Chapter 1341 – Drastic Measures

Chapter 1341 – Drastic Measures

As the bald youth was about to continue killing the other loose cultivators, the black swamp beneath them began to wildly rumble. With a loud explosive sound, endless amounts of black mud scattered in all directions. Then, a root hair 10 times thicker than the previous ones suddenly shot out.

This root hair was like a black dragon, releasing an incomparably terrifying aura. This was the primordial epoch spirit’s main body!

The primordial epoch spirit root had intellect and was also aware that this was a critical moment in its survival. It had to go all-out!

“Rahhh - !”

The primordial epoch spirit root roared. This plant was actually able to roar. The following sharp sound wave transmitted several hundred miles outwards, piercing through the ears.

“Stop it!”

“Demon Massacring Great Array!”

The six Divine Lord masters attacked together. The joints in their bodies burst out with crackling sounds, their muscles expanding as their blood vessels popped out. Their skin began to turn...

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