Chapter 1345 Receiving the Spirit Root

Chapter 1345 – Receiving the Spirit Root

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear. Within his body, essence, energy, and divine fused together. He aimed his spear at the 12 root hairs and slashed outwards!

The power of thunder and fire intertwined upon the Phoenix Blood Spear. This was the power of thunder and fire tribulation that flowed out from the Heretical God Tree.

Heavenly Dao Judgment!


With a terrifying explosive sound, those 12 root hairs were blown apart by Lin Ming. Lin Ming calmly retreated, but the primordial epoch spirit root’s main body actually staggered backwards, slowing down. Tens of thousands of God Forbidding Seals formed energy black holes in its body, swallowing up a massive amount of its strength.

The transformed woman’s face of the primordial epoch spirit root constantly twisted, becoming increasingly blurry. Because its energy was becoming too chaotic it was finding it hard to maintain its manifested shape.

With Lin Ming in front of it, it simply didn’t have the opportunity to force out these God Forbidding Seals. If this continued, then it wouldn’t be too long before Lin Ming would capture it.

But if it wanted to run away, that was also difficult. The primordial epoch spirit root’s entire body was riddled with these divine seal marks, these marks were personally formed by Lin Ming. The primordial epoch spirit root suspected that Lin Ming would absolutely be able to use these marks to sense its presence and chase after it.

If it ran away, it would continue to weaken until it was overtaken by Lin Ming.

“This damned boy!”

The primordial epoch spirit root’s voice became increasingly shrill and harsh. The woman’s face it manifested became increasingly fierce, turning into that of a horrifying demon. “Boy, you have forced my hand!”

At that moment, a gray, boundless aura surged out from the primordial epoch spirit root’s body, becoming increasingly intense. It roared towards Lin Ming like a gray inferno. This was the life aura of the primordial epoch spirit root, the primal chaos spirit energy from the forming of the universe that it had absorbed.

The primordial epoch spirit root didn’t hesitate at all to consume its life aura in order to attack Lin Ming.

As Lin Ming saw these gray flames rushing towards him, he grinned, “You’ve finally used your last resort. But, your final ultimate move uses the power of the Primal Chaos Laws; it is useless against me!”

At that moment, behind Lin Ming, a blood red lotus flower slowly bloomed. This lotus flower was ancient and profound, red to the point that it seemed as if it were dyed in the blood of a demon god.

Grandmist space!

Hu - !

A powerful grandmist strength surged out. The Law-annihilating grandmist space spread out, covering an area of a hundred miles.

As the primordial epoch spirit root’s gray flames entered this grandmist space, they actually seemed as if they were about to be absorbed. This was the power of primal chaos, but Lin Ming’s attainments in these Laws were much higher. The grandmist space was a transcendent divine might established by an Empyrean level master.

“This… this is!? How is this possible!?” The primordial epoch spirit root was greatly shocked. “You can actually comprehend the Primal Chaos Laws!?”

At that moment, a deep feeling of unease swelled up within the primordial epoch spirit root’s heart. It ignored all else and exploded those gray flames before turning around and fleeing!

Although it knew that escaping from here would be difficult, if it remained here it would die without a doubt.


The gray flames exploded within the grandmist space. At the same time, the main body of the primordial epoch spirit root tried to sink underground. But at this moment, it sensed that all the light around it had disappeared, everything turning to darkness. A powerful traction force locked onto its body, making it impossible for it to dive underground.

Lin Ming’s voice began to echo in the primordial epoch spirit root’s ears like the whispers of a cackling demon.

“By the power of a black hole, swallow all power, swallow all matter, fall into an infinite abyss of time, within this cage of space you shall never emerge, sink forever, perish through the sands of history! Divine Seal Art, swallow all of existence – Eternal Darkness!”

At this time, a dark sphere floated out in front of Lin Ming. All of the origin energy within this world began to go crazy, wildly gathering towards the sphere and forming a giant black vortex. All of the mud in the swamp, all of the broken trees, all of the vicious beast skeletons, everything was being sucked up by this vortex, vanishing into that dark sphere where it would be sealed for all eternity!

This dark sphere was Lin Ming’s black hole seed. With it, he could simulate the final darkness of a black hole singularity.

A year ago when Lin Ming used this move, all of his meridians and blood vessels had bulged upwards, tearing apart as they were unable to withstand this pressure. But now, Lin Ming’s understandings into the soul forging Dream Laws were far more profound. Moreover, his fused essence, energy, and divine strength was being increasingly coordinated and his comprehension of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens was also much deeper.

Currently, he could freely use Eternal Darkness as he wished.

“What is this!?”

The primordial epoch spirit root furiously cried out as it began to lose its mind. It crazily struggled, but at this time, underneath the compulsion of the 10,000 God Forbidding Seals, all of them broke out. A terrifying strength swept out like a mat, recklessly enveloping everything nearby. The primordial epoch spirit root suddenly stiffened; it was impossible to break free from this strength!


The primordial epoch spirit root roared out; it was actually lifted up by this terrifying suction force!

The main form of the primordial epoch spirit root was over a thousand feet long and looked like a massive black python. It crazily struggled in the skies, but no matter what it did, it could not escape the shackles of Eternal Darkness.


As Lin Ming released the black hole seed, he also thrust out his spear.

Heavenly Dao Judgment!

The savage power of thunder and fire tribulation crashed into the primordial epoch spirit root, spurring those over 10,000 God Forbidden Seals to explode!

