Chapter 1349 Jade Slip Incarnation

Chapter 1349 – Jade Slip Incarnation

As soon as Lin Ming attacked, it was with one of his ultimate attacks!

He was well aware that this black-robed man’s techniques and status were all mysteries. Disregarding the extreme sense of danger, just this person’s ability to tear through the void allowed Lin Ming to guess that this person’s strength was at least at the late Divine Lord realm. And in truth, it was likely even higher than that!

This opponent was extremely dangerous and also had the intention of killing him. It was impossible for Lin Ming to hold back. Even if he went all-out, that still wouldn’t be enough!

The power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation fused together in the skies, rumbling through the world. For a time, everything in the heavens turned into a roiling sea of red and purple!

As the black-robed man saw this, he was stunned, “Could this be…”

The black-robed man could clearly feel the aura of the Heavenly Dao Laws coming from this red and purple energy. Adding the sense in front of him, it was exactly the same as the battle array disc he had seen before.

Although the black-robed man hadn’t been at the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, he had still looked at the complete set of battle array discs. He had a keen understanding of all the styles and techniques that the geniuses in that tournament used. This was because killing these geniuses was the order issued to him by the Saint God, thus he had to thoroughly understand each person.

And this move, Heavenly Dao Judgment, was one of the startling and wondrous techniques of the First Martial Meeting. It wasn’t because of its formidable strength, but because it was a technique created by a young genius, and that genius was Lin Ming!

“A middle Divine Sea cultivation, Heavenly Dao Judgment, and a spear as a weapon… you are Lin Ming!?”

The black-robed man’s mind shook. At this time, the billowing thunderfire of Heavenly Dao Judgment had arrived in front of him.

Facing this attack, not only was the black-robed man not panicked at all, but he heartily laughed instead.

“Hahaha! Even such a tiny pearl dares to release brilliance. Just get smashed!”

The black-robed man suddenly raised his scroll, welcoming Lin Ming’s Heavenly Dao Judgment.


A terrifying explosion recklessly swept outwards. However, the power of this explosion was contained within the black-robed man’s Eternal Demon Domain, unable to leak outwards. Finally, it all melted away.

Such a simple movement had blocked Lin Ming’s all-out attack. And, the scroll in that figure’s hand was a treasure of some unknown rank. Although it looked as if it were made of cloth, it had resisted Lin Ming’s complete force, and the black-robed figure had seemed relaxed as he did so.

“Really, you travel so far and wide looking for something only to find it so easily! Lin Ming, I have searched everywhere for you, and you actually delivered yourself to me! I never imagined that you would possess such an exquisite appearance changing technique, one so perfect that even I cannot recognize you!

“But even if you change your appearance it is useless, because you cannot change your techniques. Now, be a good little boy and let me capture you. You should know that I do not fear your strength. I am not afraid to tell you that my strength was originally equal to your kind’s World King master! It is only because of various reasons that my strength sharply fell to the Divine Transformation realm. But now, after several hundred years, I have slowly restored myself back to the middle Holy Lord realm. To me, a genius like you is nothing but an ant. I can pinch you to death with just my hand!”

Middle Holy Lord realm!

Lin Ming’s mind shook. He couldn’t even fight with a late Divine Lord master. As for a middle Holy Lord realm martial artist, that was a character that could easily kill him. Moreover, Lin Ming felt that this black-robed man wasn’t exaggerating his strength at all.

This meant that there was no possibility of resisting him.

However, why would this person’s cultivation drop from the World King boundary to the Divine Transformation realm, and then slowly restore himself to a Holy Lord? Moreover, he even said ‘your kind’s World King master’, meaning that he wasn’t a human to begin with.

“Are you from an alien race?” Lin Ming calmly and clearly said. This was what Mo Eversnow had already speculated earlier.

“Hehe, what if I am, and what if I’m not? In any case, you will die no matter what. After I kill you, I will take your flesh and blood to refine a pill. Once I eat that pill, my cultivation will rise to even greater heights. At the same time, I will have earned a great merit by killing you. I will obtain countless rewards, and then I will also explore your soul and obtain all of your secrets, inheriting your treasures and destiny! With all of that and in addition to my talent, I have a chance that in the future… I might even become a divinity! Hahaha! Even I can become a divinity! What an honor!”

The black-robed man laughed as Lin Ming’s mind raced.

Killing him would be a great merit?

What sort of influence would want his life?

The Skydark Holy Lands?

Lin Ming instantly thought of this but then immediately denied it. It was impossible for this black-robed man to serve Tian Mingzi. At the very least, he wasn’t Tian Mingzi’s underling.

The Skydark Holy Lands were nothing more than a Great World King Holy Land. If this black-robed man really came from the Skydark Holy Lands, then no matter how crazy he was, he still wouldn’t say something as ridiculous as becoming a divinity in the future.

Even Lin Ming himself wouldn’t publicly proclaim he would become a divinity.

This person’s background must be no trifling matter!

Could this be…

Lin Ming already had a faint guess as to what was happening. But, this guess made his entire body turn ice cold.

A year ago he had listened to Empyrean Divine Dream speak of this matter, but Lin Ming never imagined that events would progress so quickly!

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and took a deep breath, his eyes locked onto the black-robed man. Within Lin Ming’s dark eyes, the vague and mysterious appearance of the black-robed man was clearly reflected.

The black-robed man’s vision sharpened. His displayed the scroll in his hands, “This is the Witch Tomb Demon Scroll, a wondrous item that can even hold a planet. You should feel honored to be able to die underneath this scroll.”

As the black-robed man spoke, he suddenly raised the black scroll in his hands. For a time, the entire world seemed to be absorbed into this divine scroll.

