Chapter 1346 Refine

Chapter 1346 – Refine

In the Magic Cube space, massive layers of divine seal array symbols floated in the air, forming a massive array diagram. The primordial epoch spirit root was locked within this array. Its size had already reduced to 100 feet, resembling a python that had fallen into a giant spider web. No matter how much it struggled, there was no way it could escape.

“Mm? It recovered so quickly?”

After seeing the re-fused primordial epoch spirit root, Lin Ming was surprised. This primordial epoch spirit root was originally cut into several pieces by Lin Ming, but those sections of root hairs had actually given birth to shiny roots that branched out and joined back together again. As these tentacles connected to each other, there was the faint feeling that it was regenerating.

“The primordial epoch spirit root’s vitality is formidable. Refining it in alchemy will greatly benefit your body transformation technique.”

Beside Lin Ming, a white-clothed Mo Eversnow spoke to him. This was her soul form, uncontaminated with the dust of the mortal world. As she floated in the air, her bare feet hanging, she looked as ethereal and elegant as the night.

“You want to use me for alchemy? Hehehe, you are far too presumptuous! If you try, I will immediately burn up all of my origin energy so you can’t obtain even the tiniest bit! I will even explode here and bring you down with me!”

As the primordial epoch spirit root spoke, its face transformed, alternating between the appearance of a woman and the visage of a brutal demon. Its body wildly distorted. It appeared unstable as if it had gone crazy.

Lin Ming sneered, “You can try, but my Divine Seal Art can seal away even a spiritual god, much less a tiny nobody like you.”

“Hahaha! Seal away a spiritual god? Aren’t you afraid that the wind will cut your blustering tongue? Your nonsensical and pathetic cultivation method actually dares to call itself the Divine Seal Art? I’m laughing to death here!”

The voice of the primordial epoch spirit root was sometimes as heavy as metal and sometimes shrill like a screaming woman. It was extremely grating to the ears.

At this time, behind Mo Eversnow, the slumbering Fishy woke up. She rubbed her wide and tired eyes, but her expression immediately lit up as she saw Lin Ming. She was instantly overjoyed and all of that tiredness seemed to disappear. “Big Brother Lin Ming, you’re here!”

Lin Ming had rarely entered the Magic Cube space recently. When he cultivated, he would do so for months or even years at a time. It had been a long time since he had last seen Fishy.

Fishy was still the same as before, but her appetite was increasing with every day. But right now, Lin Ming was extremely wealthy. Even if she ate over a thousand violet sun crystals a day, he could still afford it.

Hearing Fishy call out Lin Ming’s name, the primordial epoch spirit root’s expression immediately distorted. “Lin Ming? You are Lin Ming? Which Lin Ming?”

The demonic face of the primordial epoch spirit root looked at Lin Ming with blank disbelief. But, as it quietly looked around at Lin Ming’s inner world, it finally said with panic, “A middle Divine Sea realm cultivation, you really have a middle Divine Sea realm cultivation? You aren’t hiding your cultivation!?

“That’s right, the second ranked martial artist of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting also had a middle Divine Sea cultivation. That Lin Ming is you!?”

As Lin Ming heard the primordial epoch spirit root say this, he was a bit surprised. “You are a spirit plant of Demondawn Jungle and yet you actually know my name.”

“So it’s really you!” The primordial epoch spirit root’s mind trembled. “You are known as someone that will become an extreme Empyrean in the future, amazing! Amazing! No wonder I lost to your hands, and even those six Divine Lord masters of the Skydark Holy Lands were annihilated by you. You are truly worthy of your reputation!” The primordial epoch spirit root’s eyes flashed. At first, its gaze held nothing but extreme hatred for Lin Ming, but now it had fear and hate, both emotions mingled together.

Just what sort of concept was an extreme Empyrean? Even the status of a Great World King was enough to scare someone to death. As for an extreme Empyrean, that was an existence that rarely appeared in the Divine Realm in 100 million years. It was simply an unimaginable level.

“I never thought that you would pay attention to matters of the human world. It seems you’ve heard a great deal about me.”

“Humph, even though I am a spirit plant, I can transform into a billion different forms. Whether it is a fiend, vicious beast, demon, or human, man, or woman, I can transform into anything I wish and freely enter and leave the human world, searching for rare cultivation methods and heavenly materials and even sucking up the essence energy of masters. It isn’t strange at all for me to know your name.”

“So that’s how it is.” Lin Ming said, much more relieved.

The primordial epoch spirit root clenched its teeth. “Lin Ming, do not kill me. I can pledge my loyalty to you and become your contract beast. In the future your achievements will be high. If I follow you, I will also have a bright future!”

As the primordial epoch spirit root spoke, its eyes flashed with a brilliant light. It stared at Lin Ming, waiting for his reply.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, “I apologize, but I have no need of your services. What does your bright future have to do with me? For me, your greatest value is to be refined into a pill. As for becoming my contract beast? Do you think you can keep up with my pace of growth? What meaning is there if you can’t? Moreover, your character is crafty and deceitful to begin with. I have no interest in watching my back all day long.”

Lin Ming’s words instantly sentenced the primordial epoch spirit root to death.

“Lin Ming, perhaps you might not have a liking for my talent, but I have a wealth of knowledge that you do not possess. Did you know that Tian Mingzi is planning to refine a divine pill right now, called the Nine Stars Heaven Pill? In the ancient past, this pill was used by humans to break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, but the pill recipe has been long lost to time. Isn’t that something that tempts your heart?”

“Nine Stars Heaven Pill?”

Lin Ming’s mind indeed stirred. A miracle medicine to break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace?

