Chapter 1350 - Chased by Tian Mingzi

Chapter 1350 -  Chased by Tian Mingzi

The black-robed man’s body fell down. The Eternal Demon Domain he formed also completely disintegrated, vanishing into nothing.

Instantly killed with a single sword strike?

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of air. Empyrean Divine Dream was far too strong. Just a wisp of her incarnation was able to instantly kill the mysterious black-robed man without the least bit of difficulty. Her enemy wasn’t even given the ability to resist.

With a thought, Lin Ming put away the black-robed man’s body.

This corpse likely involved many secrets. Lin Ming naturally couldn’t leave it be.

Lin Ming respectfully bowed towards Divine Dream’s phantom, saying, “I thank Empyrean Divine Dream for this life-saving graciousness. This junior will etch this favor in his mind.”

“There is no need to be so formal. The strength saved within this incarnation can only be used for a single strike. Afterwards, it will collapse and fade away. Your growth is destined to withstand countless tribulations and trials. It is impossible for me to help you through all of them. Your future must rely on your own efforts.”

As Empyrean Divine Dream spoke, the phantom violently shook, finally turning into a wisp of divine dream energy that scattered...

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