Chapter 1343 – To Ask A Tiger For Its Skin

Chapter 1343 – To Ask A Tiger For Its Skin

“You were being chased around without the slightest bit of strength to fight back? Hehe… you are far too modest. Do you think I don’t know what degree of strength you are hiding? You mixed in with those loose cultivators and came to Demondawn Jungle for what reason? Don’t tell me that you came to play with these people. I think that your goal here is to capture me!”

The primordial epoch spirit root’s womanly face suddenly twisted into a strange smile. As it looked at Lin Ming, it spoke to him with true essence sound transmissions.

Lin Ming’s mind turned cold. He thought that this primordial epoch spirit root had limited intelligence, but it had correctly guessed his goal with its first guess.


The primordial epoch spirit root let out a series of ear-scratching laughs. “You want to capture me as a material for your alchemy? If you dare to covet me even amongst a crowd of Divine Lord realm powerhouses, your strength must be quite good, otherwise aren’t you just a sheep that walked into the tiger’s den? I don’t believe that you are that stupid!

“In this battle I have been wounded grievously and I don’t wish to be enemies with you. I am willing to give you some of my life...

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