Chapter 1346 – Refine

Chapter 1346 – Refine

In the Magic Cube space, massive layers of divine seal array symbols floated in the air, forming a massive array diagram. The primordial epoch spirit root was locked within this array. Its size had already reduced to 100 feet, resembling a python that had fallen into a giant spider web. No matter how much it struggled, there was no way it could escape.

“Mm? It recovered so quickly?”

After seeing the re-fused primordial epoch spirit root, Lin Ming was surprised. This primordial epoch spirit root was originally cut into several pieces by Lin Ming, but those sections of root hairs had actually given birth to shiny roots that branched out and joined back together again. As these tentacles connected to each other, there was the faint feeling that it was regenerating.

“The primordial epoch spirit root’s vitality is formidable. Refining it in alchemy will greatly benefit your body transformation technique.”

Beside Lin Ming, a white-clothed Mo Eversnow spoke to him. This was her soul form, uncontaminated with the dust of the mortal world. As she floated in the air, her bare feet hanging, she looked as ethereal and elegant as the night.

“You want to use me for alchemy? Hehehe, you are far too presumptuous! If you try, I will immediately burn...

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