Chapter 1345 – Receiving the Spirit Root

Chapter 1345 – Receiving the Spirit Root

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear. Within his body, essence, energy, and divine fused together. He aimed his spear at the 12 root hairs and slashed outwards!

The power of thunder and fire intertwined upon the Phoenix Blood Spear. This was the power of thunder and fire tribulation that flowed out from the Heretical God Tree.

Heavenly Dao Judgment!


With a terrifying explosive sound, those 12 root hairs were blown apart by Lin Ming. Lin Ming calmly retreated, but the primordial epoch spirit root’s main body actually staggered backwards, slowing down. Tens of thousands of God Forbidding Seals formed energy black holes in its body, swallowing up a massive amount of its strength.

The transformed woman’s face of the primordial epoch spirit root constantly twisted, becoming increasingly blurry. Because its energy was becoming too chaotic it was finding it hard to maintain its manifested shape.

With Lin Ming in front of it, it simply didn’t have the opportunity to force out these God Forbidding Seals. If this continued, then it wouldn’t be too long before Lin Ming would capture it.

But if it wanted to run away, that was also difficult. The primordial epoch spirit root’s entire body was riddled with these...

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