“Lin Ming, the Nine Stars Heaven Pill was indeed a divine pill used by humans in the ancient era to step into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. But now, with the Heavenly Dao rules having changed, even the Nine Stars Heaven Pill might not be able to help you accomplish that. But, what I find strange is that if the pill recipe has been long lost, how could Tian Mingzi have obtained it?

“I also wish to obtain this Nine Stars Heaven Pill, but with my current strength, wanting to move against Tian Mingzi is impossible. I need to be satisfied with what I have. If I continue to involve myself in Tian Mingzi’s matters, it’s likely my status will be revealed and i'll finally end up dying beneath his hands.”

If Mo Eversnow gave Tian Mingzi such a high appraisal of talent, Lin Ming also wouldn’t be negligent about him. Now that Tian Mingzi was also searching for him, if his status were to be uncovered, then he would die.

“That’s right, Fishy, this is for you.” Lin Ming suddenly perked up. He took out 10 nine sun jades from his spatial ring and threw them to Fishy.

“Later, you can try and eat this. But be careful that you don’t eat too much.”

Nine sun jades were refined by either half-step Empyreans or Empyrean masters. They were created by taking a massive volume of violet sun stones and violet sun crystals and then fusing them together with nine different essence energies. The final resulting nine sun jade was worth a trillion violet sun stones or 100 million violet sun crystals.

As Fishy took the nine sun jade in her hands, she felt her pulse speed up. Looking at these 10 nine sun jades in her hands, she couldn’t help but drool, as if she were holding the most delicious food in the world.

“Thank you so much Big Brother Lin Ming!”

Fishy clearly said. Then, she carefully took a nine sun jade and placed it in her mouth.

Lin Ming radiated out his divine sense and locked onto Fishy’s body, making sure that her vital signs wouldn’t change too much. These nine sun jades were no trifling matter. This single nine sun jade possessed an energy far greater than the totality of what Fishy had eaten so far.

“Fishy, bite off a little piece but don’t eat it.”

Lin Ming cautioned, worried that Fishy’s body wouldn’t be able to withstand the energy.

“Mm, okay.”

Hearing Lin Ming and Fishy’s conversation, the primordial epoch spirit root was shocked. Eating a nine sun jade, and eating it a bite at a time? Just what were these people talking about?

Just as the primordial epoch spirit root was finding this strange, Fishy suddenly licked the nine sun jade like candy. A rich fragrance immediately flooded Fishy’s mouth, causing her to open her drooling mouth and bit off a small piece.

As the primordial epoch spirit root saw this, its eyeballs nearly fell out from how wide they were. “This… how is this possible!?”

A nine sun jade was something manufactured by a half-step Empyrean or above. In terms of hardness, it surpassed even an ordinary spirit artifact!

Let alone this little girl that didn’t seem as if she could even hold a chicken, even the primordial epoch spirit root would find it nearly impossibly difficult to break a nine sun jade. And yet, this little girl was eating a nine sun jade just like candy. What sort of freakish abomination was this?

These people were all monsters!

Lin Ming didn’t care about the primordial epoch spirit root’s surprise. When he had gone underneath Immemorial Imperial City and had faced the Ancient Elysium Seal, that had been an extremely top grade Empyrean spirit treasure refined by Empyrean Divine Seal himself. Even so, Fishy had still bitten off a tiny bit of it. Although she hadn’t bitten down on the Ancient Elysium Soul’s main body, it was still part of the ‘seal’ character array formation that was laid down with trillions of jins of violet sun crystals. That was already astonishing enough, but it also had to be known that this was supported by an array formation that Empyrean Divine Seal laid down.

No matter what sort of energy crystal it was, it was nothing more than candy in front of Fishy. She could easily bite them off and eat them.

Fishy had only eaten a piece of nine sun jade as small as a fingernail, but a drunken feeling came over her, making her feel incomparably comfortable. She couldn’t help but take another bite. After another few greater bits, the entire nine sun jade was eaten up.

Slowly, Fishy’s two round cheeks flushed pink, as if she were drunk. She looked extremely cute and lovable.

“Big Brother Lin Ming, these are much more delicious than the ones before.” Fishy said with a happy expression. Then, her body shook several times as she burped out loud and then lay down on the floor and fell asleep.

Lin Ming smiled with satisfaction. Then, he turned to the primordial epoch spirit root and took out the Phoenix Blood Spear.

“Brat, you - !” The primordial epoch spirit root’s entire body turned ice cold. It revolved all of its energy to the limit, wanting to break free from the prison of the Divine Seal Art and then blow up and perish together with Lin Ming, but no matter what it did, it was unable to do so with the Divine Seal Art’s countless seal runes lurking within its body.

The primordial epoch spirit root roared more and more. But underneath the refining of the Divine Seal Art’s seals, its roars became increasingly weak before finally being cut off. Its form grew smaller and smaller, changing shape as it fell into Lin Ming’s hand. Within Lin Ming’s hand, it had now become nothing but a palm-sized red root, just like a strangely colored ginseng.

In the ensuing days, Lin Ming changed his appearance several times. He went to all sorts of trading houses of the Demondawn Great World, having a different status each time as he bought up the materials he needed to refine the pill.

Finally, the preparations were complete. Lin Ming planned to go into seclusion and open the Gate of Death. And in these days of searching, Lin Ming was also lucky enough to capture a three-eyed demon wolf to serve as Demonshine’s new mortal body.

This three-eyed demon wolf was far superior to Demonshine’s original body. Its natural talent was several times better and the body itself was much more formidable. This was more than enough to serve as Demonshine’s body.

“I’ll open the Gate of Death first and then return to the Sky Spill Continent and enter the Eternal Demon Abyss.”

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