Chapter 135 - Body Inscription

Chapter 135 Body Inscription.


Chapter 135 – Body Inscription

When the Violent Wind Tunnel reached the ninth level of difficulty, a common disciple could rely on their true essence and strength to resist the strong winds. However, because the wind speed was too quick, the clothes on their bodies would still be torn!

Soon after, their clothes would be ripped to shreds. If they were to choose the tenth level of difficulty, their clothes would even become completely split apart until they were finally stark naked.

But Lin Ming’s clothes were only a little damaged; he didn’t need to replace them. This was simply an inconceivable matter!

In the Violent Wind Tunnel, the howling wind was like the roars of dragons and tigers. At the ninth level of difficulty, there were ten feet tall rolling boulders that haphazardly tumbled around.

Lin Ming’s body seemed weightless in the forceful gales as he danced in the air. What was strange was that even though the whirlwinds were like a pack of surging ruinous beasts, Lin Ming’s body only moved at a slow speed, as if he was a fish that was swimming against a mighty current.

Lin Ming’s eyes were closed the entire time. He felt the force of the chilling wind with his heart and soul, stabilizing his body as he balanced...

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