Energy shockwaves surged outwards. The primordial epoch spirit root was blown apart by Lin Ming’s attack!

A massive deluge of bright red juice showered down like a waterfall. All of this blood-like juice was sucked in by Lin Ming.

“Brat, I curse you to a miserable death for the next 10,000 lives! I hope you die horribly!”

The primordial epoch spirit root viciously roared. As a plant lifeform, it truly did have a far more formidable ability to resist attacks than humans did. Even now, it still hadn’t died, and if it were allowed to swallow up enough flesh and blood essence it could even restore itself.


Lin Ming’s fingers flashed. In just several breaths of time, over 10,000 more God Forbidding Seals sank into the primordial epoch spirit root’s main body, sealing away all of its strength. Even its basic life functions were sealed away.

The Divine Seal Art could seal away even gods, much less a tiny spirit plant.

Hi - !

After the primordial epoch spirit lost all ability to resist, it was directly brought into the Magic Cube space.

After completing all of this, Lin Ming let out a long breath. After using Heavenly Dao Judgment twice, forming tens of thousands of God Forbidden Seals, and even displaying Eternal Darkness, he had consumed a considerable amount of energy.

As he turned his head, he could see that those six Divine Lord powerhouses still hadn’t completely died off. Almost half of their flesh and blood essence had been swallowed up by the primordial epoch spirit root and their bodies were as thin as sticks, like corpses that had been withering away for thousands of years. Their appearances couldn’t be called humans or ghosts.

“You… you…”

Old Man Luo looked at Lin Ming with horror. His hair was stringy and white, his eyes had receded deep into their sockets, his chest was caved in, and he had lost all semblance of life. He would die soon.

“Hahahaha! Hahahha!”

Old Man Luo seemed to suddenly come alive. He wryly smiled, “I never thought that even though the six of us joined forces to capture the primordial epoch spirit root, all of our efforts would be gifted to someone else. Finally, victory fell into the lap of a little brat like you! Even the primordial epoch spirit root was tricked by you! You are vicious and cunning enough, a wonderful plan indeed!”

Old Man Luo grit his teeth, his body constantly trembling.

“Are those your final dying words? How boring.”

Lin Ming coldly glanced around, taking stock of the surroundings. After the six Divine Lord powerhouses had been caged in with the primordial epoch spirit root, the other disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands had either died or run away. Now, there were only six people left over.

The loose cultivators were still there, but Lin Ming didn’t worry that they would recognize his identity from his moves. This was because Lin Ming had fought the primordial epoch spirit root in its domain, and added to the fact that he had used some concealing techniques, it was impossible for them to witness the scene of fighting.

“You… just who are you?”

Old Man Luo hadn’t watched the finals of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, but he could feel that this youth in front of him was not some nobody. No matter how he looked, this youth in front of him was still at the middle Divine Sea realm and didn’t seem to be hiding his cultivation at all…

Lin Ming grinned. His squatted down in front of Old Man Luo and said, “I am the Lin Ming you have been looking for. Surprised?”

Lin Ming’s words caused Old Man Luo’s heart to shake!

He felt that Lin Ming’s smile was the smirk of a devil. This was Lin Ming? He was actually Lin Ming. He knew that everyone was searching for him but he deliberately walked into their midst? This youth was too terrifying!

In that moment, Old Man Luo’s divine soul fell into illusion. He felt a powerful strength invade his spiritual sea. Ghosts and phantoms grew thick in his mind as he lost himself.

Lin Ming pressed his hand onto Old Man Luo’s forehead. Divine Dream Law – soul searching technique!

By using the Divine Dream Law to display the soul searching technique, this was countless times superior to using the common soul searching technique of the demonic path. The information that could be recovered was far more complete. Besides things like cultivation methods, array formation techniques, alchemy techniques, refiner techniques, and other such extremely complex memories, everything else could be obtained.

However, Old Man Luo was a Divine Lord powerhouse and his divine soul was incomparably powerful. If Lin Ming rashly used the soul searching technique, it was likely he would suffer a backlash. Thus, he informed Old Man Luo of his status to make his enemy’s mind fall into despair. This gave him the perfect opportunity to strike.

A tremendous amount of information emerged within Lin Ming’s mind.

This included Tian Mingzi’s recent movements, and possible reasons why he was searching for body transformation medicines and Lin Ming’s whereabouts.

However, Lin Ming didn’t find anything of value in this old man’s memories. All of this information had only been speculation.

All sorts of clues indicated that there seemed to be some unknown force that had appeared within the Skydark Holy Lands. This influence was of an extremely high status and only received orders from Tian Mingzi himself. It seemed that the reasons there were people searching for body transformation medicines was all because of this influence…

“Tian Mingzi is looking for my whereabouts, could it be related to my body transformation technique?”

This thought inevitably appeared in Lin Ming’s mind.

Lin Ming wasn’t able to confirm anything without further information. He thrust his spear into Old Man Luo’s throat. The dying old man struggled for several more breaths of time before finally laying motionless.

As for the other five people, they were all killed off one by one. Their spatial rings were also taken by him. After searching through them, he found that they mostly contained cultivation methods and pills of the Skydark Holy Lands as well as some weapons and other treasures. It was impossible for Lin Ming to take a liking to any of this.

After casually putting it all away, Lin Ming’s thoughts moved and he entered the Magic Cube space. He wanted to completely subdue and refine the primordial epoch spirit root.

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