Chapter 1347 – The Final Gate

Chapter 1347 – The Final Gate

High above the skies of the Demondawn Great World’s central continent, countless celestial bodies dotted the heavens. These stars were titanic bodies that were millions of miles wide, but in these skies they were nothing more than little specks of sand not worthy of mention at all.

And in one of these countless stars, Lin Ming was sitting in a cave dwelling. In front of him, a spirit artifact furnace was slowly spinning. The fires of heavenly tribulation were brilliantly blazing beneath the furnace and the furnace itself glowed with a vivid red light.

Lin Ming was now refining the Esoteric Mortality Pill.

According to the records within the Celestial Tyrant Manual, the Esoteric Immortality Pill and the Esoteric Mortality Pill were pills required to open the Gate of Life and Gate of Death. However, the truth was that these pills were not some specific pill, but a general classification.

The Esoteric Immortality Pill required life-attribute pill materials, and the Esoteric Mortality Pill required death-attribute pill materials.

The primordial epoch spirit root represented that deathly chaos from the forming of the universe, a world in which no life existed. Thus, it was able to be used to open the...

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