Chapter 1340 – Murdering Others and Stealing Blood

Chapter 1340 – Murdering Others and Stealing Blood

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Countless root hairs shot up like lances. Two lower Skydark Holy Land disciples had their protective true essence directly pierced through. With a light shattering sound, these root hairs were like vipers as they drilled into the two disciples’ chests. All of their flesh and blood essence was sucked out by these roots hairs. Before long, the two of them had become dried up corpses.

Hu - !

A rich blood energy enveloped the surrounded world. Within this world, everything had turned a light red. The thick smell of blood swirled about, emitting a vast and boundless strength. This was the atmosphere of chaos.


Lin Ming was startled. This primordial epoch spirit root was actually able to cultivate its own domain! It was almost the same as a human martial artist!

Within this domain, there were the auras of the Blood Laws, Grandmist Laws, and Wood Laws. Although these Laws didn’t seem exquisite to Lin Ming and there were also numerous loopholes within them, by relying on its own profound foundation, the primordial epoch spirit root was able to cover a hundred miles in its domain, covering everyone within!

“Line up!”

The blue-clothed Hall Master Luo suddenly threw down a flag. The flag fluttered in the air, completely scattering...

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