Chapter 1342 – Sitting On the Mountain and Watching the Tigers Fight

Chapter 1342 – Sitting On the Mountain and Watching the Tigers Fight

Like this, Nether Darklight’s corpse fell to the ground. Lin Ming grabbed the magic tool fragment that dropped down from Nether Darklight’s hands and gave it a quick look. This fragment was a decent ancient artifact, and there was even a wisp of a remnant soul contained within it; he casually tossed it in his spatial ring.

From the moment that Nether Darklight attacked to the time he died, Lin Ming only needed several breaths of time. To kill an early Divine Transformation martial artist so quickly, it could only be said that the disparity between ordinary geniuses of a Great World King Holy Land and Lin Ming was too far off.

“He died. Senior-apprentice Brother Nether died?”

“Who is he? He can’t be a Divine Sea realm martial artist!”

“Could it be an old enemy of the Skydark Holy Lands?”

The disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands were frightened. Lin Ming was simply too strong. Besides the six Divine Lord powerhouses here, the fiercest one among the rest had been Nether Darklight, but even he couldn’t withstand two moves from Lin Ming.

Among these people there were also some Divine Transformation martial artists. But facing such a strong Lin Ming, all of them lost the courage to stand against him.

As for the loose cultivators,...

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