Chapter 134 - Small Success of Movement

Chapter 134 Small Success of Movement.


Chapter 134 – Small Success of Movement

Lin Ming took a short period to prepare, and then began the drawing process. Lin Ming had become increasingly skilled at creating these inscriptions symbols. But because this was his first time working with a high-grade human-step treasure inscription, he was a little slower than usual. Altogether, he had used half an hour of time.

As he completed the last rune of the inscription symbol in one breath, the nearly hundred glistening runes congealed into a flame marked inscription symbol that fell upon the high-grade human-step treasure sword.

Zhang Guanyu picked up the treasure sword and tested it. He poured his true essence into it, and found that it really did have a 43% increased amount of true essence. Afterwards, the true essence congealed into the skill of inscription; it was simply a magnificent power.  

“Haha! Good sword!” Zhang Guanyu laughed.

‘This Lin Ming is such a sucker. I really cannot wait to see, four months from now, just how Lin Ming will come to regret when he is brought to grief under the blade of this treasure sword that he personally placed an inscription symbol upon. I’m going to enjoy his expression and the way his mind breaks. I can’t wait to see his expression and state of mind when I use this sword and show...

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