Chapter 1351 – Forcing Through the Void

Chapter 1351 – Forcing Through the Void

The sudden voice startled the Skybreak Sect Elder. He simply didn’t know where this voice was coming from, “Who is it?”

“I am the Great World King of the Demondawn Great World. Immediately stop the revolution of the transmission array!” Tian Mingzi’s voice seemed as if it passed through layers and layers of the void, directly entering the spiritual sea of the Skybreak Sect Elder.

“This is… I…”

The Skybreak Sect Elder was dumbfounded. The Demondawn Great World’s Great World King!?

To him, that was an utterly legendary character!

Although he didn’t know whether this was true or false, from just this terrifying pressure alone, it was absolutely a top master. How could he dare to ignore the order of such a master?

The Skybreak Sect Elder immediately stopped the activation of the transmission array.

As Lin Ming saw this, his complexion changed.

The Skybreak Sect Elder glared at Lin Ming, simply not bothering to explain anything to him.

If he told others that he had stopped just because someone ordered him to, that would be a tremendous loss of face. In any case, he simply didn’t care about a junior like Lin Ming.

Lin Ming grimaced. He was aware that Tian Mingzi’s long distance...

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