Chapter 1352 – Identity Exposed

Chapter 1352 – Identity Exposed

Tian Mingzi was already a Great World King powerhouse, and a peak Great World King master at that. He was very close to becoming a half-step Empyrean.

Such a character had an immeasurable disparity with Lin Ming. His attack could instantly turn Lin Ming into smoke and ash!

“Lin Ming, be careful!”

Mo Eversnow anxiously said. At this time, behind Lin Ming, that great hand was roiling forwards with the sound of rumbling thunder, rapidly rushing ahead. Facing this massive hand, Lin Ming was like a tiny bird flying away from an avalanche; he was simply nothing at all.

He absolutely could not contend with this!

Lin Ming was crystal clear that trying to block this attack with his own strength was impossible!

That meant that the only path he had left was to allow the surrounding space storms destroy it. Even the strength of a Great World King didn’t reach the level of ignoring the rules of space.

Lin Ming took a deep breath as energy erupted from his body once more. He suddenly changed directions, flushing towards an area of incomparably chaotic space turbulence!

In that moment, even the usually calm Mo Eversnow paled. In the...

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