Lin Ming activated the black hole seed in his body, relying on his black hole seed’s domain to protect his own mind. He shook, as if he were about to be sucked into this Witch Tomb Demon Scroll at any moment!

Lin Ming didn’t panic. Instead, his eyes blazed as he glared at the black-robed man in front of him. He loudly shouted out, “I know who you are! You are a saint, one of the saint race that comes from outside the Divine Realm, someone that stems from one of the other 33 Layered Heavens! The reason you dropped to the Divine Transformation realm was because you passed through the barrier walls that divide the realms with some sort of arcane ability that caused your cultivation to drop!”

Lin Ming’s voice was loud and resonant, with harsh and short syllables. The black-robed man stiffened for a moment, revealing a surprised expression.

However, the black-robed man chuckled, appearing as if he didn’t care much for Lin Ming’s speculations.

“Believe as you like! You’ll be nothing but a confused ghost in the end!”

As the black-robed man spoke, he thrust the Witch Tomb Demon Scroll at Lin Ming.

In that moment, Lin Ming’s expression was filled with ice-cold decisiveness. He took out a jade slip from his spatial ring. This jade slip shimmered, as if it were carved from the purest ice crystal. Impressively, the aura of Empyrean Divine Dream was sealed within it!

Before Lin Ming left Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Granny Mirage had given him a spatial ring. This was something that Empyrean Divine Dream left to him.

Inside the ring was only a single jade slip. This jade slip was a special talisman that Empyrean Divine Dream gave to Lin Ming and that could only be used once. Lin Ming never imagined he would have to use it so soon.

Could Empyrean Divine Dream have already cultivated to the legendary boundary of being able to faintly foresee the future and avoid disasters? Did she give him this talisman to prevent some inevitable accident from occurring?

Lin Ming didn’t have time to think such fanciful thoughts. He directly threw the jade slip upwards. In the air, this jade slip suddenly transformed into the phantom of a woman. This phantom shared some similarities with Empyrean Divine Dream.

This jade slip, in essence, was refined from a single petal of the divine lotus flower that Empyrean Divine Dream sat upon. She fused 300 years of her cultivation and a trace of her life origin energy into this to create an incarnation.

Although this was an incarnation, because Empyrean Divine Dream was closed up in seclusion helping Frost Dream break through to the Divine Transformation realm, this wisp of an incarnation no longer had any connection to Empyrean Divine Dream. It was not under the direction of Empyrean Divine Dream. Once this battle was over, it would naturally fade away.

Because of this, this incarnation’s attainments in Laws were limited.

Even so, this was an incarnation created by an extreme character like Empyrean Divine Dream. How could a saint that was merely equal to a human middle Holy Lord martial artist possibly resist it?

In the moment that Divine Dream’s incarnation appeared, the black-robed man’s mind quaked. His originally insolent and diabolical smile froze on his face, slowly dimming down as his complexion turned ashen.

“This… this is… this is an Empyrean incarnation! There was an Empyrean that actually refined an incarnation for you!”

The black-robed man was extremely horrified. He froze for a brief moment before spinning around and running away!

But at this moment, a faintly ethereal aura beyond all description came surging outwards. Waves of tumbling smoke appeared with auspicious bursts of divine light shining all over like a fantastical illusion, covering the entire surrounding space. These rays of light were like the sharpest swords, instantly tearing apart the Eternal Demon Domain!

Afterwards, the entirety of the skies were filled with the tune of heavenly music. This song made one feel drunk and mesmerized, forgetting who they were as they basked in euphoria.

This was the Dreamsoul Immortal Melody!

This was the divine song that Frost Dream had played atop the stage of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting!

Clothed in the purest white dress, Divine Dream was the absolute ruler of this space. Although this phantom was only her incarnation, the pressure she released was indescribable. Even Lin Ming, who had been the one to use the jade slip, was alarmed and fearful, much less the black-robed man who was withstanding the full force of this attack!

Divine Dream’s eyes locked onto the black-robed man. “Lin Ming is someone that is under my protection. Since you dare attempt to kill him, in the myriad heavens and countless worlds, there is no one that can save you!”

Divine Dream’s voice faintly contained the majesty of the Great Dao, spreading through the void. In that moment, her words were like the will of a divine god!

In Lin Ming’s impression, Divine Dream was gentle, kind, and mysterious. Usually, Divine Dream restrained her aura, something that made her seem like a mortal woman. Lin Ming had never been exposed to Empyrean Divine Dream’s dignified side before.

Now, with her invincible divine might revealed, it was impossible for anyone to have a single thought of resisting her, even if she were only an incarnation.

At that moment, Divine Dream moved. All of the space within a hundred miles froze. Time came to a standstill and even thoughts were frozen.

Divine Dream’s strength gathered, forming a divine sword that chopped downwards!

An absolutely vast power covered the entire area for a hundred miles. With the suppression of the divine dream space added on, this attack was unavoidable!

The black-robed man desperately howled. He grasped the Witch Tomb Demon Scroll and brought it smashing into that sword!


With a light sound, that Witch Tomb Demon Scroll was pierced through by Divine Dream’s sword. Then, that sword continued thrusting into the black-robed man’s head, cutting down at his spiritual sea!

The black-robed man’s body shook. His gaze froze and he stood motionless. His eyes lost focus and turned dull.

Lin Ming was a thousand feet away. With his understanding of the Divine Dream Law, he had been able to see what had happened. Divine Dream’s sword hadn’t destroyed the Witch Tomb Demon Scroll nor had it injured the black-robed man’s body. Rather, it had penetrated past his mortal shell and sundered his soul in half!

This was a truly terrifying attack!

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