I should be safe. Please allow me to handle things for now. I’m sure I can restore myself fully in two or three days.”

“Mm.” Mo Eversnow softly nodded as she lightly smiled. She rarely smiled, but when she did, it made one feel as if flowers were blooming all over the world, accompanied by the warm embrace of spring.

She turned into a wisp of soul energy and entered the Magic Cube space. As for Lin Ming, he used his ruined body to struggle out of the crater with great difficulty. Currently, he was in his weakest state, but his senses were still extremely sharp. As soon as he left the crater, he turned his head in a direction. Some people had arrived.

In the great skies, a team of winged flood dragons were rapidly flying over. They were the Divine Kingdom Prince and Princess, General Wei, and their retinue.

The one flying in front was not General Wei but the Divine Kingdom Prince. At this time, his face was filled with excitement. “Hurry up! Maybe some treasure was born!”

That terrifying momentum and explosion had even ruined Tragic Death Mountain, a land of demons. If it were truly a magic tool that fell down, it would absolutely be the number one treasure of the entire Holy Demon Continent!

At the very least, even if it wasn’t a magic tool, if it were something that was able to create such a terrifying explosion it must be some rare precious material from the vast universe. If they brought it back, they could definitely refine it to create some unrivalled divine weapon.

With such a great lucky chance delivered right to their door, how could they miss out?

After flying several hundred miles forwards, the Prince could see the blast range and the epicenter of the explosion. There was a massive crater several dozen miles wide and nearly 10 miles deep. There was lava gushing out to the surface constantly, tumbling about.

If this crater were to be filled with water instead, it could even be called a tiny inland sea.

Just as the Divine Kingdom Prince was about to find out what the cause of this explosion was, he was suddenly startled. At the very edge of the crater, there was a man covered in rags and blood.

“You… who are you?”

This person had been harmed so deeply. If he had been near the center of the explosion when it happened, how could he have survived?

As the adventuring team saw Lin Ming, they were surprised. As for General Wei, he was completely bewildered. He immediately recalled the image he had seen just a while ago. He had been able to faintly make out that so-called meteorite, and it had looked like this person.

It couldn’t be him…

General Wei gulped and then shook his head, instantly denying this. Even a late Divine Sea master would have instantly perished in such an impact if they were to fall down with so much force. He must have been mistaken.

General Wei’s eyes swept over Lin Ming, wanting to determine his cultivation. However, he wasn’t able to do so.

Divine Sea realm?

Life Destruction realm?

Lin Ming’s inner world seemed bleak and desolate, with incomparably wild origin energy raging about. It was simply impossible for General Wei to distinguish his cultivation.

“Could he be a half-step Divine Sea? Is he a martial artist that encountered some great lucky chance?”

This thought passed through General Wei’s mind, but he wasn’t able to confirm this.

However, no matter what the situation was, this person’s origin was too mysterious. And, if he was able to survive after being so close to the blast, he definitely had something extraordinary to him.

As General Wei was thinking this, a faint feeling overcame him and he looked up. He could see an incomparably black divine light shine over the horizon. For a time, two suns seemed to appear in the heavens. One was a blazing white, and the other was pure, pitch black.

Heavens! What was that!?!?

General Wei was shocked. As for Lin Ming, his complexion completely changed.

Over 100 quintillion miles away, through a space tunnel, Tian Mingzi was quickly shuttling past a space storm.

He wasn’t a martial artist from the lower realms, thus the Heavenly Dao Laws would not agree with him entering the lower realms from the Divine Realm. This caused him to be like a fish swimming against the current of a raging river.

Endless space storms surged towards Tian Mingzi before being melted away by him one at a time.

At a certain moment, a bright light burst out in front of Tian Mingzi. As he punched, there was a loud bang as space shattered. Tian Mingzi passed through the space storm and arrived in a completely different realm.

This realm possessed an extremely gentle and sparse heaven and earth origin energy, frail space, and weak Laws. Without a doubt, he was now in the lower realms.

In the lower realms, a Great World King could shatter space by lifting his hand. The power of the Laws binding space together was extremely weak.

“So this is the lower realms. After being a World King for so many years, this is actually my first time in the lower realms. Truly, this is an incomparably fragile realm. I feel that it would be far too easy for me to destroy a region of space.”

As Tian Mingzi was saying this, his heart suddenly stirred. In his eyes, a blue planet was suddenly reflected. This planet was quite huge and there was a massive amount of heaven and earth origin energy gathered around it, forming a vast and boundless mist and nebula. This nebula stretched out for billions of miles, looking spectacular and marvelous.

This was the Sky Spill Planet.

“I’ve arrived at my destination.” Tian Mingzi’s lips curved up in a smile. “Let the hunt begin. Lin Ming, for me to use your own homeworld as your burial ground, that can be considered as my benevolence to you.”

The Sky Spill Planet was extremely large. With the range of Tian Mingzi’s sense, he could definitely slowly search for Lin Ming. But, he didn’t want to do something that took such a massive amount of time.

He planned to annihilate all life on this planet. Then, the only being remaining would certainly be Lin Ming.

That was far more simple and straightforward.

As for slaying countless trillions of lives to save some time, that wasn’t anything to Tian Mingzi. If he exterminated a planet in the lower realms, no one would know at all. And even if they did, no one would suspect that he did it.

“Lives of the Sky Spill Planet, if you wish to blame someone, then blame your fellow man!”

Tian Mingzi extracted his eight foot long sword from his spatial ring. Energy erupted from his entire body, and for a moment the phantom of a cruel devil appeared behind him. To scatter and spread an attack over an entire planet so that it would wipe out every life on it, this was still something that Tian Mingzi had to put his full effort behind.

“Fall into the Eternal Demon Domain – Demon God Descends!”

Tian Mingzi lifted his sword high up above his head and then brought it slashing down. The devil phantom behind him turned into a black divine light that cut downwards, hurtling forth like a brilliant black comet. A massive region of space was shattered by Tian Mingzi’s attack. The entire Sky Spill Planet would soon be shrouded in the endless demon light.

Tian Mingzi viciously smiled. Under his attack, the space of the lower realms was simply far too fragile. This feeling was like using a divine weapon to kill a cow.

As this beam of divine light was about to pierce through the atmosphere of the Sky Spill Planet, a sudden change occurred.

Outside the atmosphere of the Sky Spill Planet, a dim ash-gray light barrier appeared. Tian Mingzi’s attack struck this light barrier, and what happened next left Tian Mingzi shocked. His all-out attack collided with this ash-gray light and then disappeared, vanishing without a trace of ever returning.

“…Eh? How?”

Tian Mingzi was left dazed, immediately losing the ability to think for a moment. But then, an even more surprising scene occurred. The ash-gray light barrier faintly trembled before shooting back a black divine light at Tian Mingzi. This was Tian Mingzi’s attack!

His attack was being returned to him, fully intact!


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